Best Blender Reviews

Best Blender Reviews

Any excellent chef, professional or amateur, knows that the best blender can be can be a vital tool in crafting the ideal, well balanced meal. In truth, a mixer can be used in a range of capabilities, consisting of meal preparation, crafting mouth watering frozen drinks, making green healthy smoothies, or perhaps making your own internal rice flour. Or perhaps you simply want the best blender for crushing ice. And it’s since of these needs I selected the following best mixers. All of which are well made, powerful mixers that can perform again and once again in a variety of situations.

Which’s why our # 1 choice is the Blendtec Designer 725 mixer. It might be pricey, but it’s well worth the added cost, as this blender will last not only the test of time, but provides the greatest level of versatility of any blender in the world today. It boasts 3.8 hp, permitting it to quickly tear through fibrous material, such as kale, and is strong enough to convert ice cubes into snow. To that end, the Designer 725’s blades are dull to the touch and the include 5 sided jar makes sure a practically ideal blend each time, be it soup, healthy smoothies, ice cream, or anything in between.

So with that in mind, do not extra insufficient cost on a best mixer. If you go inexpensive (less than $100), you’ll likely be tossing it in the garbage not long from purchase. Thus resulting in you investing more loan, as you’ll definitely wish to upgrade to among my leading choices below.

How We Choose the Best Blender for 2017

When it concerns mixers and what sets the excellent apart from the bad, there are a couple of crucial functions that every high-grade model needed to have in order to make our yearly list. First, we didn’t choose blenders that had containers with less than a minimum of 32oz of capacity, because although this is lots of area for your early morning shake, when it comes to making a great deal of drinks for a celebration or blending a big pot of soup at dinner, you’re going to desire at least 32oz, if not 64oz or above.

Next was the power of the motor. For this list we just considered mixers that had at least 1400-watts or more, since in our testing and individual experiences with the blender this was the minimum amount necessary to obtain truly well-blended smoothies and other recipes in a minute or less of blending time. Mentioning blending time, programmable features were a plus on a few of the designs we checked, however not a need to for others when it pertained to picks like the Vitamix. If you’re not confident in your ability to guage when a particular drink is blended to perfection you’ll probably want to stick to designs like the Blendtec and pre-programmed blend patterns that change depending upon the food you prepare to make.

How simple a blender is to clean is a huge deal for the daily healthy smoothie connoisseur, due to the fact that as anybody who’s ever made one can inform you: the longer you let them sit, the more difficult they are to clean up. We looked at blenders that didn’t have a great deal of nooks or crannies on their panels that could gather dirt with time, in addition to sealed blade housing jars that let you put simply a bit of warm water and a pump of soap inside and spin it once to obtain the entire container tidy in less than 30 seconds.

Last was the extra devices, which we could take or leave ourselves, however understand that lots of people want to have a mixer that can double as a Magic Bullet and a food processor all from the exact same base. This is where the Nutri Ninja actually outperforms the rest, thanks to the addition of quick and simple to-go cups that attach right to the base. This makes it so you can fill up your components the night before in the refrigerator, pop it on in the morning, and get the rest of your day all set while your healthy smoothie auto-makes itself in the background.

Unfortunately all the mixers on this list are exceptionally loud (some louder than others, however all will still suffice to get up sleeping housemates/family members), so how they registed in decibel levels wasn’t truly a fair metric to make them stick by.

Why You Need a New Blender

Three words: power, toughness, and adaptability. Sure, you could invest $50 on a cheap-O mixer and make some still-slightly-chunky healthy smoothies for a few months, however with daily use you can anticipate the parts to break quickly, and unless you register for the extended warranty you’ll probably find yourself right back in the checkout line costs another $50 prior to the year is out.

With these blenders although the in advance cost might be a little a sticker shock, they more than quickly pay for themselves in the long run thanks to industry-leading dependability and high-quality parts that will not snap in half after the second time you put them to great use.

Last there’s the problem of versatility, which alternatives like the Nutri Ninja have in spades. This is a blender that also works as a food processor in a pinch, thanks to the attachable bowl which puts all the exact same power in, but with a slightly different blade setup so you can whip up dishes like pico de gallo or guacamole without turning all the active ingredients to mush. You’re certainly not going to discover those sort of choices on a sub-$ 100 blender, so with that out of the way let’s get on to the picks!

Blendtec Designer 725 Blender– Editor’s Choice/Best Smoothie Blender

Best Blender Reviews

Price: $659|Motor: 3.8 HP|Guarantee: 8 Years

WHY IT ‘S A TOP CHOICE: Powerful, simple to tidy and flexible.

I examined the Blendtec Designer 725 in 2015 and loved my mixing experience. It’s pricey, yes, but for that you get among the best blenders money can buy. Additionally, it’s seems like it’s built to survive a fight.

The base is powered by a 3.8 hp motor, which suffices to power a small car, (a very little car). Seriously, this thing can slice through even the most demanding of products, quickly squashing ice to snow cone quality, lowering rice to flour and eliminating even the hardest of foods, consisting of Kale and those equivalent in fiber.

Additionally, all of its buttons are capacitive and backlit, making them not just simple to check out at a glimpse, however even easier to clean free of spilled smoothies, shakes or protein powder. And about those buttons: they’re each configured to perform a particular job, such as create a healthy smoothie, ice cream, frozen drinks soup, and even tidy the blender– just add warm water and a drop or 2 of dish washing liquid. Finally, that slider you see is efficiently a power knob, allowing you to manually manage blends. It can likewise be set to “pulse” which enables you to tap your finger on and off for quick bursts of power.

And if that does not convince you, Blendtec has loaded this blender with Smart Blend technology, which identifies any issues with the mix then informs the user, by means of the LCD screen, to fix them. However, in my time using this mixer, I have actually never had one concern or one blend that didn’t turn out right. And it’s so powerfu and quickly, this blender can both make and warm up the soup just by spinning its super safe blades.

Still do not think me, just ask the folks at Blendtec, who have blended everything from brooms to iPhones. Seriously, have a look at their YouTube channel.

Included is Blendtec’s patented Wildside (5 sides) jar that negates the need to press blender contents down (plus ensures a more even blend) and an 8-year service warranty. If you’re interested in making rice or almost flour, I recommend picking up the Blendtec Twister Jar.

Note: Blendtec blades are not sharp to the touch, making them additional safe, though when powered on it won’t matter.

Vitamix 7500 Blender– Best Blender for Juicing

Best Blender Reviews

Price: $479|Motor: 2.2 HP|Guarantee: 7 Years

WHY IT ‘S A TOP CHOICE: Easy to use and power beyond reason.

Thanks to a 2.2 hp motor and ultra simple to use controls, Vitamix’s 7500 blender makes our list as number 2. In truth, one of the factors it ranks 2 in my book is merely due to the fact that the controls are a bit too easy.

However, a low profile 64-oz jar (just 17.5-inches high– 3 less than the Vitamix 5200) makes it easy to keep this blender and due to the streamlined controls, simple to run, particularly in high pressure situations, such as dining establishments. At complete power the blades can whirl at 270-mph, enabling the Vitamix 7500 to crush, pulverize and blend even the most tough of foods. And on that note, Vitamix has actually lowered the dB output of this model, compared to the previous 5200 model, by a tremendous 40%. Simply puts, the Vitamix 7500 is much quieter than its predecessor.

Both expert chefs and weekend kitchen area warriors will enjoy the Vitamix 7500’s simplified controls. The left switch pulses contents, the right starts and stop blends, and the center dial increases or decreases the blender’s power making it simple to accomplish the right mix be it thick, thin or crushed.

Three colors are offered, consisting of white, black and red, all of which include a 7-year warranty.

Oster Versa– Best Budget Blender

Best Blender Reviews

Price: $190|Motor: 1400 watts|Service warranty: 7 Years

WHY IT ‘S A TOP PICK: Priced right for its power and size.

With excellent scores on Amazon (4.5 stars) it’s difficult to not ignore Oster’s Versa blender. Under the proverbial hood is a 1400-watt motor, and consisted of is a BPA complimentary 64-oz container that just like the Vitamix, is low profile.

Controls consist of a variable speed dial, pulse control, and three presets that consist of smoothies, dips/spreads, and soup. There is likewise a variable speed control in case you’re looking for included control beyond a couple of setting– this is key if you’re producing texture oriented recipes.

The stainless-steel blades spin at over 250 mph (thanks to the 1400 watt motor), which is ample power to pulverize fiber abundant veggies, crush ice, and even make a butter nut squash soup.

And worry not about longivity. As Oster has actually forgone the standard plastic connecting pieces, and instead has actually changed them with metal, making sure that you can blend when you need to … whenever.

The Oster Versa is on the low end of the price spectrum of my choices, yet it still includes a 7-year guarantee and 2 cookbooks.

Cleanblend– Best Blender for the Money

Best Blender Reviews

Price: $199|Motor: 3HP|Warranty: 5 Years

WHY IT ‘S A LEADING PICK: Similar power for less money than the big brand names.

Need power and not excessive cost? Cleanblend’s Industrial blender has it, supplying 3hp of raw power at your finger ideas. That ought to suffice power to chop through just about anything you can toss in it, consisting of ice, frozen fruit, leafy greens, and can even make soups from scratch.

The blade assembly is made of food grade Japanese stainless-steel, indicating it will last the test of time, and will likely far exceed this blender’s warranty of 5-years. The founders state their blender uses the same functions and power as the competition (here’s looking at Blendtec and Vitamix) but at less than half the price.

And of note, Cleanblend guarantees that their 64-oz container is BPA totally free (essentially solid) which all their blenders parts that touch food, juice, or ice are developed from food grade products. As a bonus offer Cleanblend includes a tamper wand, totally free of charge, which is great for safely pushing down frozen fruit and other food that doesn’t constantly reach the blade.

This is our pick for best blender for the money, though bear in mind the 64-oz jar is too big for many countertop with cabinets. And the power is not fair to that of the Blendtec in spite of the spec. I understand, I have actually checked it, comparing crushed ice and kale to that of Blendtec and Cleanblend, while admirable could not keep up.

Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ Blender Kitchen System– Best Personal Blender

Best Blender Reviews

Price: $235.00|Service warranty: 2 Years

WHY IT ‘S A LEADING CHOICE: An excellent mixer that exceeds the mixer.

The Ninja Ultima Cooking area is my bang for buck choice. Not just does it include a 1500-watt, 3HP motor, but it consists of an XL 8-cup food processing bowl and two Nutri Ninja cups with sip and seal lids. That and a recipe book to help you get going.

Much like the Vitamix, running this mixer is easy when you desire it to be with the option of using just power, start/stop, and pulse– but that’s not the only technique it’s got up its sleeve. The Auto-iQ system makes it easy and simple to quickly whip up a smoothie with the press of a button, or get the most out of your salsa with its pre-programmed mix patterns. These take the uncertainty from mixing, and make sure that you wind up with a constant, tasty item each time without fail.

The only downside to the Ninju Ultima is that the maker only provide a 2-year guarantee, which is less than half the time of all the above picks. That said, this is one of the best blenders for green shakes.

Key Factors and Features to an Good Blender

Construct Quality: If you’re not familiar with mixers this one is simple over look. Particularly when you’re simply comparing them on paper. However it’s generally not up until you get a mixer home do you recognize how inexpensive the base is, or how low quality the products are. For example, the rubber needs to last the test of time, consisting of dish washing cycles. You need to also be able to some what mindlessly toss the jar into the sink and not stress that the blade or bottom will break or break.

Guarantee: An excellent service warranty that exceeds two years is almost a must. The majority of my picks, other than for one, offer a 5-year or more guarantee. Hopefully you never ever have to use it, but if you do, you’ll be pleased you have it, especially if you’re utilizing this mixer in a commercial capacity.

Alleviate of Use: Don’t put too much stock in functions. Yes, I like the Blendtec Designer 625 and the ability to hit a button that instantly pulses, and increase or reduces speed. But when you take a look at the mixer, at the core is a fairly simple set of alternatives, consisting of power and pulsing. You’ll likewise wish to think of how easy it is to clean up a mixer. The Designer 625’s buttons and mostly the base is sealed, making it not more than a few wipes away from tidy.

Blade: You’ll desire durable blades. Stainless take is a requirement, as they’ll resist disintegration. I specific like Blendtec’s blade setup. To begin with, it’s not sharp. Second, the whole blade system is sealed into the base of the jar, lowering any risk for contamination. To clean it, you simply need to add soap, warm water, and run it through the cleansing cycle, or put it on a mid to high speed.

Heat Output: Some mixers, thanks to their effective engines, have a tendency to obtain very hot and potentially over heat. I’ve never ever had this occur with my Blendtec, but nor am I utilizing it in an industrial scenario. So pay close attention to this and if you prepare to use this mixer in your dining establishment, ensure that it can withstand the rigors of heavy meal preparation or production.

Mistakes to Avoid

Over Looking Sound: All mixers, one way or another are loud. It’s simply exceptionally tough, almost difficult, to make them quiet. So do not let tranquility be a guiding force. If you’re really fretted about noise, you may wish to upgrade to Blendtec’s Professional 800 series, which includes a cover that houses the whole container and decreases the dB output quite a bit.

Avoiding a High Price: Face it. A great blender will be pricey. As will any piece of cooking area gadgetry. However in this case it will last you, as evidenced by their determination to use warranties that exceed that of 1 year. But as I already specified, if you cheap out, you’ll be paying for it, both in cooking success (or lack there of) and by having to purchase yet another mixer.

Specs Are Whatever: Specifications are simply the tip of the ice berg. Which is to state, not all 3HP mixers are equivalent. Consider instance the Blendtec vs the Cleanblend. The Blendtec, while more pricey, and apparently offers the exact same specification, is in fact more effective and capable at pulverizing kale and transforming ice to snow. Yes, snow!

Which Blender is Right For Me

This list consists of a fairly wide spectrum of prices. For some, it comes simply down to energy and simplicity. Vitamix strikes that mark in spades, yet it lacks the functions of the Blendtec. That in mind, the Blendtec is maybe best for the cook who is new to mixing, as the preprogrammed buttons eliminate a variable from the equation and may result in more success in cooking/blending. And right in the middle of those two are either the other 3, with Cleanblend offering what is a solid product and a good little guy story (it was begun of a San Diego garage similar to Amazon).


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