Give Us Reasons to Hire You: What to Answer to Succeed?

When it comes to performing exceptionally well in a job interview, there is a prevalent and crucial question that often arises, namely, “What sets you apart and makes you the ideal candidate for this position?”

 This question can often catch candidates off guard and leave them scrambling to come up with a compelling answer. However, with proper preparation and a strategic approach, you can confidently tackle this question and increase your chances of landing the job. In this blog post, we will provide you with some valuable tips on how to answer “Give Us Reasons to Hire You” challenge successfully.

Give Us Reasons to Hire You
  1. Understand the Employer’s Needs: Before you even step into the interview room, take the time to thoroughly research the company and the role you are applying for. Look into the company’s mission, values, and goals, and try to understand what they are looking for in an ideal candidate. By aligning your answer with the employer’s needs, you can showcase how you are the perfect fit for the position.
  2. Highlight Your Unique Skills and Experiences: Think of this question as a chance to demonstrate your strengths and set yourself apart from other job applicants. Identify the unique skills and experiences that make you stand out, and emphasize how they align with the job requirements. Whether it’s your proficiency in a specific software, your leadership abilities, or your exceptional problem-solving skills, make sure to emphasize what makes you different. 
  3. Provide Specific Examples: In order to make your response more convincing, support your arguments with specific instances from your previous encounters. Instead of making general statements about your capabilities, provide real-life scenarios where you have effectively utilized your skills and achieved significant outcomes. This will provide the interviewer with a clear understanding of your abilities and showcase how you can contribute to the company. 
  4. Showcase Your Passion and Enthusiasm: Employers seek not just competent applicants, but also those who have a true enthusiasm for both the specific position and the company as a whole. Display your zeal for the field and exhibit your excitement for the chance to make a significant impact on the company’s development. Employers value individuals who are ambitious and self-motivated, as it indicates they will be committed to their responsibilities. 
  5. Align Your Answer with the Company Culture: All companies have their own distinct culture and set of values. When being interviewed, it is important to subtly align your responses with the company’s culture, expressing that you possess similar values and can easily adapt to the dynamics of the team. This will further persuade the interviewer that you are well-suited for the organization. 
  6. Be Confident and Authentic: While it’s important to prepare and come up with a well-thought-out answer, it is equally crucial to be genuine and authentic in your response. Speak confidently about your abilities and experiences without exaggerating or sounding scripted. Employers value authenticity and are more likely to trust candidates who are honest and sincere.

To summarize, when asked why you should be hired, it’s crucial to prepare a strong and well-articulated answer that aligns with the employer’s needs. By highlighting your unique skills, providing specific examples, showcasing your passion, and demonstrating your alignment with the company culture, you can impress the interviewer and increase your chances of getting hired. Remember to be confident, authentic, and most importantly, believe in yourself. Good luck!