The 5 Most Common Complaints about AT&T

When choosing a cell phone carrier, many people consider AT&T as an option. And, of course, they ask the question “what are the common complaints against AT&T?” in order to know not only the numerous pluses of this large company, but also the possible disadvantages.

1. Poor Customer Service

One of the most common complaints about AT&T is poor customer service. Customers often report encountering customer service representatives who seem unprepared, unresponsive or simply unable to assist with their queries. Users have expressed disappointment in long hold times on the phone, a lack of proper communication and inconsistencies in information provided by different representatives.

2. Network Coverage

AT&T has often come under fire for its inconsistent network coverage. Customers report reception and connectivity problems in certain regions, with dropped calls and slower-than-expected internet speeds topping the list of specific complaints. Despite claims of comprehensive nationwide coverage, there seems to be plenty of blank spots that frustrate subscribers.

Customer ServiceUnprepared reps, long hold times
Network CoverageDropped calls, slow internet

3. Pricing and Unexpected Charges

AT&T subscribers frequently complain about pricing issues, often relating to unexpected charges appearing on their bills. This includes overage fees and charges for services they do not remember subscribing to. Customers also express concerns over steep prices for packages and services compared to other providers.

4. Trouble with Transitions

Whether it’s transitioning to a new plan or moving services to a new address, AT&T customers often find these transitions to be less than smooth. Glitches such as service activation delays and abrupt disconnections tend to create dissatisfaction among subscribers.

5. Technical Difficulties

Last but not least, AT&T has its fair share of technical glitches that annoy their clientele. These may include problems with the company’s website, inability to access account details online, or issues with TV signal and streaming capabilities.

Common Complaints about AT&T

Though these issues are the most common ones currently reported by AT&T customers, it is important to note that many customers do have positive experiences with AT&T. As such, these complaints should be seen as areas for improvement, rather than conclusive evidence of poor service.