Load Range Chart for Truck Tires

Load range charts for truck tires ensure safe hauling by specifying weight capacities, preventing blowouts, and enhancing road safety.

The load range chart for truck tires is a vital resource for truck owners and operators to ensure they select the right tires for their vehicles based on the weight they carry. This chart lists the load ranges by letter (typically from A to F, with A being the weakest and F the strongest) and corresponds to the ply rating of the tire, which indicates the tire’s strength and capacity. Each load range has a specific maximum pressure and is designed to carry a set weight at its maximum air pressure.

Below is a simplified example of what a load range chart may look like. However, keep in mind actual load range charts are more detailed and specific to the tire manufacturer’s specifications.

Load RangePly RatingMaximum Pressure (psi)Maximum Load (lbs/tire)

For accurate and specific information, one should always check the tire manufacturer’s load range chart, considering the make and model of the tire, as these details can significantly affect the correct load-bearing capabilities of your truck tires.