App for Identifying Plant

Plant identification by photo is one of the really useful applications that you can install on your iPhone or Android smartphone. Which app for identifying plant to choose for yourself to use with the most efficiency? Let’s get to the bottom of this.

Who hasn’t experienced it? You put so much effort into taking good care of your favorite plants at home, you water and fertilize regularly, you’ve chosen the perfect spot for them in the sun or shade, and then somehow they still manage to die.

After losing almost all of my sprouts over the winter days, the topic of plants was almost completely written off for me. But then I discovered the savior in the emergency:

App for Identifying Plant

Per App plants recognize and properly care for. I have compared two apps with different functions for you, so that no one has to endure such a loss again.

During my research, I also found two other exciting apps on the subject of gardens that I didn’t want to deprive you of.

1. Plantbuddy – the practical calendar

If you don’t need a lot of fuss for your plant organization, Plantbuddy is just the thing. This app is designed more or less like a calendar, offering you reminders tailored to the day. This way you know exactly when which plant needs to be watered. You can select them via a catalog and then assign them to the living room, for example. All important information, such as the necessary lighting conditions and the right amount of water for watering, is provided in a brief overview. There you can also indicate the daily form of the plant from very good to bad and its health or disease status. If the plant should die due to unfathomable circumstances, it will be lovingly “buried” in the plant cemetery. Unfortunately, this app is only available for Apple users.

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2. NatureID – The all-rounder

With NatureID, you get a daily reminder of which plant needs to be watered that day, when to fertilize, or if the flower pot should be rotated. These reminders can be customized for each plant. By the way, the photo recognition can not only recognize plants via app, but also detects diseases or pest infestations. In addition, you can find lots of useful tips and tricks for keeping houseplants and garden plants in the form of short articles or videos on the Explore page. However, these are only in English. You can find the app in the Play Store and the App Store.

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3. PictureThis – The professional among the guides

Making photo of a flower

The absolute pro among the apps for plant care is PictureThis. Via photo recognition you register your plant in your “garden” and get a complete description, interesting additional information, useful tips and more summarized. Helpful tips on care and possible pests are also shown to you. However, you only get access to all the information with the paid premium version. With the purchase you can then even get a diagnosis from experienced botanists with instructions for regeneration in case of disease. With the free version, only an auto-diagnosis, again via image recognition, is possible.

In addition, the app offers all sorts of helpful articles and book recommendations about gardening. You can also create a care calendar, but unlike the previous apps, you have to organize it yourself. PictureThis is also handy for identifying plants on the go via app. It can be found in the iOS App Store and in the Play Store for Android users.

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4. Google Lens – The explorer app for simplified search

Taking pictures of an unknown plant for identification
Taking pictures of an unknown plant for identification

Google Lens is a bit different from the other apps presented. Namely, this one is not limited to detecting plants, but all sorts of living things and even objects. From plants to animals to pieces of furniture, you can scan and identify everything possible and find alternatives to, for example, armchairs or pieces of clothing. This saves the annoying typing in the Google search box. You can also use the app to find out care instructions from various sources for your plant. It can be found under Google Lens in the Play Market for Android or as a regular Google app in the App Store for devices with iOS systems.

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Detect plants via app or go for the full program? Which app suits me?

All apps offer different possibilities from plant recognition to the complete professional care app, so that nothing can go wrong in the life of your plants. For me personally, the watering reminders have been especially helpful, or the reminder that watering is not needed again. Apparently, I almost drowned my plants before. So for those who, like me, tend to struggle with a brown thumb, I definitely recommend the apps with helpful all-around care information like PictureThis or NatureID. Otherwise, it’s probably enough to just get regular reminders to water and fertilize through Plantbuddy. Now there’s really nothing standing in the way of your green home.

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