Duracell vs. Energizer: Battle of 2024

Sometimes a reliable battery is just as important as the device itself. That’s why comparing Duracell and Energizer is so relevant – they are the best batteries on the market.

Duracell vs. Energizer is one of the most famous domestic battles. If you need batteries, chances are you will be choosing between Duracell and Energizer.

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Most popular Energizer AA batteries

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Why Duracell and Energizer so famous?

Other batteries may be superior in some respects. But these are the two brands that are on the radar right now, thanks in no small part to the active advertising. But how do you make the final choice? How to decide between the two brands? Let’s try to simplify your task. To do this, we will compare different batteries of the two most popular brands. As a result, we will understand which purchase is more profitable.

In this article, we will mainly talk about AA and AAA batteries. They are the ones used in home electronics and toys most often. However, all sorts of “tablets” will also contribute to the final evaluation, since they are in no less demand. And we will try to assess not only the efficiency of batteries, but also other factors that affect consumer choice.


Of course, the range of the two companies is not limited to AA and AAA batteries. Many of us have equipment that requires other batteries. For example, miniature tail lights for bicycles and very slim remotes, for which lithium batteries CR2032 or something similar are inserted, are becoming increasingly popular. Both manufacturers are able to offer them. You can also find CR2 and CR123 batteries, which are usually used to power doorbell buttons. Both Energizer and Duracell offer these as well. And then there are air-zinc batteries in a special form factor. They are mainly made by Energizer.

The greatest difficulties will arise for owners of old equipment. Fortunately, Duracell continues to meet such needs. You will find on sale without much trouble and “crown” and very thick batteries, which used to power flashlights and tape recorders. The competitor also produces such batteries, but they are on sale a little less often.

In fact, the range of both companies is about the same. But for some reason in our country the greatest variety offers Duracell. Especially if we are talking about old form factors. Well, we will give it our preference.

Verdict: Duracell: 4.9, Energizer: 4.8


How high is the availability of batteries?

If you need batteries in a hurry, you hardly want to go to the store across town to buy them. That’s not to say that many people wouldn’t walk a couple of blocks for a AA battery. Fortunately, Energizer and Duracell surpass their many competitors precisely in terms of availability. You can find them in almost any supermarket. But you should understand that in such a place you will definitely overpay for them.

Which company’s products are more common near the checkout counter? This question is difficult to answer. We will only note that the best models should be sought in the relevant online stores and those places where they sell all sorts of electronics. In supermarkets, however, sell mostly basic batteries, not distinguished by a high capacity. And the brand seems to depend on the mood of the management of a particular chain of stores. Somewhere the focus is on Energizer with a picture of zippers on the package, and somewhere it is on Duracell with its toy bunny. However, much more often there is about the same amount of products from both brands on display.

Verdict: Duracell: 4.9, Energizer: 4.9


Can we expect anything special from batteries?

It would seem that the so-called AA cells have been around for years. What could be new about them? Especially if we leave out of the brackets the materials that make up such batteries, which we will talk about separately. But some of our readers will now find themselves surprised. Certain Duracell batteries show the level of remaining charge on their own! To do this, you need to take the battery in your hand and put your thumbs to the marked dots. The charge level will be displayed as a green or red bar. At first it seems like magic! Basically, you should look for this feature in AA batteries from the Duracell Ultra series.

As for Energizer, these batteries do not have any special features. They just last a long time. Or allegedly for a long time, we will clarify that. However, we can understand the manufacturer. Not everyone will take the batteries out of the device to check their level of charge. And modern technology is most often able to show by itself whether the batteries used at the moment are too low. That is why we give the advantage to Duracell, but not the biggest one.

Verdict: Duracell: 4.7, Energizer: 4.3

Rechargeable batteries

Comparison of rechargeable batteries.

Let’s separately evaluate the existence of AAA and AA rechargeable batteries. They are not as common in stores. This is due to the fact that their cost – noticeably higher. But in retail outlets with all kinds of electronics such batteries can be found without any problems. Moreover, you can buy and charger. Including those distributed under the brand name Energizer – it is relatively inexpensive. Duracell does not produce such an accessory, relying on other manufacturers.

Duracell HR03-4BL (AA, 4 шт.)750 mAh
Duracell HR6-4BL (AA, 4 шт.)2500 mAh
Duracell HR02-2BL (AAA, 2 шт.)750 mAh
Energizer Power Plus (AAA, 2 шт.)850 mAh
Energizer ENR Rech Extreme (AA, 2 шт.)2300 mAh
Energizer ENR Rech Universal (AA, 4 шт.)1300 mAh

In the range of both companies there are rechargeable batteries with different capacities: from 750 to 2500 mAh. It is from this parameter depends on their cost. The average price tag of the products of the two brands is very similar. Usually it differs by only $1-$1.5, especially if you compare batteries with almost the same capacity. However, Duracell in this case looks less attractive. This is due to the fact that its copies have five times fewer recharge cycles. This is strange, because the batteries are made using the same nickel-melchium technology as the Energizer. It is possible that the company is simply over-insuring, stating understated figures in the documentation.

Verdict: Energizer: 4.7, Duracell: 4.5


It is not always the case that the actual capacity corresponds to the declared capacity.

As you know, AA and AAA batteries can be manufactured using different technologies. The cheapest ones are salt cells. But they are obsolete, and therefore they are no longer in the range of the two companies we selected. Alkaline ones are much more interesting. They are not so expensive to produce, and provide a good charge. They are the most common. Finally, since some time, there are lithium specimens. You have to pay a lot more for them, but such batteries need to be replaced less often. They also do not lose voltage when discharged. The other side of the coin is the fact that some equipment for various reasons does not support such batteries.

NameCapacity (200 mA discharge current)Capacity (discharge current 1000 mA)
Duracell Ultra0,92 Wt*h0,54 Wt*h
Duracell Turbo Max0,91 Wt*h0,49 Wt*h
Duracell0,83 Wt*h0,41 Wt*h
Energizer Maximum0,76 Wt*h0,38 Wt*h

If we talk about alkaline models, it is noticeable that Duracell is trying to squeeze all the juice out of this technology. At least, that is the feeling one gets when visiting the store. If only because of the fact that a pack of top-of-the-line Duracell Professional will cost more than Energizer Max. However, measurements with a special device, made by one of the curious visitors of the famous website Habr, showed that the products of both companies have a similar level of charge. And it is consumed in almost the same amount of time, especially if a high current output is implied. Energizer still loses, but another curious thing is that many other competitors, who were also present in the test, show much better performance. Varta, GP Super, Mirex, Diall, Lexman – all showed significantly better results. There is a suspicion that Energizer and Duracell do not have very strict quality control, because a lot of money is spent on the creation and distribution of advertising.

Interestingly enough, Energizer is now betting on lithium batteries. Especially if they belong to the not-so-common form factor. Tests show that a wireless doorbell button with such a battery can easily work for a couple of years. In this case, overpayment looks quite logical. As for the more popular AAA and AA form factors, they, too, can be lithium. But tests show that the gain over Duracell alkaline batteries, if observed, is negligible. And the cost of such batteries will be much more expensive, as you will see later.

However, our words are only partly true. If the device implies high power consumption, then lithium batteries do last longer. This means that they are the best option to put in the remote control of a radio-controlled toy. Another thing to note is that Duracell continues to rely on alkaline batteries. At least when it comes to the AA and AAA standards. Lithium batteries from this company are mostly just “pills”. Is that good or bad? Neither. It just means that the fan of the products of this company will have to change the batteries a little bit more often. At the same time, he will have to pay even less per hour of device use.

Verdict: Duracell: 4.7, Energizer: 4.6


Who is recognized as the winner?

As expected, the two brands are almost on par with each other. Yes, Duracell batteries won in more categories. Yes, they received a slightly higher average rating. But take a look for yourself at the table below. The difference between Duracell and Energizer is not significant. So we don’t recommend seriously puzzling over which batteries to buy. Especially if the batteries are purchased for, say, an AC remote, but not for some more complex equipment.

NameRatingNumber of wins by criteriaПобедитель в номинации
Duracell4.654/6Variety, Accessibility, Features, Tests
Energizer4.603/6Availability, Batteries, Cost