Laptop battery damaged by water

laptop battery water damage

If you have spilled your soda, water, coffee, tea, milk or juice on your laptop, things can happen. Follow the actions listed below to conserve your laptop from damage by a liquid.

Situation: Laptop battery damaged by water

So the cat spilled a little water on my 2011 Macbook Air 13. I understand I must have turned it off, etc but I simply held it upside down, let the water lack it, and then continued utilizing it like nothing ever occurred.

And it was all fine. I believed I dodged a bullet, that is till I understood that it was not charging. Everything works on my MBA like typical with the exception of the following:

  • Battery will not charge and states ‘Battery Is Not Charging’.
  • Green (or amber) light won’t begin with mag safe adapter.

Took it to Apple Genius. He ran a diagnostic on it and told me it was “most likely” the reasoning board. He didn’t even trouble to open it though. Said it would cost $760 to fix it. I left.

Took it to an Apple Authorized Dealer. They thought possibly it was the mag safe adapter. They exchanged in a various one but said it the mag safe LED still wouldn’t come on (and I guess the battery wouldn’t charge) As an outcome they think it is the reasoning board. Wished to charge the very same cost as Apple to fix it. I left.

The Apple Authorized Dealer told me I would not have the ability to continue using my Air when plugged in. I had noticed the battery decreasing as the weeks went by. I wondered what would happen when it got to 0 %. The guy said my Air no longer turned on and would not turn on. I asked him to wipe the drive and I ordered a new Air.

Got it home. Powered it approximately see what would occur and sure enough, it does boot up when plugged in. And he never wiped it for whatever factor. So now it has actually gone down to 0 % and will turn off immediately if I unplug it but it works simply great plugged in.

Exists anything else it could possibly be other than the reasoning board? Like the battery? I simply want to ensure I cover all the bases prior to I put it on eBay. I ‘d rather not have the additional $1500 expenditure of a new Air if I do not have to.

Btw – I’ve googled and searched and although I’ve found about a zillion thread about water damage, I really have not found much about a fix for my specific problem.

Solution for laptop battery damaged by water

The only thing what you can do is to clean the motherboard with Alcohol, just a couple of days ago recommended to do it with a soft new tooth brush, he managed to repair quite a few like that, I would say you could do it with cottonbuds. is the place to go to for assisted on how to open up Apple gear.

You need to also be aware of static electrical power, it might damage electronic devices.

This might work, but your Power Management board might be fried.

Because water is not clean and carries out electrical power, wish this was not the case then we wouldn’t have a lot of electronic devices spoiled by water.

Just distilled water is devoid of all minerals and afaik does not leave residue and is entirely clean, that’s why you fill your car batteries with distilled water if the level is low, regular water will kill the battery.

The problem is that if you do not clean immediately after a spill is that in the future there will be problems down the roadway.

It’s a shame batteries are non detachable, normally if you spill water the best way is to detach the power and battery immediately after the spill, then clean it.

Not all spills are problems, my associate left his laptop in a factory when, when he returned palm oil leaked onto it, but it kept working until the end.

So, you may get lucky after cleaning it, however you likewise may not.

Whenever I get electronic components damp like that, even just a tiny bit, I open the laptop flat and location it deal with down on a bed of rice or other dessicant after immediately powering off the device. This super-dries the air around the parts without requiring opening the case (tough to do in Macbook Air). I would have the electronics cleaned as there is likely residual evaporate residue that is shorting something. That’s not going to be low-cost if you have it done expertly.

Last updated on September 16th, 2019

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