How to Find a Pay Phone

How to Find a Pay Phone

The number of public pay phones continues to decrease each year. Though they might be largely overlooked by mobile phone owners, there are still plenty to be discovered, supplied you know where to look.

Where Can You Find a Payphone Near You

How to Find a Pay Phone

As CityLab explains, telephone suppliers still keep pay phones in operation where they are cost-effective. Neighborhoods with a high number of immigrants who rely on calling cards to phone overseas instead of using cellular phone are a great location to look, as are areas where great deals of people pass by or gather.

New Technologies to Look For

As innovation establishes, the standard old-fashioned public pay phone might be replaced with newer methods to communicate. For example, in 2015, New york city City remains in the process of replacing public pay phones with 10,000 Internet pylons, which use free Wi-Fi, free cell phone charging and free local calls, consisting of 911 and 311 calls. Passing by, you might not recognize these billboard-sized pylons as phones at all. Look for a keypad and handset situateded in the pylon’s edge when the city’s LinkNYC project gets rolling.

Directory Websites

Depending upon the city or region where you’re trying to find a payphone, you may be able to discover map guides. There are two sites committed entirely to finding pay phones, Pay Phone Directory and Payphone Project. Find your state or area and scroll down to the city you’re in to see a list of advised websites. Use online resources as a guide, however remember that even if a pay phone was in a particular location last year, or even last week, it might not be there today.

Shopping Malls

Shopping malls typically have public pay phones. The best places to look are simply inside the primary entryways or near the customer care kiosk. Phones are usually in excellent repair here, given that shopping malls generally have security and lock the doors during the night. Naturally, you need to get there prior to the shopping center closes.

Public Buildings and Transit Stops

Court houses and police stations are also great locations to find a phone. This makes good sense: There are lots of policeman around, so there’s long shot of vandalism, and burglary victims and individuals attempting to set up bail produce a high demand for pay phones. A public library is a good bet as well, as are transit stops. Museums, art galleries, tourist info centers and anywhere else tourists may gather that are moneyed by the town are practically guaranteed to have a pay phone inside.

Restaurants, Gas Stations and Convenience Stores

Gas stations, snack bar and convenience stores are still an excellent location to try to find pay phones. Those that are open 24 Hr a day constantly have someone around, so the odds of vandalism are lower than those that are closed after dark. If you’re not able to discover a phone outside, pop your head in the door to take a look for one inside before going on to someplace else.

Last updated on September 16th, 2019

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