Unlocking LG Phone

To be able to use a mobile network operator other than the pre-installed one, you must first unlock your LG phone.

LG provides a myriad of phones for several different service providers. Nevertheless, not all phones can be unlocked, and not all LG phones can be unlocked. The only types of phones that can be unlocked are GSM-enabled phones. The simplest method to tell if you have a GSM phone is to see if the device has a SIM card (generally located underneath, or next to, the phone battery). If you do have a SIM card, then you can unlock your LG phone and use another provider without signing a brand-new contract.

How Unlock LG Phone for Free

how unlock lg

  1. Power on your LG phone, and after that navigate to its keypad. For touch-screen phones, this may be an app. For other phones, you can push the physical buttons.
  2. Type “* # 06 #” into the keypad. This will show your phone’s special IMEI number. Jot down the number, and after that call your service provider’s tech support department.
  3. Tell the agent that you plan on selling your phone, or that you’re taking a trip abroad, and you wish to unlock your device. Be prepared to provide the agent with your name, phone number and IMEI number. An unlock code, in addition to instructions, should be sent to your e-mail address.
  4. Power down your phone and remove its SIM card, which may lie beside or beneath the phone battery. Place your brand-new foreign or prepaid SIM card in its location.
  5. Power your phone on, and then get in the unlock code you got earlier. Your unlocked LG phone is unlocked, and dealing with your new SIM card.
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