Best Lawn Mower for Hills of 2024

Choosing a lawn mower for the hills? We’ll give you the best option you can buy.

A rolling lawn makes for a gorgeous landscape, however can make cutting unsafe unless you think about a couple of key elements when selecting a riding lawn mower.

The majority of mowers are ranked for mowing slopes up to 15 degrees, however there are functions that ensure types much better than others. However no matter which style you choose, when mowing sloping surface constantly go slowly, don’t switch on high slopes, and follow the guidelines found in the operator’s manual for trimming on hills.

Best Garden Tractor for Hills

Simplicity Prestige Garden Tractor
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Simplicity Prestige Garden Tractor

Treat yourself to most exceptional garden tractor with outstanding power, efficiency, control, exciting style and trusted Simplicity toughness.
With Automatic Controlled Traction, an effective Briggs & Stratton Engine, and power steering, the Prestige deals with yard upkeep in all seasons.
When you are trying to find a lawn or garden tractor, there are lots of makers and functions from which to select. However if you focus on what’s important, quality of cut and having a great looking yard, the choice will be easy … Simplicity.

Best Lawn Mower for Hills 2024

Simplicity 5901744 Contender XT Mower
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Simplicity 5901744 Contender XT Mower

Developed for larger business mowing jobs, The zt-3200 transaxles provide continuous torque, Smooth speed and bi-directional control.
Now featuring adjustable rear coil-over shocks and a pivoting front axle with shocks for increased comfort and cutting efficiency.
The mower deck Lift system makes adjusting the fabricated steel lawn mower deck a breeze. No fumbling with heavy levers, just push the foot pedal and move the Pin to the wanted cutting Height.
Designed to carry out under harsh, demanding conditions. With its patented five-step incorporated cyclonic air management system, the commercial Series engine offers ultimate Dust and debris protection for prolonged engine life.
Experience a fantastic cut with the added durability of a bonded lawn mower deck made from rugged 10-gauge steel with strengthened top, side skirts, corners and a steel leading edge.

What to Know Before Buying a Riding Lawn Mower

Here are a few of the requirements to watch on before making the plunge and dropping money on a riding mower or garden tractor. The very best riding lawn mower will depend on what your functions and requirements are, there is nobody size fits all. If you’ve got a very little spot of lawn or working with a very rigorous budget plan, you might want to think about a trimmer as an option to a riding mower or push lawn mower.

  • Tractor Brand: Simplicity, Toro, John Deere, Craftsman, Husqvarna, Massey Furguson, Cub Cadet, or other
  • Deck Size: The larger the deck size the much shorter your overall quantity of mowing time will be. A mowing deck size of 38 inches or over is perfect
  • Transmission Type: Hydrostatic, Gear, or Belt
  • Engine Brand: Kohler, Briggs and Stratton, Honda, Tecumseh, or other
  • Horse power: Garden tractors typically a minimum of 15 hp and typically are 20-25 hp
  • Rate: Garden tractors begin at about $2000 and can increase to $8000 or more
  • Reverse Mow: A very valuable function if you miss out on a spot and/or are dealing with a difficult landscape
  • Wheelbase: The range between the front and rear axles of the garden tractor
  • Weight: Most garden tractors weigh around 600-800 pounds
  • Uncut Circle Diameter: This is the circle of lawn that is left uncut after a sharp left turn
  • Fuel Tank Size: 3, 4, 5+ gallon size
  • Traction Control & Differential Lock: Helps prevent slippage on upward climbs and handle slopes greater than 15 percent
  • Guarantee: As a general guideline a longer guarantee means greater producer confidence in the device.

Questions and Answers

What lawn tractor is best for hills?

Actually, in the proposed article, we have considered the best and most relevant models for this year. Each of them deserves to be a great lawn mower that will do its job successfully on the hills. But if you select one specific model, then we will offer you a tractor from Simplicity. Look at this model, it’s super.

What is the best self propelled lawn mower for hills?

Although in the article we considered riding lawn mowers as they are more suitable for working on hills, however in your case I recommend the BLACK+DECKER 40V. This is a fairly powerful lawnmower that can cut grass on hills if necessary.

What is the best riding lawn mower for steep hills?

Steep hills are dangerous enough for riding lawnmowers. Self-propelled lawnmowers are more suitable here (see the previous answer). But if you choose from riding lawnmowers, it is more stable and safe and, of course, effective-this is a lawnmower from Simplicity 5901744 Contender XT Mower.

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  1. Josh

    I will recommend mower from Snapper. This mower is nearly philosophically perfect for a walk-behind lawn mower to use on hills. The lawn mower comes with variable speeds, 7 height settings, and it’s rear wheel drive. Add in a premium motor and the Hi-VAC innovation connected to bring the lawn up even much faster and you’re taking a look at something truly unique. The high-price may make some balk, but it’s truly not much for those who are truly devoted to their manicured yards. It’s, without doubt, one of the best push mowers for hills.

  2. Norman Green

    In my opinion this year there is no better lawn mower than Greenworks 20-inch Corded LawnMower.
    Yes, you can argue here and say that for the hills more suitable Husqvarna Automower 450X or Snapper XD 82V MAX, but I prefer greenworks products.
    Although my land is not as hilly as yours, perhaps. Therefore, the consultant in the store can give more good advice for YOUR case.

  3. El Texas

    I’m making choice now between Craftsman and Raven. According to reviews:

    — The Craftsman Garden Tractor (Model 20408) is the very best garden tractor for the cash. Power to rate ratio on this one is probably unmatched but anything else out there. Much of this is thanks to its effective 24-hp V-Twin Briggs and Stratton engine. This engine will pull accessories without the tiniest tip of strain and rakes through very tall lawn easily.
    — The Raven Riding Lawnmower is the new kid on the block so to speak. This is a hybrid making use of gas/electric technology. It is marketed as part mower, part utility lorry, and part generator. This is powered by a 420 cc (~ 15 HP) gas engine combined with the power of a 7100 watt generator. It gets about 17 MPG and sports a decent 550 pound towing capability.

    So, what you will recommend to me, guys?

  4. Greg Plamper

    According to a John Deere mechanic I understand, they are all pretty similar. His advice is to ensure the engine has a full oiled engine with a filter rather of a splash oil system.

    Aside from that, I’d pay close attention to size. Every yard has barriers of some sort, and every yard is a particular size. A 60 ″ cutting deck looks like a good idea, but in my lawn 42 ″ is a tight fit in some locations. Having a smaller sized deck actually saves me work trimming later. In your backyard the 60 ″ deck might be a huge time-saver though. Buy the suitable size for your property.

    A tailored transmission versus hydrostatic drive is the next concern. My mower has equipments. I saw no factor, still see no reason, that a hydrostatic drive would be a benefit to me. My yard is such that I can usually simply put it in 2nd equipment and toddle around sipping on a beer. That’s my backyard though.

    My BIL has a much more open lawn, a great deal of slopes and angles. He opted for a hydrostatic drive due to the fact that of that. he states it keeps the speed more even and lets him get done quicker. Again, different backyards, different services.

    Lastly, how much power do you need?

    You don’t require much if you are just cutting. If you are preparing to use a variety of implements however, specifically if they are powered by the mower, then, you’ll need more. Think of what you might need in a couple of years in addition to what you need today.

    So do some shopping around — I’d prevent the hell out of the big box stores– and find something that matches your needs.

  5. F.Ruppert

    I would need to go with a Honda. I purchased one that is now 35 years old. It’s all aluminum and it has actually never ever failed to start with 3 pulls. I paid $600 dollars back then which was expensive however typical that over all those years.

    I replaced the wheel which dry decayed and the control cable televisions which rusted when it was overlooked one winter season.

    That’s it. Thirty 5 years and it still runs fresh.

    About 15 years ago I discovered one at a yard sale for $50 dollars. I tool it home and cleaned out the carburetor because somebody had not winterized it. Runs fresh.

    Oh, and it is self moved at the rear wheels and will climb a tree to cut the lower limbs.

    And they are baggers or rear side discharge. The bag is fine after all that time. You can’t discover these at a big box shop. Honda dealerships just, or at least they were.

  6. Chris Perkins

    Does John Deere still make the best riding lawn mower? Once again, this is one of those subjective concerns. A lot of different professional lawn mowers like them and others do not. I never ever did like them and here’s why:

    Back in the late 1990s, there were a lot of people delving into the mowing service every spring. They didn’t know much about industrial lawn mowers and so, the huge range of items from numerous manufacturers was confusing. But these people DID know the John Deere name and they trusted it. They’ve constantly made fantastic farm carries out and tractors, so it just stood to factor that their lawn mowers would be good too. Well? They were okay quality lawn mowers however they were behind the times. For example, when the remainder of the industry had gone to hydrostatic drive transmissions, JD insisted on continuing with belt drive transmissions. They didn’t use a zero-turn rider for a number of years after the market went crazy for Z-turns and the Z-turn had actually shown to be the fastest mower and made the operator the most loan.

    Also, an issue that I had was that I’m a big person and someplace on every JD I ‘d ever used, there was some bracket or control that would be digging into my hips, thighs or legs. By the end of the day, I would be ready to admit to anything due to the fact that they were pure torture.

    Simply the other day, I was looking at a brand name new 2019 John Deere Z-turn rider. I could not believe it. It had a stamped steel deck on it. Why is this essential?

    There are generally two really common types of trimming decks in the market – stamped and welded. With a stamped deck, a big single piece of steel is positioned into a substantial press and then it is pushed into the shape of the cutting deck. The range between the top of the cutting blade and the underneath side of the deck is about 2.5 to 3 inches. When mowing, turf clippings can not stay in suspension enough time to get mulched up well. This makes for a dirtier and less attractive cut.

    On a welded deck, the main level part of the deck is stiffer and flat. Then the front, back and sides are welded on. The stamped deck has 4.5 to 6 inches between the top of the blade and the below side of the deck. This implies that the clippings keep up in suspension getting mulched far finer until they are truly small. There is far less choking of the deck and the cut looks much better.

    We discovered this lesson back around 1995 but JD is still putting out industrial mowers with stamped decks. These individuals are stuck in a time loop and just decline to reach the remainder of the industry.

  7. Martin Pole

    My sibling and I hate, dislike, dislike, sound.

    Which’s one of the primary reasons we enjoy, like, like, electrical stuff.

    We have 2 Prius cars, an electrical yard trimmer, different cordless electrical drills and other tools, and of course an electric yard chopper.

    A brand name new electrical lawn chopper in fact.

    We had an older model Black & Decker cordless electric mower that a generous next-door neighbor gave us when we relocated. But alas, it finally went to lawn mower heaven last week. It did it’s task, and sliced, mowed and mulched a lot of grass, and lasted many years prior to finally kicking the lawn mower’s pail.

    We didn’t even consider an internal combustion mower, and went to our local gigantic home improvement type store, and took a look at what they had.

    My sis right away fell for this cool, green colored lawn chopper that looked like it was right out of Star Trek. Streamlined, low, and unusual, it appeared like a phaser would come out and fry any turf that dared to grow too rapidly.

    I will not give the brand name, however it’s a 20 inch, 40 volt design that has a small battery that simply appears and out. In fact it has space for 2 batteries, simply in case you actually enjoy chopping lawn.

    So we popped the 250 bucks on our charge card, and carried our new mower out to our car.

    It just took us about five minutes to assemble it, and about half of that was attempting to open the box.

    Then we charged up the battery and took the yard chopper for a spin. We were happily astonished at how quiet it was. Our other cordless electric was quiet, however our new Star Trek model is even quieter. It resembled walking with a small electric fan.

    Our beautiful new grass chopper is also light. Not just light, however very, very, light. For a minute I even wondered if it was self propelled, however it wasn’t. It’s just very, very light and easy to boss around.

    For some reason both my sister and I discover we actually take pleasure in bossing around a yard chopper.

    We dislike noise. We also hate tampering gas, oil and tune ups.

    We like simply pressing a button and hearing our sweet, new lawn chopper purr to life. Battery innovation has actually increased so significantly over the last years, and this new chopper is a huge enhancement over our previous one that we grew so fond off.

    We hate sound, specifically the dang sound of everybody in the area chopping, wacking, cleaning, cutting and other loud and unholy sounds.

    We like our new cool and futuristic lawn mower.

    And if we had the cash, we would purchase everyone in our town an electric yard chopper. Just so we would not have to listen to all that infernal, hell generated, thrice accursed, sound of all those loud, stinky, and old style machines.

    We hate noise. But we love our new cordless, electric, yard chopper.

    Our trendy new, electric lawn mower. We have more weeds than grass, however the yard chopper doesn’t care. It takes care of them all.

    It looks like it was beamed below the 24th century. Anna wishes to set up a phaser on it so she can zap all those pitiful, internal combustion machines.

  8. Bobby Clark

    John Deere, American made is the best tractor for hills today, in 2019 and, I think in 2020 as well. Truthfully they are all junk, but I believe I just expect excessive. JD is definitely one of the better by far. Features, horsepower, convenience for the dollar spent, its hard to top a Deere …

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