Who Needs Dedicated Servers

Switching to a dedicated server is a must and not just an expensive option for a webmaster/website owner. Renting such a server is a new step in the growth of your website.In today’s realities, which are dictated by search engines placing a website on the right dedicated server this is half the success, a new leap forward in the race for leadership with your competitors.

Further in the article I will consider in more detail all the nuances of the solution of this issue.

Which websites should move to a dedicated server in 2024

There are a number of reasons why there is a need for a dedicated server. Among the main ones are the following:

  • Traffic. A large number of visitors to the site;
  • Overloads. Because of the high load, the resource is regularly shut down;
  • Voluminosity. The site is stored a large number of voluminous files;
  • “Weight of the site”. The resource refers to the entertainment theme, filled with game, video or movie content;
  • High demands. The site quickly exhausts its allotted resources before their renewal.

In addition, some hosting companies can independently notify the user in advance and give him a recommendation to use the service VPS hosting.

What is the optimal bandwidth for a dedicated server?

What is the optimal bandwidth for a dedicated server? As you know, the main criterion will be the content of the website. If you have textual information (e.g. news site, forum, etc.), the bandwidth of 1gbps server will be enough.

However, if the project includes a lot of demanded media content, it is better to choose 4, 8 or 10gbps dedicated server. This option is more suitable for such tasks. In any case, I recommend you to consult both with an independent expert and with the hosting provider from whom you are going to rent a server.

What are the benefits of dedicated servers?

In addition to the fact that dedicated servers help solve the problem, they also provide the user with a number of advantages. Among the main positive aspects of their use can be distinguished:

  • Convenience. The user is fully in control of both the technical and software components;
  • Safety. Increased safety of the site and independence;
  • Management. It’s possible to configure the server for individual needs;
  • SOFTWARE. Possibility to use any software;
  • Protection. Virtually complete invulnerability to hacker attacks;
  • Uptime. Dedicated servers are not only able to withstand significant loads, but also have a longer rate of continuous operation;
  • Due to these advantages VPS hosting, that is, the provision of dedicated servers is a popular but expensive service.

Using a separate physical machine is more complicated, demanding and expensive than standard hosting. Therefore, it is not suitable for everyone, both in terms of technical considerations, as well as the banal value of the budget.

Disadvantages of dedicated servers

It would be more correct to call this subitem “features” of such servers, as they are. However, for unprepared users, they can be disadvantages. Among the main points they would name: the price, the complexity of management, the need for their own technical team.

My experience of switching from shared hosting to a dedicated server

Who Needs Dedicated Servers

I want to point out that having your own technical team is not the only option if you need a dedicated server for your website(s). I will tell you from my own experience how I switched to renting my own server.

I myself do not have skills of a server administrator, so for a long time his projects were kept on a shared hosting. However, more and more often I faced with the problem of load on hosting and downtime. A friend, who is a certified server administrator, came along and I decided to consult with him. It turned out all is not so hard and scary 👍. He set up a server for me and more than a year there is no reason to ask for help from the administrator, as everything works “like clockwork”.

Yes, I would not advise you to go to a freelancer, as there is a risk of data loss, hacking sites and other problems. However, if you have an administrator you know and can trust, then moving to a dedicated server will not be as big a problem as it seems.

Selection criteria

If you have a site with impressive attendance or it is filled with voluminous media content, the question of when a dedicated server will be needed for the site will arise sooner or later. At this point, you only need to make the right choice on the criteria:

  • Virtual or physical server. In the first case, the client gets less worries, but loses in comfort and freedom of action.
  • Operating system. Windows supports many applications, but Linux will be easier to program.
  • Configuration. The technical parameters of the equipment directly affect the speed of the site and many other characteristics.
  • Uptime. The Uptime indicator is one of the most important, both for the site owner and his visitors.
  • Location. The geographical location of the server has an impact on the speed of the site, the convenience of visitors and other factors.
  • Price. Cheap this service can not be by definition, but to claim a discount is always possible.
  • Backup. The backup function will make it possible to restore the latest version of the site and database in case of failure.

Focusing on these criteria, everyone can choose the appropriate option.