How Does Printer Driver Work

How does the printer driver work and why do I need it? I will explain to you in simple words how it works.

What Is Printer Driver?

In computers, a printer driver or a print processor is a piece of software application on a computer that converts the data to be printed to a format that a printer can comprehend. The purpose of printer drivers is to enable applications to do printing without knowing the technical information of each printer model.

How Does Printer Driver Work?

A Print Driver is essentially an OS program installed in the OS. This program converts data, which remains in form of software like Word, Spreadsheets, Graphics, among others to interact with a printer.

This communication can be made it possible for either by use of cables or wireless connections.

This communication obtains a printout, a specific paper copy of what is in the application software document. In lay man’s terms, a Windows PC program or software is generally a set of guidelines.

As soon as you check out the instructions, then it will be very easy to get things done without any problems. And you know, the procedure to set up drivers is actually very simple.

Since most of the new printers are plug and play and does not require you to install any additional software for it to work, which is really a big plus.

In all Windows software application, all drivers are stored in drive C. You can likewise visit your control panel and examine the driver’s status too.

Algorithm of the Printer Driver Operation

When a print driver is effectively installed, connecting it to a Windows PC is simple. Prompts to the printer are sent through the Windows PC software. This is only so long as the connection is well done.

The printing process will begin right away after this. This has to be done just when usually in the lifetime of the printer. Unless and up until you re-install the operating system.

Types of Print Drivers

Print drivers come in two various forms. These are cloud drivers and device drivers.

Cloud Drivers

The most common is Google Cloud Print application. Here, the cloud drivers allow printing to any printer. This is just accomplished if the software application acknowledges cloud-based directions and the device used is likewise in the cloud network. These are the new generation drivers and most of the new drivers are coming this way. This will not need you to have actually any drivers installed on your machine and makes the task very simple. However you need to be linked to the web or deal with the same network. Both, the printer and the Windows PC need to be signed up for the successful A Google account is likewise needed. Cloud drivers can really work on any device. These kinds of drivers are not as common, specifically in an office setting.

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Device Printer Drivers

A device printer driver, unlike cloud drivers needs real communication between hardware and software. These drivers are commonly run on operating systems.

Printer Control Language (PCL): This is essentially a trademark of the Hewlett-Packard Company (which generally utilized to makes it possible for applications to manage HP DeskJet, LaserJet, and other HP printers on the computer system). It is absolutely device dependent. It is supported by lots of operating systems and gives fast printing process. Can do most printing works for this reason extremely advised.

Postscript Language (PL): Used primarily in Mackintosh and application of graphics and it’s also device dependent.

Can a Printer Work Without a Driver?

Some modern printer models (such as Canon) allow you to print documents without a driver. This type of printing is called Direct Print. The printer system recognizes the file type itself and performs the subsequent printing process. However, we recommend that you do not focus on such a procedure, as it is still “raw” and does not work correctly. The manufacturers themselves recommend printing to their printers using the correct driver installed. This will ensure the quality and accuracy of the print.

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