The Top 5 Best Apps to Find Subcontractors

Finding the perfect subcontractor for particular tasks offers vital assistance to your business. However, it might be challenging. Today, technology comes to the rescue! Let’s explore the top 5 apps currently trailblazing on the market to help find competent subcontractors.

1. Procore

Procore, a robust construction management software well-known in the industry, boasts features specifically for finding and managing subcontractors. It enables users to store all subcontractor information in one place and make selections according to past experience or other stored data.

Key features of Procore include:

  • Centralized information system
  • Project management tools
  • Intuitive selection process

2. BuildingConnected

BuildingConnected is an app that focuses predominantly on the preconstruction process, connecting general contractors, subcontractors, and building owners. The proprietary network allows users to obtain bids, manage vendor prequalification, and identify talented subcontractors easily.

BuildingConnected offers:

  • Strong bidding process
  • Vendor prequalification
  • Large network of professionals

3. eSUB Subcontractor Software

eSUB is designed specifically for subcontractors. It’s a mobile app and cloud-based project management solution that helps subcontractors standardize project management procedures so users can seamlessly connect the field with the office. 

eSUB brings:

  • Centralized project management 
  • Data collection and reporting 
  • Enhanced communication tools

4. Contractor Foreman

Contractor Foreman is recognized as an affordable all-in-one construction management software. It allows users to track employees, organize training, get alerts for upcoming tasks, and find appropriate subcontractors.

Features of Contractor Foreman include:

  • Employee tracking system
  • Task alerts
  • Streamlined training tools

5. CoConstruct

Lastly, CoConstruct focuses primarily on three areas; project scheduling, financial management, and client communication. It’s a single-entry system where one entry auto-populates data across the project estimate, specs, selections, bids, proposals, change orders, and budgets.

CoConstruct’s unique features are:

  • Simplified scheduling
  • Financial management tools
  • Effective client communication system
Best Apps to Find Subcontractors


These five apps bring much-needed organization and efficiency into the world of finding and managing subcontractors. It is essential to understand what your business needs most and select an app that aligns with those needs. Whether it’s in-built scheduling tools or detailed financial analytics you seek, each one of these apps has something unique to offer.

Remember, choosing the right app involves a crucial decision-making process that favors your business structure and operations to guarantee excellent project delivery.