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If you’re thinking about to train at home, you have to look into some home exercise equipment that enables you to do a fair variety of exercises so that you can train, basically, all the muscles of your body.

Training all your muscles similarly is very important. You can’t think about exercising only your chest and biceps for example.

That is simply going to give you problems in the future.

If you work out your chest however overlook your back guess what, your body will curve forward due to the fact that your back muscles cannot compensate your pectorals mass.

So think about training every part of your body, or at least the most important parts:

  • Chest
  • Back
  • Legs
  • Core
  • Arms
  • Shoulders

and get the required home workout equipment.

“Must Have” Home Workout Equipment

All of us know, basically, what exercises we can do with no equipment, right? Here are some immediate workouts that come to my mind:

  • Sit ups
  • Rise and close hands rise
  • Body weight crouches
  • Body weight lunges

however clearly it’s not adequate to cover most of our muscles.

But if you cannot pay for to get a fitness center subscription, or do not have time, or for whatever reason your only alternative is exercising at home, you do not actually require very much to get in shape.

I ‘d state that you actually need is:

  • A pair of dumbbells
  • A workout bench

and all the rest is a “plus”.


With dumbbells you can pretty much do all sort of exercises, you do not even require a barbell. You would get a barbell simply as a variation.

Obviously at the health club you wish to use both because they make your muscles work differently, but at home, we want the basic equipment.


I did some research, and I have dumbbells and exercise bench myself, and based on my experience I would recommend you to get adjustable dumbbells.

It’s a pair of dumbbells where you change the weight with the turn of a dial.

The 2nd best solution is adjustable cast iron dumbbells where you change the weight by loading/unloading actual plates. You have to buy the weights that you need.

Exercise Bench

I stated you should obtain an exercise bench too. I believe it’s a need to have, a minimum of since it enables you to do your exercises in a flat, likely and declined position.

With a bench you can do exercises that it would be difficult to do, like:

  • Flat/incline/decline dumbbell bench press
  • Decrease stay up
  • Leg raises
  • Slope dumbbell bicep curls
  • Incline one arm shoulder lateral raises

and numerous others like one arm rows and tricep dips that you might also do using a chair.

When you buy a bench ensure the frame is steady and the pads are soft enough to be comfy.

There are several types of exercise bench that you can pick from. The one above is one of my favorites, it’s a Bowflex, and it costs more than 100$, depending on where you purchase it.

There are others that are less expensive but likewise the quality is proportioned.

Home Gyms for Home Workout Equipment

Home fitness centers are great and offer the possibility to do many exercises like leg extensions and curls that you cannot finish with a bench and dumbbells.

A lot of home fitness centers have a vertical bench and seat, and almost all of them include:

  • Seated bench press
  • Seated chest flys
  • Lat pulldown
  • Seated leg extension
  • Standing leg curls
  • Preacher bench for bicep curls

and work with cable televisions and a stack of weights.

I owned two home gyms so far and I was extremely happy with both, specifically with the 2nd, that I like by the method.

My first home health club was a Marcy Home Gym, this is it:

The only muscles that I couldn’t train with this home health club were my shoulders. Yes they work a little bit when you do chest press, however that’s inadequate in my viewpoint.

In fact benefiting from the low wheel I might do front raises and one arm lateral raises, however I like to have the ability to do shoulder press.

Now I own a Bowflex Blaze that I absolutely love.

With this one I can do any workout I desire, including:

  • Squat
  • Leg press
  • Bent over rows
  • Deadlifts
  • Rowing

Here is my new gem:

A home gym is not a should have to train at home, let’s be clear.

It’s just that typically it happens that you begin with dumbbells and bench … then you wish to be able to do more, specifically when you see a home health club put together and all set to be checked at the shop, or if you see one at your friend’s house.

Now that I have it I couldn’t do without. And I like the fact that when, for some reasons, I cannot go to the health club I have all the home workout equipment that I have to effectively replace a gym exercise session.

The flexibility of a Bowflex is awesome. Who developed it had such an excellent concept, likewise “engineering speaking”.

Best thing ever? I can fold it up when I don’t use it, and it actually occupies something like 3 square feet!

Other Home Workout Equipment Accessories

Once you have dumbbells, a bench and … possibly … even a home fitness center I would state you are missing out on nothing, you have a lot more than you need.

This holds true for men, mostly. Normally girls don’t care about heavy weights, benches, home fitness centers etcetera …

If you do not want anything of the above (I comprehend that not everybody has even the space for it) here is another great innovation that can help you exercise extremely well: resistance bands.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are such a simple home exercise equipment.

Light, you can keep them anywhere, they don’t occupy space at all. It’s simply a rubber band with a manage (or handgrip nevertheless you call it) at each end.

This is a timeless resistance band set:

You cannot believe how many exercises you can do with resistance bands, and they’re great.

You can even do squats and rowing!

Resistance bands are a truly intriguing home exercise equipment option for all the exercises that you can do with them, for the irrelevant price and storage space needed.

If you desire you can also get a door accessory which I find really beneficial. If you connect the resistance band to a door you can use it as a wheel.

Pull Up Bar

Pull up bars are for heavy exercise. you need to be strong to lift yourself just with your arms (okay actually you use your lats more than your biceps).

However it can likewise be used for leg raises to work your core.

They generally are connected on a doorway, but some can simply be screwed onto the wall:

Bring up bars work for:

  • Pull ups
  • Chin ups
  • Leg raises

Few exercises I understand, but they’re hard! And they’re compound exercises. I would not get simply a pull up bar if I had to choose. I think it’s more a device than a “must have” home exercise equipment.


Another piece of home exercise equipment that is ending up being a growing number of popular nowadays is kettlebell.

Kettlebells are nothing more than a cast iron ball with a manage on the leading and they’re used for weight lifting exercises.


I’ve never had kettlebells in my home, but I heard terrific aspects of them. A minimum of I know that they’re proven to promote your whole body workout.

Exercises with kettlebells, in truth, normally include more than one muscle group, and are effective for constructing strength and endurance. In specific kettlebell exercises can reinforce you core fast due to the fact that it’s almost always involved, and obviously grip.


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