Best Inflatable Boat for River Fishing

I’ll admit that I’m an inflatable boat junkie. I love inflatable boats. Why? Easy, inflatable boats are low-cost, versatile, portable and typically easy to set up. To puts it simply, the boats offer a wide variety of uses, from fishing to recreational floating on a Montana river. How huge of a junkie am I? I have 3 different inflatable boats, and just my budget plan and absence of storage area avoids me from having more.

About Inflatable Boat for River Fishing

Inflatable boats have come a long methods in their design, abilities and function. In the bad old days, it was all too typical to have an inflatable boat literally rip apart by the seams by summer season’s end. And if the boat didn’t rip apart, a fingernail, lost hook, coke can top or anything else that was vaguely sharp would puncture the fabric, resulting in irritating and often expensive repairs.

Well, those types of boats are still available. Wal-Mart still carries a big option of addict boats that will be lucky to survive a season on a pond, let alone a long voyage on a Montana river.

Thankfully, technology has struck the inflatable boat market the previous ten years. Today, there’s a big selection of high quality inflatable rafts, kayaks and canoes that can last years– while still being incredibly affordable.

This section of Big Sky Fishing will be everything about inflatable boats and will cover them in gory detail. This section will supply some helpful details for those looking for a boat – whether for fishing or basic recreational floating – however are puzzled by the terms, the various types of boats offered and the various functions each type of boat is best designed to do.

The Different Types of Inflatable Boats for River Fishing

There’s a wide range of different types of inflatable boats readily available today. These boats are available in a wide range of shapes, colors, sizes and rates. Because of this, boat shopping is typically a complicated and sometimes aggravating experience.

Best Inflatable Boat for River Fishing You Can Buy in 2016

There’s a wide range of different types of inflatable boats readily available today. These boats can be found in a wide range of shapes, colors, sizes and prices. Due to the fact that of this, boat shopping is frequently a confusing and often aggravating experience.

Sea Eagle 380 Explorer Kayak
Practically all inflatable kayaks consist of simply air and material, they are very comfortable and will not strain your butt or lower back when you fish for longer periods. Inflatable kayaks are easy to store, transportation and will hold the majority of your gear. Without any choice for motor installs (even though in some rare cases you will discover inflatable kayaks with the ability of taking smaller motors), you’ll be required to paddle to obtain to your location.

Sea Eagle 380x Explorer Kayak – Designed for Class IV whitewater the boat is self-bailing and has a big capability, too.

Sea Eagle 420 Explorer Kayak
We prefer to say that the majority of fishermen that use kayaks for river fishing are 99% fisherman and 1% kayaker. What we indicate by this is that it’s very common for a fisherman to buy an inflatable kayak simply since they have checked out that’s the best alternative.

Sea Eagle 420x Explorer Kayak – This is the “longer brother” of the 380 kayak listed above. Same design, just a bit larger and developed for 3 people. It also has a higher weight capability, allowing for more gear to be carried.

Sea Eagle 330 Kayak
If you’re going to be fishing in large open areas, that’s fine, however if you intend on paddling in more technical environment you’ll be astonished how much proper paddling techniques can help you. You’ll find out how to paddle more effectively and quicker, implying you’ll cover larger distances without exhausting yourself.

Sea Eagle 330 Kayak – This is an outstanding all-around kayak for most uses. Not for winter use or Class IV whitewater. However if you require a low-cost inflatable kayak, this is the one to get.

Good Inflatable Kayaks vs. Bad Inflatable Kayaks

There are two types of inflatable kayaks in this world today, great ones and bad ones. What is the difference in between the two? Simple, truly – construction. Good inflatable kayaks are boats that, with correct care, will quickly last a decade or more, even with substantial use. Meanwhile, a bad inflatable kayak will be lucky to last the summer, frequently requiring numerous spot jobs.

So, how bad are “bad inflatable kayaks?” Real bad. I understand. I’ve had numerous. These types of inflatable kayaks are normally purchased at mass marketers, like Wal-Mart, K-Mart, etc. They look nice out of the box. And they are low-cost, around $150 or so. Yet, like a horror movie that doesn’t expose the plot till the end of the film, these inflatable kayaks will rear up and show their unsightly side at times when you least anticipate or want it.

See, poor quality inflatable kayaks are vulnerable to rips in the seams of the boat. This is a very bad thing, because rips in the seams can not be properly repaired. Furthermore, the thin fabric on these boats will constantly get punctures. While these punctures are fairly easy to repair, it is still a pain trying to track them all down.

All said and done, conserve yourself some grief and get a good inflatable kayak, one that will last and that won’t require continuous tender-loving-care. If you simply need a inflatable kayak for the kids to paddle around on a small pond or something, well, these cheap inflatable kayaks might be just the ticket. However for any river floating use, especially uses that lead into remote areas, do not even think about using a cheap inflatable kayak.

Where to Buy Inflatable Boat for River Fishing

Offline, inflatable kayaks are widely discovered at huge box stores, such as Wal-Mart. However, fair caution here. The kayaks cost big box stores merely don’t last. While ok for the kids of tinker around with, most individuals quickly discover that these kayaks are more problems then they are worth. Much better quality kayaks are discovered at devoted water sports stores, along with high quality outdoor equipment shops such as REI (although selection has the tendency to be rather minimal).

Due to the lack of places to purchase quality inflatable kayaks, I generally suggest buying them online. And happily, there’s plenty of shops online that sell quality inflatable kayaks.

  • Sea Eagle – Manufacturer of a variety of high quality yet economical inflatable kayaks. The Explorer series is the high end kayak while the Sea Eagle 330/370 are perfect for basic leisure drifting.
  • NRS – NRS is the premiere outfitter for experiences that take place “on the water.” NRS has its own line of exploration quality kayaks. They likewise offer the excellent kayaks made by Aire, too.
  • Innova Kayaks – Innova manufacturers their own specialized line of inflatable kayaks. They have designs of kayaks for sea kayaking, solo paddlers, whitewater and easy flatwater paddling. Extremely high quality at remarkably economical prices.
  • REI – REI offers a wide array of quality inflatable kayaks not found somewhere else. Quality brand names sold at REI include Aire, Advanced Elements & AquaGlide.
  • Water Outfitters – Water Outfitters offers a variety of on-the-water products. For kayaks, they offer a mix of hard-shell leisure kayaks and some inflatable kayaks from Hobie.
  • Inflatable Kayaks at Amazon – Amazon brings a many varities of inflatable kayaks. Sadly, most (although not all) have the tendency to fall in the “less than ideal quality” classification. Still, if you require a kayak for the kids to play with at the regional pond, the kayaks at Amazon might work all right. Still, I motivate anyone reading this to invest a bit more money to buy a long-lasting and hassle-free kayak. For kids to play with, the Sea Eagle 330 is a tough kayak to beat in terms of price and capability, and is normally less than $100 more then the “bad kayaks” discovered at Wal-Mart and other big box shops.


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