Soft Bullet Toy Gun

Soft bullet toy gun is a great gift and a way to have fun! Although it’s best played by a group of several people, it’s also not hard to come up with some kind of challenge even when playing alone! About which soft bullet toy gun to choose and what games you can play – I will tell you in this article.

Soft Bullet Toy Gun: What Buyers Say

Nice gun!

Definitely the best deal for the money. My son and his friends had a great time at the shooter party. I would recommend to anyone who wants to have a party with toy guns and machine guns.

Shoots well, it is desirable to play in protective goggles, because it can hurt.

Works great as described. Soft bullet sighting range is up to 30 ft indoors.

The child is thrilled. Now we “fight” with him several times a week. It’s awesome. We are thinking of upgrading our arsenal with new toy guns.

Best Classic Soft Bullet Toy Gun

Soft Bullet Revolver

Best Classic Soft Bullet Toy Gun
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Material: EVA soft bullet revolver uses high quality soft bullets with numerous metal accessories. The grip is heavier and feels better.


  1. Manual loading: press the safety switch back and pull the trigger to start firing.
  2. Rotating Bullet Wheel: The honeycomb-shaped bullet magazine is used for bullets, 6 soft bullets can be loaded at a time and the revolver will automatically rotate on start-up.
  3. magazine slider: Open the slider and load the magazine according to the position.
  4. One-button unlocking: Press the left wheel back lock button to open the left wheel magazine.
  5. One-press ejection: Press the ejection lever down hard and the cartridge case will automatically pop out, which is even more fun.

ZP5 Revolver Pistol Launcher Safe Soft Bullet Toy Gun Weapon Model Airsoft Pneumatic Shotgun Pistola for Kids

This is a great find for fans of classic pistols! The revolver has a very realistic design and at the same time has all the necessary features to make the gameplay interestingю
Original price: USD 50.00*
*Perhaps now sold at a significant discount! Go ahead and check it out by yourself.

Best Sniper Soft Bullet Toy Gun

M249 Soft Bullet Gun Toy

M249 Soft Bullet Gun Toy
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Main feature:

  • 85CM super large size allows you to play as much as you want.
  • Bullet chain for bullets! M249 soft bullet gun: “tccicadas “EVA soft bullet gun for indoor and outdoor play
  • Soft bullet gun with soft bullet, experience a new feeling of impact
  • Straight bolt pull on the side, one-barrel and one-pull can be looped to enhance the real shooting feeling, and the playability is very strong
  • Strong launch power system: adjustable binoculars, “tccicadas” to make all enemies invisible
  • Bullet chain for bullets! Say goodbye to soft bullet card bullets: bullet chain for bullets to enjoy comfortable shooting
  • Bullet Chain for Bullets! Say goodbye to soft card bullets: bullet chain for bullets to enjoy comfortable shooting
  • Pull the bolt by hand! The side pull bolt is loaded and one soft bullet can be fired at a time to enjoy the real shooting experience
  • Sponge bullet EVA high-quality soft bullet, special soft bullet for children enjoy the pleasure of continuous shooting
  • Adjustable magnification: 4x magnifying glass, 4x “adjustable” magnifying glass to help your shooting
  • Soft bullet magazine storage box: “tccicadas” magazine can store soft bullets about 20 soft bullets.
  • Long Range Shooting Range: 10M throw range, strong firing power can easily hit the target
  • Shooting distance: direct shooting distance “tccicadas “8M, throwing distance of 10M
  • Multicolor optional style display: There are always many styles and multicolor options that you like.

M249 Soft Bullet Gun Toy

Experience the pleasure of sniper range up to 32 ft. Made to be comfortable to shoot, sight accurate, and you don’t have to reload often. A great toy rifle with soft bullets that will suit both children and adults for fun games.
Original price: USD 52.57*
*Perhaps now sold at a significant discount! Go ahead and check it out by yourself.

The Coolest Soft Bullet Toy Gun

Double-barreled Toy Gun Blaster

Double-barreled Toy Gun Blaster
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  1. Material: plastic
  2. Mode: manual
  3. Firing range: 10-15m
  4. Includes: toy gun*1, sight*1, soft bullet*20, plastic shell*4

Double-barreled Toy Gun Blaster

A cool double-barreled shotgun that just delights from the mere sight. It is comfortable to hold in the hand. And the range of its soft rounds reaches 32-40ft, which is great!
Original price: USD 55.98*
*Perhaps now sold at a significant discount! Go ahead and check it out by yourself.

The Toughest Soft Bullet Toy Gun

Nylon Gecko Airsoft Launcher Pistol

Nylon Gecko Airsoft Launcher Pistol
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Included with the gun is:

  • 1 ammo magazine
  • 20 soft bullets
  • 1 accessory for aiming

Nylon Gecko Airsoft Launcher Pistol

I couldn’t pass up such a solid magnum type pistol that just reaches into my hands. This is a fairly new model and worth buying if you want to shoot soft bullets with such a powerful pistol.
Original price: USD 55.14*
*Perhaps now sold at a significant discount! Go ahead and check it out by yourself.

The Grand Intergalactic Soft Bullet Eletrical Blaster

Continuous Launch Electric Toy Gun

Cool Children's Electric Continuous Launch Electric Toy Gun
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Together with the electric blaster you get:

  • 40 soft cartridges that you can shoot even at the TV without worrying about scratches – the bullets are safe;
  • 1 protective goggles;
  • 1 screwdriver (to change the batteries), etc.

This toy assault rifle is available in a variety of colors, so the choice is yours!

Continuous Launch Electric Toy Gun

And such an automatic blaster with an electric motor, which allows uninterrupted firing. If you want your child to keep his mouth open with happiness, then buy him this “beast”, which pretends to become his favorite toy.
Original price: USD 39.30*
*Perhaps now sold at a significant discount! Go ahead and check it out by yourself.

I’ve presented you with our editorial top Guns for 2024, which are definitely worth exploring and picking out at least one!

How to Play with Toy Guns Shooting Soft Bullets?

Classic Shootout

Here you simply divide yourself into roughly equal teams, taking into account your weapons. Try, if there are many of you, to have an equal number of machine guns or automatic blasters in each team. Play better either in the backyard or in a large room with upholstered furniture.


If there are two of you, I suggest you hide in different rooms (or places in your yard outdoors), count to 20 and start hunting each other.

Arrange toy soldiers and shoot at them

The game can be played as a solo game (it’s fun too), or you can set up a 2 or 3-person challenge. The point is to put, say, 20 toy soldiers and then try to shoot the maximum number using 20 rounds. Who knocked down more, he won )))