Blender for smoothies and desserts

For smoothies you can use an immersion blender. He easily copes with the grinding of fruit, but the problem with such a unit is that it does not grind all the pieces well enough and can dirty everything around, if it will be immersed in a container without a lid.

A blender is a kitchen appliance for chopping food. With it you can easily make a puree, porridge, mousse, smoothie or smoothie. It is a great home helper for any housewife who loves to cook. Today let’s talk about how to choose the right blender for smoothies.

Before you choose a blender, it is worth deciding on the model that will be most convenient to use at home. Smoothies are made very simply, but that smoothie, which you can try in a cafe, is most often made on a large industrial blender. Such a device has a large size and consumes a lot of electricity.

To create cocktails and desserts, you can choose a hand blender with a cup designed for this purpose, but because of its small volume you will not get more than one portion at a time.

Combination blender (combination of immersion and stationary) comes with several attachments, and one of them will be ideal for making various desserts, smoothies, purees, etc. The only problem with such a model is the high price, so it is not reasonable to buy a combination blender for smoothies. There are other combined models – blender-compressor, blender-mixer – with which you can prepare a smoothie.

A stationary unit is excellent not only for making desserts, but also for other dishes, including smoothies. Care for such a blender is simple, you only need to rinse it under running water.

Chosing of blenders for smoothies

It is clear that it is best to choose a stationary version, then it will be much easier to make a smoothie, but it is necessary to take into account the following characteristics:

  1. One of the most important indicators – the power of the machine. Large power and the ability to adjust it, indicates that the blender is able to cope with a large number of tasks. In the case where the smoothie will be prepared from soft products (fruit, cottage cheese, ice cream, etc.), a model with low power will be enough. Such a machine may spend more time for cooking, but it is not so tangible. And if you plan to use nuts, frozen fruit, etc., you should take a model with more power.
  2. Size and depth of the bowl. For cooking large portions or several at once, it is best to choose a voluminous bowl, so that you do not have to make several runs. Choosing a bowl, you must remember that its nominal volume will be less by 7 oz (200 grams), since it cannot be loaded to the top.
  3. Material. Pay attention to what material all parts and parts are made of. The bowl can be plastic, glass, less often wooden. The latter is very impractical, although environmentally friendly and durable. A glass bowl is very convenient to use, but it is easy to break. As for the plastic, it is durable, but it has the ability to absorb foreign odors, so you should wash it carefully. You should also pay attention to the knives – they should be made of stainless steel.
  4. Variety of functions. It is not necessary to focus exclusively on multifunctional and “smart” devices. It is enough to choose the blender, which will have several speeds and will be able to crush ice.
  5. The presence of additional attachments. In this case, the choice should be made based on your own preferences. For example, some people like to add nuts to smoothies, so a special chopper attachment will be more than relevant in this case.

Top 5 best smoothies making blenders for 2024

For making smoothies are ideal for the following machines, which made the list of the best, in terms of quality and price range:

  1. Ninja BL610 Professional
  2. Hamilton Beach Power Elite
  3. NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z Blender Combo
  4. Ninja NJ601AMZ Professional
  5. Vitamix VM0197 Explorian

Despite this, the choice should be based entirely on your own preferences. Only in this case it will be possible to choose a device that meets all the requirements. Some of the presented models have additional features, due to which their cost may increase.

Additional features

Pulse mode. Blender for smoothies with the presence of such a mode will easily process solid products, such as ice, nuts, coffee beans. Activation occurs by pressing and holding the start button.

Turbo mode. This function allows for a short time interval to increase the speed of the machine. Often it is used for mixing cocktails or at the end of cooking in order to quickly complete it. This mode is also very useful for pureeing soft and boiled foods for children.

Ice maker mode. It depends on two factors: the strength of the blades and the strength of the bowl. This function can be implemented both in stationary models, and in submerged models, although in the latter less often. For making cocktails, this function will simply be indispensable, but in this case, the blender must have a power above 400 W.

Keep in mind that chopping ingredients such as seeds or nuts in a regular bowl is quite problematic, because they will stick to the edges and fly in all directions.

What’s the difference between a classic blender and a smoothie blender?

A typical blender may combine fruits, vegetables, ice, and liquids, among other things. It is great for processing tough meals because to its large pitcher and powerful motor. Smoothie blenders, on the other hand, are designed specifically for mixing smoothie components. It has a smaller pitcher and is less powerful, but it works well for blending smoothies and soft fruits and vegetables. Pre-set programs and specialised blades are common characteristics of current blenders built exclusively for creating smoothies.

Can you use a regular blender for smoothies?

A regular blender can be used to make smoothies, but it will not mix as smoothly as a high-speed blender. Blend your smoothie for a longer period of time and use softer fruits and veggies to ensure it is smooth. It’s also a good idea to slice your items into tiny bits before combining them. If you plan on making smoothies on a frequent basis, investing in a high-speed blender may be worthwhile in the long term.


Summarizing the above information, it is safe to say that it is the classic stationary blenders are most suitable for making smoothies. Moreover, their cost is much lower than other models, because in the package there are no special attachments, which in fact are not needed for the preparation of this dessert.