Riding Mowers Comparison: Husqvarna vs. John Deere

John Deere

In this brief Husqvarna vs. john deere review, we will attempt to answer the most typical question which one is better. Since it’s nearly impossible to choose who dominates by discussing general things of these two brand names, we will take one representative model from each one of these brand names and make the comparison relating to the most important attributes.

To start with, let’s see something about these brands in general.


Anyways, Husqvarna is a Swedish company which is well-known for outside power equipment consisting of riding lawn mowers. First of all, it began almost 350 years back as a rifle factory. Nowadays, in a concrete matter of lawn mowers, it is one of the very best and most popular producers of riding mower on the market. Officially, lawn mower production began in 1919.

Now, one of the very best Husqvarna represent is Husqvarna YTH24K54. For purposes of this john deere vs. Husqvarna riding mowers, we will take this model and compare it to John Deere’s best one.

Husqvarna Riding Mower

John Deere

With the tradition of almost 200 years in delivering just the most exceptional items, John Deere is nowadays one of the most well-known riding mower makers out there. Since the very founding, John Deere has provided products to support ones linked to some land job.

For the functions of this review, we will take among the best represent which is John Deere D170 and compare it with Husqvarna’s YTH24K54.

Husqvarna vs. John Deere

First off, both of these brand names are gas-powered. For that reason, you will not be restricted to a battery lasting or cable length. Second of all, both designs are self-propelled. That means much less effort from their owner. You won’t lose power pushing it forward. Both designs have an electric start and a terrific mulching feature.

Also, both models have a great steel deck and headlights if you are dealing with bad light conditions.

The Difference Between These Two Brands

Height Settings And Adjustment
First off, there is a difference in cutting height settings. This one goes in favor of Husqvarna. Anyways, Husqvarna has 6 various height settings comparing to 3 on the John Deere’s side. This impacts flexibility and optimal mowing. Anyway, it’s popular that you require to keep your yard at a particular height to allow its faster and much better recovery.

For that reason, 6 various height settings will enable that ideal mowing.

OHV System
Second of all, there is a difference considering OHV. This one goes to John Deere’s advantage. Anyways, OHV is a system that can be primarily discovered on high-end riding lawn mowers. Generally, it supplies a cost-effective and productive trip. Husqvarna has no such thing. Thus, this round goes to John Deere.

Blade Brake
Additionally, there is a fantastic feature of some riding mower. Mainly, Husqvarna design can stop the blades and their rotation without turning off the engine. In this manner, you will be able to clean debris and dirt from your lawn mower easily. Anyways, John Deere has no such thing; for that reason, this round goes to Husqvarna.

Cutting Width
Now, there is a considerable difference in the matter of cutting width. Additionally, John Deere is well-known for its width and takes a clear win in this Husqvarna vs. john deere round. Anyhow, Husqvarna has a width of 21.3in (54cm) comparing to 53.9in (137cm) of John Deere’s design.

Reverse Speed
Likewise, one of the essential things is reverse speed. With terrific reverse speed, you will be able to turn around faster or navigate the machine. For that reason, Husqvarna has a bit slower speed of 2.5 mph (4.6 km/h) compared to 3.1 mph (5.1 km/h) of John Deere’s model. Anyhow, this speed difference is minor and takes no significance in the whole efficiency fight. Let’s call this round a draw.

Machine Speed
On the other hand, there is a general speed of the machine. Thinking about that matter, John Deere takes minor benefit in just 0.6 mph (1.5 km/h). Anyway, this will impact the speed of mowing, for which you will lose a bit less time.

Horsepower, Weight And Overall Power
When it pertains to weight and horsepower, these qualities can impact a general power of any engine, along with riding lawn mowers. John Deere is a bit much heavier machine (61.73 lbs or 28.58 kg) however, on the other hand, it gets more horsepower. Specifically, John Deere has 26 horsepower comparing to 24 of Husqvarna. Thinking about the overall weight and horsepower, this round is a tie.

Turn Radius
Additionally, there is an essential feature in riding lawn mowers worlds. It’s a so-called turn radius. The smaller turn radius it, the much better. You will be able to do a U-turn and easily reverse. In this field, Husqvarna has a bit smaller sized turn radius. For that reason, Husqvarna is the winner of this round.

Fuel Tank Size
Filling up less typically implies not wasting time and energy in this kind of things. A big fuel tank is important to this sort of machines. Husqvarna is a clear winner with 2.9 gal (11.3 L) fuel tank comparing to 2.38 gal (9.1 L) of John Deere’s design.

Rate And Overall Value
Anyways, there is no considerable difference in the rate of these 2 designs. When it comes to the worth both of these models are well worth products. Furthermore, they have shown excellent reliability and a low percentage of breaking.


In the light of whatever that we previously stated in this Husqvarna vs. john deere riding mower review, we might conclude that models from these 2 brands have some typical things and some differences.

So, what we can say about Husqvarna vs. John Deere? Which one is better riding lawn mower for your yard?

First of all, Husqvarna has excellent height modification with 6 various levels. Secondly, Husqvarna has blade brake, much better turn radius and a terrific size of fuel tank.

On the other hand, many things go into John Deere’s favor. Specifically, John Deere has an OHV system, fantastic cutting width, and a bit much better power (26 horsepower).

All in all, we hope that this Husqvarna vs. john deere riding mower review will come to utilize and help you decide which one matches you much better.

Last updated on September 16th, 2019

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