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How to Text from Laptop

How to Text from Laptop to Cell Phone, Android & iPhone for Free

Misplace or break your phone? No cell signal? Have no worry: You can still text away with a computer system by means of Wi-Fi. Texting from a laptop has its benefits– it’s totally free of charge, typing is simpler and much faster, and best of all,…

best laptop for programming and gaming 2016

Best Laptop for Programming and Coding

I have noted here the 10 best laptop for programming 2016 that consists of the best laptop for programmers. The scope of programming is big and lots have made their career with the assistance of programming. A developer needs the best programming laptop or say needs…

asus laptop charger doesn't work

My Asus Laptop Charger Doesn’t Work

When you plug in your Asus┬álaptop, you normally discover yourself welcomed with a cheerful chirp from your PC, a new glowing LED indication light, and a screen that perks up and beams a bit more brightly. A minimum of that’s what it’s expected to do. In…

gaming computer laptop vs desktop

Gaming Laptop vs Desktop PC

Should you play games on a laptop, or a desktop? Obviously, basically everyone knows by this point that desktops have long given that won the efficiency reward, however is there still an argument for picking up a laptop instead?

how to prevent laptop theft in college

Laptop protection at college campus

Find out the best ways to prevent your laptop from being a target for burglars, and what preventative measures to take to improve your chances of recuperating it in case it gets taken.

when replace laptop battery

When to Change Your Laptop Battery

Is your laptop battery beginning to get up there in years, and it just doesn’t appear to suffice like it made use of to? Over time, batteries in laptop computers and even your smartphones and tablets lose their capability to hold a charge and commonly their…

best gaming laptops under 1500 usd

2016: Best Gaming Laptops under 1500 USD

If you remain in the marketplace for a gaming laptop you will have to be prepared to put down a pretty large amount of cash. But prior to you start looking and doing your research study it’s good to set a budget plan. To obtain an…

laptop battery water damage

Laptop battery damaged by water

If you have spilled your soda, water, coffee, tea, milk or juice on your laptop, things can happen. Follow the actions listed below to conserve your laptop from damage by a liquid.

my laptop speaker is buzzing

My laptop is making buzzing sound

If your laptop speakers are making scratchy noises or if your audio seems otherwise misshaped, this can symbolize a variety of software or hardware concerns. You can repair or repair many of these problems by changing the volume levels or ensuring the computer’s gadget drivers are…

Broken display - laptop

What to do with broken laptop: think about it

Sometimes we simply need to move on. But that does not indicate your laptop computer can’t locate brand-new life in other means. Here are the many options readily available to you.