Antivirus is not Detecting Virus

Problem: So, my computer was running fantastic until one day, it simply decreased A LOT. ESPECIALLY when I make use of firefox … also, I get lots of pop-ups which was never a problem for me prior to (firefox pop-up blocker is on).

Most of the pop-ups promote anti-virus software application or inform me to download some odd anti-virus software application that’s packaged as a Mozilla page or windows explorer page. I ran full-system scans with the 2 programs my university provided me: Symantec Antivirus and Ad-Aware SE Plus … symantec didn’t find a single thing and Ad-aware discovered a couple hazards, however I still have the exact same issues after erasing them. What should I do?

What to do if Your Antivirus is not Detecting Virus?

Response: If you believe you have an infection, there are numerous things you need to do. Unfortunately, if you find one infection, it is extremely likely you have another one. A bacteria, trojan or worm are all different kinds of infections/malware and there are some excellent FREE programs that can assist you.

First, clean up (delete) your cookies, temp files and temporary web files. I choose to use Ccleaner to do this, rather than the built-in DISK CLEANUP, as I feel it does a much more extensive job – for instance, it will clean out the index files on your next reboot.

If you wish to utilize Disk Cleanup, you can discover it if you:

  • Double-Click on My Computer to open it up
  • RIGHT-click on your C: drive
  • Choose PROPERTIES and then click on the DISK CLEANUP button
  • When done, reboot your computer system.

Erase these files daily or run Ccleaner every day right before you shut your computer down.

2 – You should have a great anti-virus program.

  • AVG Free
  • Avast.
  • Avira.

are three outstanding anti-virus programs. You cannot go wrong in selecting any among these.

3 -Since NONE of the anti- spyware or anti- adware programs are 100 percent precise in finding and removing spyware, you require at least 2 programs which you will run one after the other, not at the exact same time.

There are some outstanding complimentary ones:

  • Spybot, Search and Destroy.
  • Ad-Aware.
  • Spyware Blaster.
  • Superantispyware.

You will have to download, set up, upgrade (and IMMUNIZE in Spybot) and run them, one at a time. Beware with the NAME of these programs – there are “look-alikes” with really similar names, that are in fact spyware themselves! Reboot after you install every one!

After this existing infection is cleared up, be sure to run both of the above programs a minimum of once a week if you are on the web frequently and/or want to download music or files.

NOTE: Some infections avoid your from downloading the above programs. You might need to use a clean computer system to download the programs and copy them to a thumb drive or CD. Then move the install files to the infected computer system and run.

Occasionally you will not be able to run these programs without being in SAFE MODE. To get there, reboot your computer and tap the F8 key, repeatedly until a menu turns up. You wish to choose SAFE MODE WITH NETWORKING.

4 -You need to also have a great firewall to assist protect your computer. Zone Alarm makes a completely free version (watch you don’t download the 30-day free trial of the paid version). You can download this from the manufacturer at zonelabs dot com.

P.S. Most of the above programs can be discovered at You may need to utilize a clean computer to download the above recommended programs, and make use of a thumb drive/flash drive to install them on the infected computer system.