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To make a high-quality and popular game for mobile devices, you need to pay special attention to the graphics. Therefore, the user’s understanding of what the graphics should be, what is cool graphics, and what sucks-is extremely important for every developer of mobile games. Let’s look at the main points that are key for gamers in the game graphics.

Popularity: What is the Most Played Mobile Game in 2020?

Google play store and Apple’s app store is overflowing with the list of gaming apps. There are many addicting games which nobody can overlook at all. Playing mobile games in 2020, not just only helps you to alleviate stress however also provide you an opportunity to engage with new people around the gaming community.



PUBG Mobile rose to be the most popular mobile game app in over 100 countries. When the PC version of PUBG introduced, it introduced a new idea of fight royale where gamers will arrive at an unidentified island and battle to be on the top. The area will shrink gradually to draw the gamers close.

Call of Duty: Mobile

With 50,000,000+ downloads in Play Store and App Store, Call of Duty is ruling the gaming neighborhood with its graphics, smooth gameplay, and fan-favorite maps from COD history. It provides gamers 2 modes: Battle Royale, where you have to survive the 100-player experience & Multiplayer, where you’ll take part in conventional 5v5 team-based combat.

Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall

Game of Thrones is among the most popular web series that broke numerous records. Although with a frustrating season 8 ending, people liked the show. Now, Behaviour Interactive is planning to introduce Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall in partnership with HBO and Gaea. The game currently is in the beta screening stage( internally and with the GOT neighborhood only). However some features were divulged by the GOT community members via Reddit.

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad

The renowned PC game Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad is now pertaining to mobile gadgets. It will be a free-to-play RPG developed by Ubisoft Studios. The designers verified that it would be a real-time fight role-playing mobile game. Here gamers will assemble and update their characters and lead them to user-friendly real-time 5v5 combat.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Minecraft: Pocket Edition is a mobile version of the famous PC game Minecraft. It is available on all kinds of smartphones and tablets. It supports both iOS and Android platforms. The gameplay of the mobile version is similar to the PC version. There is a trial version too prior to you opt for the paid app. Gamers have options where they can play either in the creative mode where they will have all the resources, or they can play the survival mode, where they will have nothing in the inventory and need to make all things from scratch.

What Mobile Game Has the Best Graphics?

Undoubtedly, an absolute number of gamers consider high-quality graphics an important part of the game process. Whether it’s just scenery, landscape, navigation, or directly characters, objects, and other details that he sees on the screen of his tablet or smartphone.

Every self-respecting company that produces games understands this and, most importantly, takes into account these requirements of the end user. They think through every detail of mobile game graphics both in terms of visual perception and usability during the gameplay.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Do we even require to describe Call of Duty? It’s the most popular first-person franchise on the planet and as quickly as the game was released for mobile gadgets, it was a success. The sensible graphics are a big part of it, but credit should be given to the game’s functions as well. Multiple game modes to pick from, each with a distinct twist on the familiar gameplay. From weapons and loadouts you can tailor to unlocking accomplishments, there’s plenty to like about Call of Duty: Mobile. If you have not joined the countless players already, now’s the very best time to do so!

Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9: Legends
Asphalt 9: Legends Game

Asphalt 9 is another super-popular game and with good reason. The graphics are so good you start questioning how smartphones can be so effective nowadays. Sure, the real driving is far from practical, your car invests more time scanning the air than actually using its tires and the steering is practically automated, however it’s all in the name of entertainment. And this game delivers on that front as well. Unique active cars, in-depth maps, challenging opponents, it has everything.

Metal Madness PvP

However what if you desire a gameplay that’s part Call of Duty part Asphalt 9? Well, you get Metal madness PvP! Select a lorry, strap a weapon to its roofing and enter the arena where other players have done the exact same and can’t wait to blow you into pieces! Sounds fun, right? It is! You can go for a fast and nimble cars or a slow but durable truck, whatever fits your playstyle best. Make rewards and upgrade your death machine to make it more effient and with that, more enjoyable to drive around and shoot things.

The Elder Scrolls: Blades

Even in the company of high graphics games, the Elder Scrolls: Blades stands out with its stunning levels and 3D models that quickly competing console titles. The gameplay of this Elder Scrolls game is simplified compared to other titles from the franchise however you’ll still have the ability to immerse yourself in the dream world of Tamriel. You can clear out dungeons from beasts, collect loot and naturally, total missions. This game also has a PvP mode in which you can combat against other players in the arena. In either case, if you wish to adventure in stunning scenery, the Elder Scrolls: Blades is the right choice.

Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade

Another game from a franchise with lots of titles under its belt. The popular tabletop strategy game comes to life on your phone with spectacular visuals of huge mechs and cities that collapse under the blasts of your rockets. Contend enemies with gatling gun or combat them in close combat with huge mechanical swords, the option is yours. The gameplay is streamlined, movement is done automatically so you can focus on utilizing your weapons as successfully as possible.

What is the Most Successful Game?

It is not easy to determine the most successful game for mobile devices. Someone puts it in the “success” – the number of downloads, someone believes that the game is successful if it earns the most. In General, you can try to combine all these and other criteria and get a rating like this:

Hay Day

Mobile farming game Hay Day was first introduced in 2012 on iOS, prior to coming to Android over a year later. It launched around a month and a half before Clash of Clans did, and while the latter has actually had explosive growth, Hay Day itself is adept and has actually bagged over $1 billion.

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans was launched 5 years earlier on August 2nd 2012 and to this day it stays among the greatest earning games period, not simply on mobile. It’s believed to be raking in $1 billion a year, making it a lot of billion dollars game.

Game of War: Fire Age

MZ cuts a somewhat controversial figure in the games market. It’s at times ruthless money making practices and complicated game design aren’t for everybody, as it focuses on the spenders in its titles and developing close-knit neighborhoods.

Pokemon GO

In just 7 months after release, the video game reportedly generated more than $1 billion. As of March 2019, the video game was approximated to have earned more than $2.45 billion. The title was a cultural phenomenon, with 10s of countless passionate fans requiring to the streets to capture them all.

PUBG Mobile

After a bothersome launching in which it fell foul of Chinese government constraints on upgrading games and thus could not effectively monetise, PUGB Mobile’s sales took off in Q2 2019. Referred to as Game For Peace in China – where the fight royale title produces the majority of its earnings – PUBG Mobile likewise does good business internationally. With regular monthly profits performing at around $160 million each month.


Tastes differ and all do not please. However, one criterion can be called universal-it is the graphic design of the game. The more beautiful and high-quality the game’s graphics, the more likely it is that the game will be loved by millions.

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