Top 6 Most Demanding Jobs in Florida

There is no doubt that in an area as developed as Florida, there is always a demand for new workers, new professionals for different areas of business.

After researching the job market across Florida’s large and mid-sized cities, I’ve made you a cross-section of the most in-demand jobs that could be the starting point for your career in 2024.

Registered Nurse

Not surprisingly, registered nurses are one of the most in-demand professions not only in Florida, but across the country. Caring for the sick, both in the hospital and at home, will seemingly always remain relevant. After all, the individual human approach is hard to replace even the most advanced technology.

In nursing homes, in private or public clinics, and in the care of the incapacitated, the need for registered nurses is inestimable.

Duties include overseeing medication administration, recording the patient’s condition, and coordinating with the attending physician and loved ones as needed. In addition, a registered nurse becomes very close to the patient and is required to provide moral support, kind words, patience and tenderness.

The good news is that almost any man or woman can get a diploma by completing the training. According to FloridaJobCenter, there are nearly 200 nursing jobs in Florida alone, and the number is growing.

The average salary for a registered nurse is up to $70,000 a year.

Health care work was named the most perspective and in-demand area of activity for the future.

Information Security Analyst

The importance of cybersecurity at any level of business has increased manifold in recent years. Therefore, not only large companies, but also most medium-sized companies doing business online now hire specialists who can ensure data security and respond quickly to cyber-attacks and other attacks of hacking and data theft. Information Security Analyst is the guardian of business and data online.

Depending on the place of work, such a specialist can earn up to $ 120k and more, but even in small companies, his salary will be quite decent, since the median salary in the U.S. – is more than $ 90,000 a year.

Data Scientist

A data scientist can also expect a good job in Miami, Orlando, Tampa and other major Florida cities. It should be noted that this is a fairly global profession, and jobs for data scientists are mostly in demand at the head offices of large firms.

Given that the average salary for such professionals exceeds $110k, why not combine a good state to live in with a good place to work?

Delivery Driver

This is another affordable and in-demand job throughout Florida. With the proliferation of online shopping, various home or office delivery services, the delivery driver has become an important link in this business chain. If you don’t have special skills or a college degree, that’s okay. With the right driver’s license, you can expect to be employed in this southern state.

The average salary here is about $37,000.

Software Engineer

Programming is now in demand at every level and different companies and startups are always looking for “fresh blood” to implement their ideas. A Software Engineer with broad technical and intellectual skills is a real catch for such projects.

That’s why many companies are ready to pay such specialists from $100,000 per year. In especially large projects it is possible to earn $150k and even more.

Customer Service Representative

This is a fairly broad specialty, which is in demand in different areas of business. Customer Service Representatives are required both to provide online consultations (in most cases) and to solve customers’ problems in the company’s office. Most of them require work experience. Alternatively, the firm may provide training that helps improve the skills of such a representative.

Of course, the salaries here will vary greatly. In addition, because of the low wages in this profession there is a high turnover of personnel. At the same time, this is a job that always has vacancies.

The average salary in Florida is about $32,000.


The jobs on my list are those that are in demand, not the high-paying jobs. At the same time, this does not mean that the list is limited to these six professions. There are many more in Florida and throughout the United States. And anyone can try to find something that’s right for them, even if they don’t have a college degree or work experience.