Best Smart Thermostat Reviews

Cash will likely be the driving need to purchase one of our best smart thermostats. That and minimizing your carbon footprint. And yes, you can accomplish both with an intelligent thermostat, which will make your investment doubly green, due to the fact that you’ll be reducing the amount of energy that you or your household consumes and all the while keeping more “green” in your pocket.

With that in mind, a clever thermostat is, well, clever, since it requires little to no input to operate. Nevertheless, if you do need to make adjustments to the timing or temperature level, you need to be able to do so via an app on your smartphone or tablet, or directly on the system via its touchscreen.

The best smart thermostat for numerous zones can automatically manage the heating and cooling to affect individual rooms that are inhabited. For a lot more automated efficiency, these devices will find out a few of your habits and automatically make changes to yield the best energy efficiency possible in your house, while keeping your comfort level. (And do not tell this to anybody who is especially severe about conserving energy, however they’re also a great deal of enjoyable to use!).

Nest Learning Thermostat (3rd Generation)

best smart thermostat reviews

Price: $249.00|Touchscreen: Yes|Smart Home Compatibility: Yes.

WHY IT ‘S A LEADING PICK: Sharp touch screen display offers this unit a remarkable look.

Nest was one of the first companies to use clever thermostat devices, and it continues to be at the top of the market. The third generation of the Nest Learning Thermostat is the latest variation, offering a sharper and bigger touchscreen display compared with its predecessor. It also utilizes the 5GHz band for Wi-Fi in an effort to avoid disturbance in the previously used 2.4 GHz band.

The Nest Learning Thermostat’s best function is its capability to make changes to the home’s energy effectiveness settings immediately, based upon the method you live. It will take a number of days for the thermostat to identify your patterns, but this feature makes being energy effective effortless.

Another new feature is the unit’s ability to find out when you’re home when you’re out, adjusting the settings to provide convenience when people remain in the home and energy cost savings when nobody is home. This device’s smartphone app and touchscreen interface are simple to use.

This Nest system will offer energy efficiency reports through the mobile app, calculating how much cash you’re saving. And it can inform you to any odd patterns in the efficiency of your heater or air conditioning unit.

The price for the Nest Learning Thermostat is at the luxury of the wise thermostat market, but it’s a strong performer. It likewise has Bluetooth and Zigbee abilities constructed into it, however neither is triggered currently, as Nest is consisting of these functions for possible future usage. Nest doesn’t have the individual room sensors that you’ll discover with the ecobee3, but this model is much easier to install yourself.

If you wish to compare Nest vs. programmable thermostats, Nest can set itself apart with the way the Nest Learning Thermostat works with other Nest products. If you have Nest Protect (smoke alarm), for instance, it can work with the thermostat to shut off the heating and cooling systems when you’re not home. Additionally, if it determines high levels of carbon monoxide gas or smoke it will shutdown your HVAC’s fan system in an effort to prevent spreading the harmful fumes. Alerts of high levels of CO or smoke will appear on the face of the thermostat too, along with through the mobile app.

And if you’re using Nest Cam, you can tell the electronic camera to start recording for purposes of home security whenever you set the Nest Learning Thermostat to the Away setting. Dozens of companies use hardware that will deal with the Nest system, such as door locks and home appliances.

ecobee3 Smarter Wi-Fi Thermostat

best smart thermostat reviews

Price: $249.00|Touchscreen: Yes|Smart Home Compatibility: Yes.

WHY IT ‘S A LEADING PICK: Numerous sensors enable temperature control in private rooms.

If your cooling and heating system has a hard time to keep all the rooms in your house at the exact same temperature level, the ecobee3 Smarter Wi-Fi Thermostat can assist you handle this issue.

This smart thermostat uses wireless sensing units in multiple rooms that get in touch with the main thermostat. These sensing units can figure out when a space is occupied and then adjust the temperature for the home up until the occupied room has reached the desired temperature level. So if cooking area is typically too hot, the system can decrease the temperature in the whole the home of compensate when you remain in the kitchen area (provided you have zones cooling/heating). If people are in multiple spaces, the system takes approximately the private rooms’ temperature levels to identify the best settings. By using the specific sensors in each space, the ecobee3 sets itself apart from the Next wise thermostat. Obviously, this aspect of the ecobee3 system is developed more for convenience level than energy effectiveness.

Installation of this device is more difficult than with some other clever thermostats, as you’ll need to link it to your home’s heating and air conditioning system’s C wire. (The C wire provides constant 24V power from the cooling and heating system to the thermostat; if your temperature level control system does not have a C wire, the setup ends up being more complex.) Other systems have built-in batteries. The ecobee3’s 3.5-inch touchscreen looks terrific with a sharp screen of 320 × 480 pixels. Or you can use the system’s mobile app for complete control from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

The ecobee3 will deal with a host of home automation choices, consisting of Apple HomeKit, Logitech Harmony, SmartThings, and Wink. The unit is likewise Zigbee suitable.

Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat with Voice Control

best smart thermostat reviews

Price: $225.00|Touchscreen: Yes|Smart Home Compatibility: Yes.

WHY IT ‘S A LEADING PICK: You can control temperature settings using voice commands with this unit.

The Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat with Voice Control’s touchscreen isn’t quite as smooth looking as some of its rivals. But at least you can control this clever thermostat with basic voice controls. Some people might seem like the voice control is more of a trick than an useful feature, but it can be a time-saving option versus older Honeywell smart thermostats. If you opt to use the touchscreen, the Honeywell design’s screen is sharp and responsive to commands. It’s also a bit larger than some of the other alternatives gone over previously. Like the ecobee3, setup of this model can be difficult, as you’ll have to link it to a C wire. If you make use of the Wink home automation system, this Honeywell design works.

Schneider Electric Wiser Air Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat

best smart thermostat reviews

Price: $212.00|Touchscreen: Yes|Smart Home Compatibility: No.

WHY IT ‘S A LEADING PICK: Includes app for communicating with energy company for best energy efficiency.

Schneider Electric has a strong app for use with its Wiser Air Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat, even permitting communication with the utility company when demand/response programs are in impact, offering guidance on when you can conserve money by changing your energy usage patterns. The touchscreen screen is a fair bit smaller sized than the total unit, which indicates it isn’t really as sharp looking as the Nest or ecobee3 alternatives. You likewise can use a feature called Convenience Boost with the Wiser Air system, which permits fast bursts of cooling or heating for a 15-minute duration, such as when you at first wake up in the early morning.

Sensi Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat (1F86U-42WF)

best smart thermostat reviews

Price: $129.00|Touchscreen: No|Smart Home Compatibility: No.

WHY IT ‘S A TOP CHOICE: Offers good set of basic thermostat controls at a low price point.

The Sensi Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat isn’t the most modern-day looking unit on our best wise thermostat list, however it is affordable compared to the others and does the basic job of monitoring and managing your home’s energy usage. This Sensi unit’s display screen is not touch-enabled, however it is easy to use, as is the smartphone app. Setup is simple too (with no C wire connection required). You won’t have the ability to create usage reports with this model, which makes it a little less attractive than the other smart thermostat options. It works with the Wink home automation system.

What to Look for in the Best Smart Thermostat

Energy Usage Reports: The primary need to buy a smart thermostat is to see your energy usage patterns, helping you to understand where you can save some loan. While every clever thermostat on this list can get in touch with a mobile app, allowing you to make changes to the unit’s settings remotely, not all them can generate beneficial reports.

Motion Sensors: The best smart thermostat for several zones is going to include motion sensing unit technology, which will figure out whether somebody is home, changing the cooling and heating settings instantly.

Style and Size: While it may seem ridiculous to worry about the style and size of a system you’re purchasing because of its technological advantages, the look of the device matters. After all, the thermostat for most people is located in a position in the home where it’s in continuous view. Although the appearance isn’t really the most essential factor in a smart thermostat, you will desire a good-looking unit that isn’t really too bulky.

Mistakes to Avoid

Not Using the Unit Correctly: The best smart thermostat for 2016 has a host of great functions, developed to assist you conserve energy in your home, while likewise residing in comfy temperature levels when you’re there. However they’re likewise much more expensive than a simple thermostat. Take the time to discover how to use all of the features of the wise thermostat you have actually picked, so you can receive the best worth for your loan.

Not Compatible with Existing Smart Home Automation Systems: If you have a clever home device or network already installed, you will want to select a smart thermostat that is compatible with it, so you can manage whatever at the same time. The compatibility choices for each wise thermostat constantly modification, so make sure to contact the maker’s Website for the latest list of compatible clever home devices.

Most Important Smart Thermostat Features

System Compatibility

  • While many heating & cooling systems will work with a lot of clever thermostat devices, if you have an older system, you might have incompatibility issues. The wise thermostat manufacturer ought to supply a list of compatible systems.


  • The size of the touchscreen can make it easier to make the changes you want to the unit’s settings. And a full color touchscreen will look better than a monochrome screen.

Size of System

  • Since the wise thermostat will be visible in your home, the size of the system is important. You do not desire something that’s too bulky or that looks out-dated.

Wireless Connection

  • The best clever thermostats will have the ability to make a wireless connection to your home Wi-Fi network, permitting them to send out and get information.
  • Some units likewise provide Bluetooth wireless connections for communicating with remote devices.

Mobile App

  • You can use a smartphone or mobile app to manage the clever thermostat’s settings from any location in the home or outside the home.

Motion Sensors

  • A movement sensor on the main thermostat system permits the system to sense when somebody is home, adjusting the heating and cooling systems appropriately.
  • Some clever thermostats offer additional sensing unit units, allowing for private room temperature measuring.

Smart Home Compatibility

  • If your smart thermostat can make a connection with your entire clever home network, each part will work much better.

Which Best Smart Thermostat Is Right For You?

The smartest method to select a smart thermostat is to discover an unit that has the features you desire and that can communicate with your present devices, such as your smartphone or clever home network. While every system on this list has some strengths, the best programmable smart thermostat choice for the majority of people almost always comes down to ecobee3 vs. Nest. Those two smart thermostats use the most functions, great mobile apps, helpful energy usage reports, and streamlined looking designs. However, they likewise carry prices that are at the luxury of the market, meaning you’ll have a large investment of money initially that you must receive back in energy cost savings within a year or 2.


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