K9 Web Protection Reviews

K9 Web Protection Review

Today I wish to go over a program that is made use of for content filtering. Content filtering can be a good solution if there are children who make use of the computer system in your home. There is a lot of hazardous content and sites on the Internet and the have to safeguard our children is exceptionally crucial.

K9 Web Protection is a free solution that is made use of to filter material. I have installed this on family member’s computer systems and have actually found that it is a great piece of software. The filtering is a really simple procedure. When I installed it on my mother’s computer, I used keywords to filter the content. A few of the keywords that my mom wanted me to use was pornography, YouTube, and Limewire.

When I state filtering content, it simply suggests that I obstructed specific kinds of content. So when the kids in my mommy’s house types the word pornography or anything that has the word pornography in it, K9 Web Protection will discharge a loud bark. The software will let out a bark whenever one of the obstructed keywords are typed or used in any web browser.

I installed this on a friend’s computer system since he has some teens that like to check out some adult Web websites. He called me and told me a funny story. He was resting on the sofa enjoying book and among his kids were on the computer. His child tried to access an adult site and the computer system blurt a loud bark that frightened the kid. He increased to see what the kid was doing when he arrived his boy remained in shock. The bark actually frightened the **** from the kid. He has actually informed me that the kids do not attempt and access any adult websites any longer (LOL).

2016: K9 Web Protection Reviews

If any individual wants to bypass the material filter, the person will be needed to get in a password. Here are a few of the features of K9 Web Protection and can be found here.

Block 60 Content Categories

This feature enables you to filter 60 various categories. The classifications are stored in the Blue Coat database, are updated routinely, and consist of over eight million ratings of sites and domains.

Time Restrictions

K9 Web Protection allows the user to limit certain times when these sites can be accessed. For example, the kids are gone throughout the day so we can just restrict the times when they get home and on the weekend.

Website Restriction

K9 Web Protection has the ability to obstruct or enable access to certain Web sites.

Blocking Effects

The software application will send an alert whenever it obstructs one of the user-defined restrictions (the barking sound). K9 likewise allows a break feature. If a user attempts to visit a limited website to many times in a specified period, K9 will block all Web access for a specific amount of time.

URL Keywords

K9 enables the user to block access to Web pages that have a specific keyword. If the Web website has actually an obstructed keyword in the address, the software application will block access to the website.

Web Search Option

K9 Web Protection provides the choice of implementing using Google SafeSearch, which decreases the amount of adult product that may be returned because of an Internet search. This feature is enabled by default. Currently, K9 Web Protection supports the safe search performance of the Google Search Engine only.

View Reports and Activities

K9 Web Protection allows you to view files of all Internet browsing activity and management actions.

If there are little ones in your house and you feel the need to restrict access to specific Web pages, then K9 Web Protection is the option for you. The software application was extremely easy to setup. It took about 20 minutes to setup and test K9 Web Protection. As far as the cost, you can not beat the cost of free.

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Last updated on September 16th, 2019

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