Organizational Chart of a Construction Company

An organizational chart of a construction company outlines the hierarchy and roles of staff within the construction firm.

Certainly, an organizational chart for a construction company outlines the hierarchy and depicts the structure of the organization’s roles. Below are two simplified examples of what an organizational chart might look like for a large construction company and a smaller, family-owned business:

Large Construction Company Organizational Chart

Board of Directors
Vice Presidents (VPs) of Various Departments
ThirdProject Managers
Site Managers
Safety Managers
Quality Control Managers
Lead Engineers
Head Architects
Accounts Receivable Specialists
Credit Managers
FifthSkilled Tradespeople (e.g., Electricians, Carpenters, Plumbers)
Construction Workers
Administrative Staff
HR Staff
IT Staff

Small Construction Company Organizational Chart

SecondOperations Manager
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
ThirdProject Manager
Site Supervisor
FourthLead Craftsmen (e.g., Lead Carpenter, Lead Electrician)
Skilled Tradespeople
FifthGeneral Laborers
Administrative Assistant

These charts represent a typical structure that you might find in construction companies of different sizes. The larger company has a more complex and specialized structure, including managerial roles focused on various functions such as safety, quality control, and finances. A small family business may have fewer layers and roles, with more responsibilities consolidated under each position.

It’s important to note that actual organizational structures can vary substantially based on the company’s size, management style, and specific needs. Personal titles and divisions may differ, and some roles may be outsourced or combined. These charts are meant to provide a simplified framework for understanding a typical hierarchy within the construction industry. [1][2]