5 SAP Driver Friendly Trucking Companies

It’s evident that Substance Abuse Professionals (SAPs) play an integral part in creating a safer, more responsible trucking industry. They undergo rigorous training and certifications to ensure that they adhere to strict safety and compliance standards. As such, finding companies that understand the importance of SAP drivers is crucial for professionals in this field. Here are 5 companies that welcome SAP drivers, offering them a chance to reestablish their careers.

1. Northwoods Transport

Northwoods Transport is well-known for its commitment to safety and compliance. This nationwide trucking company offers employment opportunities for SAP drivers, ensuring they contribute significantly to their safety measures.

sap driver friendly trucking companies

2. Scorned Bobtail

A member of the Truckers Report, Scorned Bobtail maintains its reputation by accepting SAP drivers. They understand the value and expertise these drivers bring to their operations and safety strategies.

3. Smart Freight

Located in Virginia, Smart Freight offers SAP programs that open doors for aspiring drivers to build their careers while upholding standards of safety. They offer attractive remuneration, with rates reaching up to $0.75 per mile.

4. Trucking 4 Millions

Trucking 4 Millions is a company committed to changing the trucking industry for the better. To achieve their mission, they accept SAP drivers, valuing their commitment to safety and their ability to contribute to the industry in a meaningful way.

5. OTR Company

OTR Company provides opportunities for SAP drivers to thrive. They understand the role these drivers play in upholding safety standards, and they offer a friendly work environment for such professionals.

The process of finding employment as a SAP driver involves understanding the policies and programs of prospective employers. Practicing honesty about past violations and demonstrating a strong commitment to sobriety, service, and safety are also paramount.


In summary, becoming a SAP driver requires commitment and dedication. However, with trucking companies such as Northwoods Transport, Scorned Bobtail, Smart Freight, Trucking 4 Millions, and OTR Company among many others, finding professional fulfillment as a SAP driver is certainly achievable.