How to Increase Sales on Amazon in 2024

One of the most suitable platforms for this is Amazon. In order for your products to sell successfully, you need to know how the system works and what are the most effective ways to increase sales on Amazon in 2024.

More than 310 million potential customers from all over the world see the products presented on it.

80% of the success of work on this platform depends on proper promotion: generating content, advertising, collecting reviews, and popularizing the brand. It is not enough to fill out a listing and deliver products to the warehouse. Today let’s break down what are the ways to promote on “Amazon”.

How Amazon’s search algorithm works

Amazon is different from most other similar sites for its perfect search, which selects goods as precisely as possible under requests. The number of queries on the marketplace exceeds even the figures of Google.

This search algorithm is an A9 system, which starts working even before a query is entered into the search box. The system indexes the texts of internal stores and cards, analyzes them based on the composition of the traffic and forms an individual package of offers for a particular visitor. As a result, the user sees relevant cues in the box at the moment he or she enters a query.

Based on revenue figures from the first click, the algorithm associates key queries with relevant positions in the catalog. Search results are generated organically.

Suppose a customer entered “Game console” into the search box. If he buys a product from the first page of results, and the title or description of the card will have this keyword phrase, the seller will rise in the rankings. The rest will remain in the same place.

It follows that the best way to start is organic promotion. Particular attention should be paid to the collection of a semantic core and high-quality SEO-optimization of all posted texts.

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Internal optimization

Amazon - increase sales

The first thing to do for the organic promotion is to gather and compile a complete list of relevant keywords in your topic.

Selected phrases can be used in:

  • product name;
  • short wording on the first screen;
  • detailed descriptions;
  • Image captions;
  • titles of video reviews;
  • testimonials;
  • question and answer boxes.

But you should keep in mind that Amazon’s algorithms do not welcome excessive spamming. It is important to maintain a balance. Texts should be concise, but also fully characterize the product.

We recommend adhering to these points to boost sales:

  • include only one main key phrase or word in the headline;
  • Place truthful information;
  • do not overuse search terms in the description;
  • Do not separate keywords with punctuation marks;
  • do not replace relevant phrases with synonyms or misspellings.

When creating a listing, you should focus first on buyer convenience, and then on Amazon’s algorithms. Do not forget to add high-quality photos, current price tags, technical specifications, videos, a brief and complete description of the product. A card that maximally reveals all the features of the presented product, speeds up the decision-making process and rises in the search results.

Individually for each platform user recommendations are formed in the system to improve the account. They can be viewed in the section Listing Enhancements in the Inventory tab of the personal account.

Paid options for promotion in Amazon

Promote your brand as a whole or specific products on the platform. To do this, there are different advertising tools.

Sponsored Products Ads

SPA – a way to advertise individual products on Amazon.

Ads in this case are shown in search results when the user searches for a similar product. They are marked with the Sponsored icon.

Creatives can pop up in detail tabs when clicking on an item or as a banner next to the reviews block.

You cannot change the location of ad creatives. They are determined by the system. Practice shows that the most clickable ads are those which are placed at the top of the search.

Campaigns can be automatic or manual. Automatic targeting is set up by the system itself, while manual targeting is set up by the seller, who selects the type of targeting, sets up the keywords and sets the rate.

This method is suitable for both novice sellers who do not yet have any traffic at all, and for experienced partners of the marketplace who want to increase their coverage. One ad showcases one specific product.

This format increases demand, attracts traffic well, and helps retain interest in the product and brand.

It works like this:

  • there is an increase in traffic;
  • sales increase;
  • goods go up in the search rankings;
  • the reach grows;
  • the offer stands out among competitors.

In order for buyers to see Products Ads, the product must have a Buy Box button. It is possible to get it if the seller works under the FBA scheme, has a professional account and provides quality customer service. Obligatory criteria are also the novelty and availability of the product. The exact mechanism of getting the button is unknown. It passes on the platform from one seller to another.

The SPA is paid by the pay-per-click model. If at the end of the advertising does not bring sales, then there is a possibility that the product is not in demand on Amazon. In this case, it is worth reconsidering the range and perhaps choose a new niche.

Sponsored Brands

Sponsored Brands is another kind of ad that showcases up to 3 products and a brand logo. The main purpose of such a campaign is to increase awareness. In addition, it informs the audience about new products, promotes seasonal products, increases demand for best-selling products, and attracts new customers.

The principle of the tool:

  • the salesperson sets up the campaign;
  • prescribes keywords for targeting;
  • When entering the appropriate search terms, platform visitors see the Sponsored Brands block;
  • If a customer clicks on a logo, he is redirected to a store page or a separate landing page, if any;
  • When a visitor clicks on a product he is redirected to the card.

Payment is made on the PPC model. That is, the advertiser pays per click. In the setup process, you can set the budget and select the maximum allowable rate.

Ads in this advertising campaign are placed in several places: on the left of the search results, at the top or bottom of the search.

The most effective place for advertising – the top of the output, because it is this part of the user sees when searching in the first place. Often the conversion rate of the top ads is much higher.

The Sponsored Brands tool is only for brand owners and manufacturer retailers.

Advertisers must meet the following requirements:

  • Have an active professional account on Amazon;
  • Offer U.S. shipping;
  • Provide a list of products in one or more of the categories available.

Ads work for most categories on the marketplace.

Display Ads

Display Ads are CPM ads that pay per 1,000 impressions. It is displayed not only on Amazon, but also on external sites.

The new advertising tool provides 2 types of ads:

  1. Video ads. There are standalone videos (outstream) and video ads that are part of another video (instream). The first type of video ad lasts 15-30 seconds, the second lasts up to 3 minutes.
  2. Display ads. Displayed in different sizes on desktop and mobile devices. Can include rich content, including audio and video. They look like banners, mobile interstitials with a CTA-button that adjusts to the size of the screen.

The ads work on the principle of retargeting, interacting with users who have already shown interest in the product. For example, have visited a marketplace site or a specific store on Amazon, viewed a product listing, but have not purchased anything.

There is also another advertising strategy, which aims to increase brand awareness. It reaches new users who have not yet shown interest in the offer. This strategy works well for Google Ads.

This method of promotion is not appropriate to use at the start. It is designed for a more advanced business with a large advertising budget.

Participating in Amazon promotions

Promotions are an effective tool for increasing sales. One of the most popular promotions on the marketplace is the major annual Amazon Prime Day sale. It is held every summer and is a great opportunity for marketplace sellers. In 36 hours of action you can significantly increase coverage and profits, improve reputation and ranking positions.

You need to plan your Prime Day promotions in advance. Amazon has a strict deadline for submitting applications. Usually applications are accepted 6-8 weeks before the event, and package offers need to be formed about a month in advance.

Promotion tools for Prime Day:

  • offer of the day (for manufacturers). One or several linked products participate. The discount is valid strictly for one day;
  • coupons. This is a discount on certain goods;
  • “Lightning” (available to manufacturers and regular retailers). A promo with certain offers valid for a short period of time. Often a customer can only buy one item, pre-selected by the seller to participate.

To ensure that participation in Prime Day brings maximum results, it is necessary to prepare for it thoroughly. Most importantly, optimize graphic and text content and budget for promotion.

External traffic

To increase sales even more, you need to attract traffic to the platform from third-party resources.

To this end, it’s worth using:

  • YouTube;
  • Reddit;
  • Pinterest;
  • Facebook;
  • Instagram;
  • Linkedin;
  • Twitter;
  • blogs of all kinds.

For example, you can run an advertising campaign on social networks or advertise with popular bloggers-influencers. Influencers promote Amazon listings with affiliate links.

To attract the attention of potential buyers in social networks they place posts with promo codes or useful information with a link to the page, arrange Giveaway – contests with drawings of gifts for advertising in the profile.

Advertising posts must meet the following requirements:

  • simple and clear text;
  • the information is structured: broken into small paragraphs, bulleted lists and allocations;
  • the appeal comes not from the brand, but from a particular person;
  • there are photos, video reviews, screenshots;
  • there is not just a dry description of the product, but also tips, picks of ideas, tips on how to use it, and so on;
  • Written content is confirmed by credible official sources.

You can ask customers to post reviews of the product they buy on their social networks or blogs. As an incentive, use various bonuses and gifts. Another way to promote is to attract backlinks to the listing. Link building helps to attract a motivated target audience, create a positive tone around the brand and increase brand awareness.

You can also engage crowdfunding – leaving positive comments about the store on Amazon in themed forums, Q&A sites, blogs and communities.

Q&A activity to increase sales
Q&A activity to increase sales

At the same time, you need to:

  • Choose specifically targeted discussions in which potential customers can participate;
  • pump up your author’s profile (it is desirable to fill in all the required information in your profile, and leave your first comment not earlier than 2 weeks after creating your account);
  • publish not only positive comments with links, but also neutral text;
  • Keep to a conversational style;
  • use photos and videos.


Promotion is an integral part of any effective business development strategy. This also applies to the popular Amazon marketplace. To successfully sell on it, you need to properly promote your store and product. To do this, you can use internal targeted ads, advertising individual products or the product and brand together.

It is also worth paying attention to listings: they should give comprehensive information about the products offered. In addition, we recommend taking care of high-quality SEO-optimization, because the internal algorithms of the site more effectively promote pages that contain relevant keywords. This is especially important for new sellers who have no organic traffic yet.