How to Cool a Room Without AC

To cool the room without air conditioning is real. I will tell you how to effectively fight the heat in the room. Are you excited yet? Relax so you don’t sweat.

In the abnormal heat, air conditioning often comes to the rescue. However, not everyone has the opportunity to install this equipment in the apartment. Others try to avoid air conditioners in order not to get sick. Let’s tell you how to cool the room in other ways.

Window coverings

To cool the room, first of all it is necessary to block the sunlight from the windows. The easiest option is to blind the windows tightly. You can also install blinds or Italian blinds. This will help reduce the temperature in the room by several degrees. Close the curtains in the early morning and open them in the evening and at night.

How to Cool a Room Without AC

In addition, you can glue window panes with reflective tape. Also come to the aid of foil. It is necessary to attach it to the window from the inside. However, this option from a visual point of view does not look very good.

Humidify the room

In hot weather, it is worth remembering to humidify the room, which will also help to cool the room. Do humid cleaning on a regular basis. You can buy a humidifier or spray water with a sprinkler. If this is not possible, put buckets, basins or bottles with cold water and ice in the room.

Ice to cool down a room
Ice to cool down a room (

A well-known method is a wet sheet. It should be wet and then hung on the radiator. Or it is refrigerated in the freezer. Some people prefer to put wet sheets on the bed or sofa. However, this is dangerous to your health because you can catch a kidney cold, cause pneumonia, or catch a cold.


Another effective way to combat heat and stuffiness is a fan. However, you should not direct the airflow toward yourself. The fan should blow around the furniture, carpets, which are the fastest heating.

For a greater effect, you should put containers of ice or bottles of cold water in front of the fan.

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It is also important to air the room, but this should be done in the morning and during the hours of darkness. Open windows before 8 a.m. and after 10 p.m. You can also leave the windows open all night.

If possible, make a draught. However, be careful not to get sick. For a greater effect, you can put bottles of ice on the windowsill.

Reducing energy consumption

Keep in mind that electrical appliances and lamps generate a great deal of heat when they are in use. In this regard, it is worth to minimize energy consumption. To do this, replace incandescent light bulbs with LEDs, turn off the towel rail, do not cook food in the oven or on the stove during hot periods.

Turn off the TV and laptops when you’re not using them.

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What else can you do?

If you live in an apartment building, be sure to close the doors in the entryway. It will keep the cold air in, which will not heat up the apartment too much.

Choose light clothing made of natural fabrics. This will help you weather the heat more easily. You should drink plenty of fluids-avoid dehydration. Give preference to plain drinking water rather than sugary sodas. Drink iced tea (green tea is best) or iced coffee.

Eat light foods, such as salads, vegetables, and fruits. You should not eat a lot of carbohydrates.

Do not burden yourself with heavy work, and it is better to exclude physical activity.

Remove carpets from the floor. If you can’t sleep in bed because of the heat, lie down on a cool floor. You’ll be surprised how you can fall asleep on such a hard but pleasantly cool surface!

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