View My Metro PCS Call History

View My Metro PCS Call History

Sometimes we need to check our call history. There are 3 ways for MetroPCS. For the first you will only need your phone, but this is not the most reliable way. You can also view the log of all MetroPCS calls online. The third way is to visit the office of the retailer MetroPCS. We will consider all three options so that you can decide which one is most preferable for you.

MetroPCS is a service provider of cellphone service in the United States. Users who wish to retrieve their call history have a number of alternatives for obtaining the information. The call history allows users to validate a phone number from an essential call, verify the time and date of a call or check for unapproved calls. The call history lists the calls got and dialed in sequential order.

View My Metro PCS Call History

Call History

Check the call missed, dialed and received from the calling history kept in the phone. Press the “Menu” button and choose “Call Log.” This log will list all the call that were received or called from the handset. Mobile phones normally keep a calling history for a restricted, pre-specified time period. If the entry you want to find has been removed from the phone’s call log, it may be accessible through MetroPCS records.

Online Logs

MetroPCS enables users to examine calling history at no charge through an online MetroPCS account. Call “611” to access the “MyMetro” online account from the phone. If you have not set up an online account, you will be triggered to set up “MyMetro” on the phone before you can see the calling history. Select a login name and password for the account and verify registration by validating the link in an e-mail ID that is sent out. To launch “MyMetro” on the phone, dial “611” or press the “Menu” button, then choose “@metro” and click the “MyMetro” application.

How You Can Track Your Metro PCS Phone Calls Online

Register for an Account

If you have not currently signed up for Metro PCS online account management, do so. Enter your telephone number with a user name and password. Update any contact info in the account, making it easier for your phone to get returned if you lose it. As soon as you are signed up, log in to evaluate your account history, consisting of payments and call history.

If you have more than one Metro PCS phone, you can note them all under the very same online account for much easier management. Your account might be limited to the subscription you have. For instance, if you have a weekly membership, you can just see details from this period, unless you have actually the upgraded membership with the three-month payment history.

Track the Calls

When logged in, pick the phone line you want to track calls on. This is achieved in the drop-down menu called “Metro PCS Phone Number.” At the top of the page is an “Account Usage & Activity” drop-down tab. Select “Call Details” to see a list of the accounts. Evaluation the calls made and received.

To see the details of any one specific call, choose the number for information under “Financial Transactions and Usage.” You will see the overall call time and the expense of the call. This data helps you manage your pre-paid, by-the-minute subscription more effectively, recognizing where you may be spending additional money.

For instance, if you established a Metro PCS phone for your grandma, you can see if she is using the phone for more than communicating with you as she commutes between neighbors and home. If her calls are longer and to other numbers, you can potentially block a number from her phone to prevent undesirable charges.

At MetroPCS Retail Offices

Your MetroPCS call history also is available through a MetroPCS retail location. The company might charge for a copy of your call history, usually $2 to $5.

Customer Service

You can also call MetroPCS customer service if you have any questions or are having trouble getting a history of all calls. To do this, simply call 1-888-863-8768 (1-888-8metro8).


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  1. Sally Propper

    To get the full call log, try the following steps to help you solve the problem:
    1) Set up an online account at the MetroPCS site by producing an use rname and a password. You can access all areas of your account, such as inspecting your month-to-month declarations, viewing and printing past phone records.
    3) Contact MetroPCS client service at 1-888-863-8768 or you can call * 611 from your phone. Follow the triggers on your MetroPCS phone to pull your phone records.
    3) Visit a MetroPCS store and provide them with your account details to pull your MetroPCS phone records. You may need to pay a fee to get a printed copy of your records.