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iphone 6 battery change

Sooner or later, the battery of your iPhone stops working well enough and you come to the decision to change it. In this article you will learn how to make iphone battery replacement by yourself. Step-by-step.

If a sluggish iPhone is driving you crazy, then it might be due to the fact that the battery requires changed. Fortunately, there are a number of methods to ease your frustration and we’re going to show you precisely how to replace your iPhone battery. All of these methods will cost you loan, but they’ll likely conserve you from an even bigger hit to your wallet: Having to change your phone. Battery replacements for iPhones are readily available from different sources, and we’ll walk you through the process of how to choose which technique is best for you.

Battery in iPhone

Prior to you make any choices, you must understand what takes place to your iPhone battery over time. Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries, the type the iPhone utilizes, are considered consumables since they are known to break down in time. It’s not a quality issue, it’s just the method they operate. Battery age is measured in battery cycles: One cycle equals draining the battery to 0% and completely charging the battery to 100% one single time. This can take any quantity of time because you will not drain your battery to 0% and back up to 100% every single day. It may take a day, two days, or more to finish a battery cycle.

The iPhone loads an approximated 500 battery cycles before it begins to deteriorate, implying if you own your phone for two or more years, you will have charged enough battery cycles to degrade the battery to simply 80% of its full capacity. When the amount of charge the battery can hold reduces, you’ll find your battery drains pipes faster and must be charged more frequently.

Battery age is not only based on time, but also on how you use your phone and the result your use has on battery lifespan. As batteries deteriorate, it’s shown in your phone’s performance and the capability of the phone to access enough juice to do the important things you want. With iOS 11 or later on, you can inspect the general life of your battery under Settings > Battery > Battery Health > Maximum Capacity. You can likewise check charge levels for the last couple of days and even the percentage of time you invest in each app on your phone. This will help you decide whether to buy a new battery.

Alternative Way to Prolong Battery Life

A couple of years earlier, Apple stunned its iPhone customers by validating that it intentionally slows down iPhones after the batteries reach a certain age. That’s since older batteries can cause some iPhones to all of a sudden close down, and throttling enables the phone to more efficiently process the power output from these older batteries. It made good sense, but clients were not delighted– partly since they didn’t comprehend why their phone’s performance, which numerous had endured for a long period of time, was so poor, and partly because Apple’s viewed secrecy on the subject seemed deceptive.

After Apple came tidy on the matter, it sought to fix its relationship with iPhone owners by providing replacement batteries at a deep discount rate of $30 for the better part of a year for qualifying phones, ones that had actually lost a significant amount of capability over time. This battery replacement program served iPhone owners till the end of 2018. After that, battery replacements returned as much as their regular rate for everyone.

Even though that discount program has actually ended, you can still select to change your iPhone’s battery, which ought to improve the device’s efficiency and may conserve you from having to purchase a brand name new iPhone. Here are some methods to get your hands on a new battery.

Apple Ready to Replace Batteries on iPhones

The most practical and reliable method to change your iPhone’s battery is to do it through Apple. Just switch out your old battery for a brand new one. For iPhone X, XS, XS Max, and XR, the cost is $69 for an out-of-warranty design. For an iPhone SE, 6, 6 Plus, sixes, sixes Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, and all other eligible designs, the out-of-warranty cost is $49. Phones still under guarantee or covered by AppleCare+ secure free battery replacements. We recommend going the Apple route, as you will not void your device’s warranty or risk damaging your iPhone by replacing the battery any other method.

If you purchased an iPhone 6S in between September and October 2015 and your iPhone is randomly shutting down, you might be eligible for a complimentary battery replacement. Apple has a tool to assist you figure out if your phone is qualified. To get the battery replacement, your phone must have no water damage or screen cracks. You can talk with an Apple tech online if you have more questions.

Another easy method to start the process is to head to the nearest Apple Store, which might either take one visit or a few days. Best Buy is now likewise a licensed Apple repair work provider, so if there are no Apple Stores close by, Best Buy is a good choice. With the addition of Best Buy, eight out of 10 Apple consumers live within 20 minutes of an Apple licensed service provider. If you’re in a more remote area where there are no authorized repair centers, you can always deliver your iPhone to Apple for the battery swap, but the procedure will take quite a bit longer, as you’ll require to wait on Apple to send you a box to deliver your iPhone in, send it, have Apple change the battery, then deliver it back to you.

Replacing the Battery Yourself

It is possible to replace the iPhone battery yourself, but it’s not for the faint of heart.

That’s mostly because iPhone gadgets use a great deal of glue and other materials you’ll need to navigate your way through, and it can be tricky, with lots of sequential actions that can get time-consuming. Doing it yourself also indicates your waterproof iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus will no longer be water resistant.

You can follow in-depth directions from sites like iFixit, which likewise offers packages with the tools required to replace your iPhone’s battery. Most of these sets cost around $30, somewhat more economical than letting Apple do it, but then you’re doing all the work, the task is not ensured, and if something goes wrong you’re on your own. Guides from iFixit are readily available for iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus. You will not need to replace the batteries on the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X or newer iPhone batteries at any time soon.

How to (with pictures)

We are going to quickly show you how the battery is replaced in a regular-sized iPhone 7.

The most significant problem people will have with this repair is damaging the screen in the removal process so be very careful.

Always attempt any repair at your own risk.

Turn off the phone, and there are two pentalobe screws at the bottom.

Battery Replacement on iPhone

These are the same type of screw that Apple has used in previous versions of the iPhone.

We will include all the tools you’ll need for this project right below this video in the video description.

Now because of all the waterproofing adhesive around the edge of the screen, a suction cup isn’t going to help out a whole lot.

Battery Replacement on iPhone

Plus there are a few ribbon cables you have to watch out for.

So to remove this screen, we are taking a thin metal pry tool and going between the metal frame of the phone and the plastic frame of the screen and gently lifting it away from the edge, slicing through any remaining adhesives on the side.

Battery Replacement on iPhone

Lift gently; we want to make sure not to damage any parts of the screen as we do this.

Here are those sensitive ribbon cables we was talking about earlier.

Battery Replacement on iPhone

Do not damage this.

There is adhesive on the top of the screen as well; cut through that with a metal pry tool and slide the screen down a little and it opens up like an 1000 dollar book.

Battery Replacement on iPhone

Remember, it is excruciatingly essential that you do not damage or put any stress along with these ribbon cables along the side.

They are for the screen and if they get damaged your screen might stop working and will need to be replaced.

Apple can’t seem to use standard screws so whip out your Y000 tri-point bit to remove all four of these screws.

Keep your screws organized. One screw is longer than the others, and we don’t want that going in the wrong hole later on.

Battery Replacement on iPhone

This ribbon is for the battery itself, so we’re going to unsnap that just like a little Lego.

Battery Replacement on iPhone

Some people would suggest removing this oversized taptic motor down here at the bottom to get better access to the pull tabs.

It’s just three screws and a ribbon cable, but we prefer to grab the pull tabs without removing extra components.

These pull tabs are super – but very fragile.

Battery Replacement on iPhone

As they are pulled the adhesive stretches out right from underneath the battery, no heat or prying required – as long as the adhesive doesn’t break on you.

Mine did break once, but we was able to salvage the broken end and pull it the rest of the way out.

If you are unable to reach your broken pull tab, you must commence the pry of shame.

Battery Replacement on iPhone

Now that both pull tabs are out, the battery is completely free and ready to be swapped.

Replacement batteries are usually pretty inexpensive, especially a year or so after the release of the phone. The iPhone 6 batteries are only about 5 or 10 dollars right now. Thumbs up for these beautiful aluminum machining marks on the inside.

Battery Replacement on iPhone

Plug the new battery in and then plop your metal plate into place, getting these four little tri-point screws back in.

Then gently lift your screen and gently tuck the top of the screen into the metal frame of the phone before gently pressing down the sides and clicking it into place.

Battery Replacement on iPhone

Press too hard, and you might crack your screen, so go easy on your phone, it’s had a rough day.

Everything should be working at this point. If your phone doesn’t turn on, try charging it up for a bit. Sometimes new batteries don’t arrive with a charge.

Video Instruction

For iPhone 7

For iPhone 6


Unless you have an actually old iPhone, a non-defective battery needs to have lots of life left in it. If you’re utilizing iOS 11 or later, you can see exactly how healthy your battery is and take suitable action to reduce any problems. If you discover you need to replace your battery, Apple supplies fairly priced alternatives that make it practical for you to restore your device no matter age. Those with capable hands may wish to try a third-party package and conserve a few bucks, but for the rest people, Apple or Best Buy pros are ready to help you. Whether you decide to replace your iPhone battery or not, you ought to read our suggestions on how to save smart device battery life.

Last updated on September 16th, 2019

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  1. Akito Marito

    The very simple choice is to go to Apple care and get it altered. However it will cost you more this way.

    Another way is order the battery of your particular iPhone design from sites like ebay, amazon, and so on and buy a set of screw drivers too.

    You can find several videos of battery replacement of all iPhone models, choose your one and you’re good to go. One of the best placed above in the article.

    Be careful. You can harm little parts like minute adapters, and so on

  2. Teo Duncan

    The appropriate answer depends upon the model, however essentially, unscrew the 2 pentalobe screws at the bottom of the frame. Discover the power distribution connection and detach it. I’m nearly positive each handset has a screw that holds it on.

    Using a spudger or something flat and plastic thoroughly pry the battery off of the rear plate. It’s an adhesive that keeps it secure. Change, button up. Enjoy.

    I performed a battery repair work 4 weeks earlier.

  3. Carlos Reyes

    I have an iPhone 6 from 2014. Faced the same random reboot concern upgrading to iOS 11, didn’t know what to do about it, was planning to opt for a repair work anyway.Shortly after the news break that Apple is intentionally slowing the CPUs down for ageing battery iPhone I began following the turn outs for the whole thing.

    I went to maple shop in R-City Mumbai.They requested a diagnostics first, which costs around 600 INR normally however for battery replacement request they did not charge anything.They charged me 1299 INR for the replacement and my iPhone is as good as new now.The whole replacement took 5 days.They took the order on first visit they logged out my iCloud from iPhone for some factor and returned the phone to me for basic use till they obtain the battery(in high need out of stock state) and they would call me for replacement.I heard somebody awaiting entire month.Luckily I got it in 3– 4 days got it replaced.

    Total experience was pleasing for me.