Grass Trimmer vs. Lawn Mower

Grass Trimmer or Lawn Mower

When it comes to yard care, there actually is no “versus” when you’re comparing a mower and a trimmer. Each has its own way of doing things, and each does its task extremely well. Lawn mowers do the “heavy lifting” of cutting the majority of the yard. Trimmers subsequent and cut what lawn mowers leave. When you team the two together, you can make brief work out of lawn work.

Differences Between Grass Trimmer and Lawn Mower

Depending upon the size of your lawn, you may have faced whether to purchase a trimmer or a weed whacker. Certainly, everybody needs a lawn mower, but not everybody requires a trimmer. It holds true that they generally perform the very same basic task of cutting grass. Nevertheless, there are significant differences that you should keep in mind when deciding on whether to spring for a trimmer. Here we talk about a few of the major differences in between the two. We likewise provide some information you need to consider if you are on the fence about purchasing a trimmer.

The obvious difference in between a mower and a trimmer is that, the trimmer is trimmer. It’s not almost as large, making it a lot easier to keep. At the same time, trimmers provide a real paradox. They may be slimmer than a lawn mower, but running one is much more physically taxing. While most trimmers are not particularly heavy, they can be hard to use since you need to be fit enough to navigate them. With a lawn mower, the most you need to do is press. Meanwhile, with a trimmer you have to do all the heavy lifting.

When deciding whether to acquire a trimmer, you have to analyze the measurements and structure of your yard. A trimmer is essentially a luxury device, and you should never ever use it to cut huge stretches of yard. The blade is very sharp. However, since you’re running it by hand, you’ll never ever be able to get an even cut by cutting with your trimmer. Rather, a trimmer must be conserved for the tricky stretches of turf that are too tough for your lawn mower. These consist of cutting the lawn surrounding trees or trimming your hedges. In the end, if your yard is just an empty plot of grass, you probably don’t require a trimmer. That said, if you have trees and challenging areas, a trimmer is well worth the financial investment.

What a lawn mower cannot do, a trimmer can, and vice versa. A lawn mower is more effective, more efficient and more reliable at cutting a large area of lawn. You would be hard-pressed to cut an entire lawn with a trimmer alone. However, simply try using a mower to cut around a tree without a missing out on a blade of lawn. Or, attempt using a lawn mower to reach every blade along a fence. You’ll only get as far as the edge of the lawn mower will allow you, which could leave a path that’s several inches wide. Edging and borderline areas are what trimmers were particularly developed to do. Put the power of a mower together with the maneuverability of a trimmer – and you’ll have a dynamic duo for lawn care.

Grass Trimmer vs. Lawn Mower According to Users

Grass trimmer pros

  • Ease of use
  • Understanding the process and problems encountered when mowing the lawn
  • Ability to mow the lawn in hard-to-reach places (around bushes, trees, close to the fence, etc.)
  • Relatively cheap repair and replacement of parts
  • Easier to choose for your yard

Grass trimmer cons

  • More critical to breakdowns
  • Limited by the requirement of use
  • Limited by battery power or cable length
  • Often lead to fatigue of the hands and back due to uncomfortable poses when mowing the lawn

Lawn mower pros

  • Better and more accurate lawn mowing
  • Lower labor costs in medium and large yards and gardens
  • Proven brands of lawn mowers-it is difficult to choose low-quality equipment
  • More comfortable working conditions

Lawn mower cons

  • Expensive equipment, it is unprofitable for small areas
  • Expensive repairs and replacement of lawn mower parts
  • Requires special skills when used to achieve the best result
  • Makes more noise, requires a special approach in relations with neighbors when choosing a schedule for mowing the lawn

Lawn Mowers

Lawn Mower

Mowers keep turf growth at simply the right height to keep your lawn thick and healthy. Push lawn mowers and riding mowers are the two types available. Many people choose a gasoline-fueled or electric-powered model. However, “sweat power” is still a choice if you wish to go green and press the mower by hand. Push mowers and riding mowers have blades on the underside that turn to cut the yard as you press or drive the mower over the lawn. Individuals with small lawns usually select a push lawn mower, and riding mowers are the practical choice for homeowners with large yards. Nevertheless, offered the benefit and the ability to escape from drudgery, it’s not uncommon to see people with small yards riding along on riding lawn mowers too.

Grass Trimmers

Grass Trimmer

A string trimmer is used to give a lawn that perfect, well-manicured appearance. The string rotates at an ultra high speed when the trimmer is powered up, giving the string the capability to cut like a knife. Hedge trimmers are used to trim and sculpt hedges so they look well-rounded. Like lawn mowers, trimmers are powered by either gas or electricity. Gas powered designs are simpler to maneuver and you don’t have to fret about cords and electrical gain access to.

Nevertheless, if you have health problems and don’t wish to breathe gas fumes, an electric trimmer is a good option, according to Trimmers let you make the areas around trees, shrubs, fences and garden edging neat and tidy and whack away weeds with simplicity. Because you will have to walk around with a trimmer, you ought to always attempt it out for size and convenience before you purchase it.

When purchasing a grass trimmer, in order to have the ability to select the right one for you, you need to know the classifications they’re divided in. The first department is according to power source, according to which, there are: gas, electric and battery grass trimmers.

Resemblances of Trimmers and Mowers

Mowers and trimmers are similar in that they keep lawns and grass looking their best. They are both indispensable tools for appropriate DIY and expert yard care. Both allow you to keep your turf at the right height. Both help get rid of weeds. Both help to aerate turf to make it harder for pests and bugs to harbor in your yard.


In fact, it is easy to make a choice here: if you have a small lawn and no prospects for expansion, it is best to buy a grass trimmer. This will be convenient and profitable in all respects. If you have a large yard that should be cleaned of grass often and your finances are enough to buy a normal lawn mower, it is better to do this and not save money.

Again, if you are in doubt about the choice of equipment for cutting grass on the site, it makes sense to refer to the experience of neighbors and friends who have already made their choice. Their feedback and recommendations will be the best option for you when choosing between a grass trimmer and a lawn mower.

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