How to Disable Find My iPad

How to Disable Find My iPad

The Find My iPad alternative on the iPad is among the most crucial features on the tablet. Not only can it assist you locate your iPad utilizing GPS, it can also locate an iPad that’s concealing under a sofa or below a pillow by letting you use an iPhone or a computer system to play a sound on your iPad.

That alone is good enough to turn it on, however there are lots of other helpful Find My iPad features, too, like Lost Mode, and possibly most important, you can entirely eliminate the iPad remotely if it’s been stolen.

On the other side, if you’re selling your iPad or providing it to a friend, you need to shut off the Find My iPad function prior to resetting the iPad back to its factory default settings. You ought to likewise switch off Find My iPad if you’re having any repairs done to it.

How to Turn On/Off Find My iPad

Access your iCloud settings to allow or disable Find My iPad.

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap your name at the top of the left panel.
  3. Tap iCloud on the right.
  4. Tap Find My iPad on the right, under the “APPS USING ICLOUD” area.
  5. Tap the button beside “Find My iPad” to enable the feature, or tap the green button to disable Find My iPad.

It’s also an excellent idea to turn on Send Last Location. This will send out Apple the area information for the iPad when the battery is short on charge, enabling you to find it even if it’s totally drained (assuming that it wasn’t moved much after it passed away).

How to Disable Find My iPad

Otherwise, if the iPad is powered down or not connected to the web, you will not be able to see a place.

Keep in mind: You need to turn on Location Services for Find My iPad to work. You can do that from the Privacy area in the Settings app.

How to Use Find My iPad

A big advantage to Find My iPad is that you don’t even need an iPad to use it. You can access Find My iPad from your iPhone or perhaps your computer system at

When you visit to iCloud from your web internet browser, you’ll see an icon for Find iPhone. Regardless of the name, this app works for your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac.

The default Find My iPad screen reveals a map with all of your devices on it. Once again, this can be your Macbook, your iPhone, or any device you’ve activated the “Find My …” function on that is utilizing the very same Apple ID.

You can drill down to a specific device from the All Devices fall link at the top of the screen on the iCloud website. If you’re using your iPad to locate another iOS device, hold the tablet in landscape mode and the list will appear on the side of the screen.

You can likewise use this screen to examine the device’s area in everyday scenarios, like to see if your spouse has left work yet. Obviously, for this to work, they need to own an Apple device that’s signed on with the exact same Apple ID.

The private device screen will zero in to the area of that device and provide these choices:

  • Play Sound: Use this to play a noise on the iPad, fantastic for locating the tablet when you’re sure it’s someplace within earshot.
  • Lost Mode: The Lost Mode alternative not just locks the iPad, but you can likewise type a message that will be shown on the iPad’s screen. Use this option if you’ve left the iPad at a dining establishment, shopping center, or some other facility and want to a) secure it from being used and b) let anyone that discovers it understand your contact number and/or email address, home address, and so on, so that they can arrange to get it back to you.
  • Remove iPad: This action is used when you know you will not get the iPad back and wish to make certain all of the data on it is removed. Another factor to use the Erase iPad option is when your requirement to reset your iPad without plugging it into a computer, like if it keeps freezing up.

What About Find My Friends?

Find My Friends is a method to share your location with friends and family. While Find My iPad just works for devices using the same Apple ID, Find My Friends works with any contact with whom you’ve permitted by sending a “Share My Location” demand.

Find My Friends is its own app, so it’s separate from Find My iPad. You can release the app through Spotlight Search by searching for Find Friends.

Inside the app, tap the Add button in the “All Friends” list to send the Share My Location demand to someone so that they can see the place of your iPad. Remember, they will need to send you this request in order for you to see their iPad in your Find Friends app.

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