How to Get Popular on Youtube in 2021

Promoting your video channel on YouTube has become much more difficult than 3, 5 or 7 years ago. After recording videos became available to almost every smartphone owner, and news about the crazy earnings of video bloggers appear more often than once a month, the competition on YouTube has become as big as possible.

The Criteria for a Successful Channel on YouTube

I will consider the points that are the main ones for fast and successful promotion of your video channel on YouTube, although these criteria are also applicable to other video hosting services.

So what does it take to make your video “shoot”? How to increase the number of subscribers? How to bring your channel to high traffic and, if you want, monetization? Let’s get started!

Make a video about something specific

This is an important point, as you will be able to find exactly YOUR audience. By choosing a certain niche and a certain direction in this niche, you make it easier for yourself (since you know what to talk about and what to show, it is easier to come up with an even short name, etc.) and for channel visitors, since they know what to expect from you. If you talk about how to pump up the press, then post a video of your fishing on the lake… they will be disappointed in you.

Video quality

Yes, random videos shot on a phone camera with a shaking hand will be popular if the video is very funny, shocking or something similar. But, in general, people already have the opportunity and desire to watch high-quality videos and listen to high-quality sound. Take care of it.

Promote your video

Unfortunately, watching a video by your family and a small circle of friends is not enough in most cases to achieve a large number of views. If you are sure that your video is capable of “blowing up the Internet”, then it makes sense to give it the necessary push. Namely, to attract paid visitors to the video for an explosive growth of views and boost viewers. In addition, you can also buy a certain number of subscriptions to the channel. Why do you need this? The trust of the visitors. People are more likely to believe the title of a video if it has 5,000-50,000 views than a video with 50-200 views.

Be concise

Don’t stretch the video. Let the most important and interesting thing take at least 60-80% of the entire time of the video. If you want to show how you do a somersault in the yard of your house, then you do not need to talk for 5 minutes, then show how you decide to do this trick for another 5 minutes, and then, after the somersault, tell about what and how. Suppose you do not have to be boring and conversations that are interesting only to you. Then the chances that your video will be reviewed and recommended will increase dramatically.

Frequency of video releases

We are not talking about daily videos, but about a certain periodicity. This point is important for those who decide to subscribe to your channel. It can be one video every 3 days, or a week, or a month. The main thing is that this periodicity is more or less preserved and justified (i.e. that it is worth waiting for the next video and this video is relevant, and not late.)

Be cheerful

You can joke and convey a good mood in most topics and niches in which you are going to shoot a video. If you have a sense of humor, then make jokes. This strongly encourages visitors to come back to your channel, leave a comment, like.


It should be understood that if you can not offer interesting original videos, then your efforts to promote the channel will only be a waste of time and, probably, money. However, being sure that you have something to offer people in your videos, you can qualitatively accelerate your success if you follow the above tips. And, of course, you will need to constantly improve yourself.

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Reyus Mammadli (Tech Support Leader)

Being a bachelor in electronics, an engineer in the field of biotechnical and medical devices and systems, Reyus Mammadli has been running a technical blog for many years, expressing his expert and user opinions on various devices and software.

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