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The children’s tablet market isn’t really substantial, so selecting a slate that’s right for your child is in fact fairly hard. While some manufacturers have started to market spending plan tablets as child-friendly, and other brands pitch products directly at children, they do not constantly provide the best deal. To assist any parent on the market for a kid friendly tablet, we’ve sifted through the premier tablets to bring you 5 alternatives that make certain to delight any child.


Aside from cost, the main criteria for selecting a kids’ tablet must be its develop quality. Not only does it need to have a good chassis surrounded by a somewhat rugged material, however an authorities, IP-certified splash-proof ranking–such as IP52–will be a welcome addition too.

Depending upon how you anticipate your children to use their tablet, a reasonably effective processor ought to be relatively high up on your list. While we would not expect children to be multi-tasking in between apps to a severe degree, the device should have enough power to play a few standard games and videos without excessive waiting around. Key figures to keep an eye out for are processor requirements and the amount of RAM offered. Our reviews will detail exact efficiency figures in addition to more basic tips on how the tablet functions in different scenarios.

iPad MiniBattery life is also an important factor to consider, particularly if you’re most likely to use the device to amuse kids on long car journeys. Less expensive tablets suffer considerably under heavy use, given that their batteries are smaller and their processors are less power-efficient than leading end tablets’. If the tablet will mostly be used at home, this will not be such a problem, however is still worth thinking about.

Inexpensive tablets are generally relatively light on storage. We ‘d recommend a minimum of 8GB, which will offer ample room for apps, games and video content downloaded from iTunes or the Google Play shop. If the tablet is going to be used by multiple members of the family, then we ‘d advise a bump-up on that figure. A microSD card slot is also constantly a welcome addition, that will let you expand the tablet’s storage as the need develops.

Parental controls are offered for both Android and iOS-powered iPads and make it easy to lock down the tablet if it’s to be used by your children not being watched. Apple’s support pages document how to do this on your iPad, while on Android this varies from device to device. Amazon’s Kindle tablets are especially great here, supplying comfort in the long run.



IPAD MINI 2Key features:

  • Access to over 1 million apps
  • Consists of 5-megapixel cam
  • Terrific screen for reading

The iPad Mini 2 might not be the most recent small tablet from Apple, however it’s the best value for money at the moment.

The Apple tablet is an expensive investment and it’s not exactly developed to be tossed all over the place, but if you buy a decent difficult case like the iSpeck iGuy it can be made kid-friendly. If you have a little extra cash to burn, it’s likewise got a good stock of toy add-ons, like the educational OSMO starter package.

The iPad Mini 2’s iOS 9 operating system also has a host of parental features that really make the iPad Mini preferable to hand over to your kids. You will have the ability to limit the Safari web internet browser from revealing adult content and the ability to install apps. In addition, you can disable access to explicit content if you do not desire them to listen to sounds, podcasts with rude words or more adult-themed TV programs.

With access to the App Store there’s a wealth of child-friendly games, apps and ebooks to purchase and download. If you can manage to invest a bit more, the iPad Mini is a tablet both parents and children can use, though it’s probably better fit to somewhat older children.

$ 243.



Key features:

  • Runs Windows 10
  • Good battery life
  • Includes removable keyboard

The Kurio Smart breaks the pattern for children’s tablets, taking the type of a Windows 10-powered slate with a removable keyboard. Arguably it offers the best compromise of any tablet on our list, being as proficient at work as it is for play.

Design-wise this tablet is distinctive, with brilliant blue and white plastic featuring greatly. When it pertains to features, however, it’s fundamental. Neither the tablet nor the dock include a full-size USB port. On the plus side, there is an HDMI adapter, for doing homework on a bigger screen.

The built-in screen has a 1,280 x 800 pixel resolution, and while this reveals itself in a brilliant panel with responsive touch controls, it will show frustratingly low for anybody with ambitions of multi-tasking.

It isn’t really particularly effective either. The quad-core Intel Atom processor will be pushed to its limitations with only a few web browsing tabs and applications open, however it will easily handle a few fundamental games and fulfill most children’s requirements.

Battery life is exceptional; in long-lasting testing with a child who uses it every day, we’ve found it lasts in between 6 and 7 hours on a single charge, although you ought to still carry the power supply with you when possible.

$ 198.



Fire HD 6 Kids EditionKey features:

  • Two-year unintentional damage warranty
  • Chunky case
  • Exceptional Amazon Fire for Kids content store

We reviewed the Amazon Fire HD 6 tablet and were pretty satisfied. The tablet is inexpensive, compact and provides affordable–if not excellent–efficiency.

With the Kids Edition, Amazon has actually bundled the initial tablet with a chunky blue or pink case, access to Fire For Kids Unlimited content shop and, most importantly, a two-year accidental damage warranty.

It’s an all-in-one bundle for which you pay a premium, however it’s definitely worth the money if this will be your children’s primary home entertainment device.

The tablet has a 6-inch, 1,280 x 800 IPS screen, which is good enough for a lot of content–although we did discover checking out smaller text a little bit of a task. Battery life is good: you can anticipate around 8 hours of modest usage, although this will half if you’re playing a game.

The Fire for Kids app is outstanding, with a store complete of content that you can rely on will appropriate for children under 8 years old. Here you can likewise set time limits on particular activities. If you want to encourage your child to check out, for instance, you set a target for the amount of time spent reading.

You get a full year of access to the store, after which it will cost ₤ 3.99 per month if you don’t have Amazon Prime, or ₤ 1.99 each month if you do. This can be changed to a set of four children for ₤ 7.99 and ₤ 4.99 respectively.

As far as one-stop-shops go, the Amazon Fire HD 6 Kids Edition is an excellent option, however it is undoubtedly pricey.

$ 119.99.



LeapFrog Epic 7Key features:

  • Chunky design
  • Basic user interface
  • Educational LeapFrog apps

This chunky tablet is perfect for children under five. It provides a robust design and a really simple, Android-powered user interface. It’s fundamental, though, so its life expectancy will be limited, both in terms of it captivating a child beyond a certain age and its technical abilities too.

First-party LeapFrog apps are readily available for the device, but these are quite pricey and we in fact found that side-loading the Amazon Appstore was a much better bet with this device.

The 7-inch screen has a resolution of just 1,024 x 600. This is extremely low, and the actual quality of the panel isn’t great either, displaying relatively muted colours.

On the plus side, is the ability to produce multiple user profiles for several children– something that became a basic part of Android tablets a few years ago.

With five hours of battery life, it will quickly see more youthful children through just one sitting, but we ‘d advice routinely charging it anyway.

$ 114.99.

5. ASUS  S 8.0 Z580CA


Key features:

  • Wonderful screen
  • Durable construct
  • Good performance

While this Pad isn’t really developed explictly for children–or even households for that matter–its relatively low price for what is a fantastic tablet captured our attention. Even better, thanks to our customer dropping the tablet onto a hard station floor, we can verify its construct quality depends on the job, too.

With good processing performance it’s capable of playing games and its high-resolution screen suggests it packs great deals of details into web pages and apps for parents, too. Battery life was around six hours with consistent multimedia use, which is fine although you must keep a charger with you if you’re taking it on the road.

Pre-installed with Android Lollipop, the Pad S 8.0 Z580CA allows you to have multiple user accounts on a single device, implying you can develop locaked-down represent your children and keep an all-access account for the adults.



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