How to Delete Oovoo Account

How to Delete Oovoo Account

While ooVoo does not permit users to delete their accounts, you can conceal your profile from other ooVoo users by modifying your account settings and removing personal info from your profile.

How to Delete Oovoo Account

Deleting Oovoo Account via Mobile Application

  1. Log in to your account and tap the triple-bar icon to open the app’s main menu. Touch the pencil icon to change to profile editing mode.
  2. Get in closed in the Display Name field. Touch the Change Profile Picture link and replace your present photo with a generic image, such as a close-up image of an object or an image of a blue sky. Save your brand-new screen name and profile photo by tapping the check mark icon.
  3. Open the main menu again and tap Settings.
  4. Select Privacy & Security from the Settings menu.
  5. Prevent other users from discovering your profile on ooVoo by picking No One under Who Can Find Me.
  6. Uninstall the application.

Deleting Oovoo Account via Desktop Application

  1. Open the ooVoo menu, choose My Profile and click Edit My Profile.
  2. Go into closed in the Display Name field.
  3. Replace your present profile picture with a generic image by clicking Add a Photo From a File and selecting an image file on your hard drive. Conserve your new display name and profile photo by clicking Save.
  4. Open the ooVoo menu and click Settings. Select Privacy from the sidebar.
  5. Select Nobody might discover or view my ooVoo profile under Connecting on ooVoo. Prevent other users from viewing your birthday or gender by picking No One twice under Sharing on ooVoo. Save your settings by clicking Save.
  6. Open the Settings window once again and choose Notifications from the sidebar.
  7. Avoid ooVoo from sending you alerts by unticking every check box.
  8. Click Save, stopped the program and uninstall it by running the bundled uninstaller.

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  1. Sam Bo

    All the information you’ll require to shut off an ooVoo account.

    Service: ooVoo is an independent video chat and messaging app.

    How To Deactivate An Account: There are two choices: web and mobile. Both are described below.

    Via Mobile: While you can not actually delete your account, you can make it so that nobody can discover you. Check in and click your display name. Type ‘closed.’ Next, click your profile picture and select ‘Settings.’ Go to ‘Privacy & Security’ and change search preferences to ‘No One.’ Finally, eliminate the profile picture, and erase the app.

    Via Web: Again, you can not in fact erase the account, however you can eliminate all personal details, making the account generally non-existent. After signing in, go to ‘ooVoo’ then ‘My Profile’ and after that ‘Edit My Profile.’ Change your display screen name to ‘Closed’ and eliminate your display screen image. Go to ‘ooVoo’ then ‘Settings’ and after that ‘Privacy’ and change your search profile setting to ‘No One,’ making it difficult for people to search for your account. Next, go to ‘ooVoo’ then ‘Em ails’ and uncheck the boxes under ‘Notifications’ so that you do not get any more e-mails from ooVoo. Finally, uninstall ooVoo from your computer, if you wish to do so.

  2. Pam Pamelia

    If you want to remove your Oovoo account, you’ll observe that it’s difficult. The factor is that there is no basic get rid of button to close an Oovoo profile.

    For that reason we show you below (using the iPhone app) what you require to do to get rid of your account, if you ever wish to:

    when you’re in the Oovoo app.


    and change “who can find me?” from Everyone > Nobody.

    and change all green (activated) buttons to white (inactive).


    by eliminating your image and altering your name (e.g. to lorem ipsum). Select Save later on.

    and you’re totally free to delete the Oovoo app from your device if you wish to.

    Whatever in your account (name, photo, functions) is now shut down.

  3. Dripsty

    It is highly suggested to utilize an ooVoo uninstall tool rather than doing the removal manually. This indicates that your computer can be ruined or broken if you delete an incorrect file either in hard disk or windows registry. Regardless of the truth that there are many uninstallers readily available that are all claiming to remove and uninstall ooVoo with ease, an around the world acknowledged Perfect Uninstaller is what you require to quickly uninstall ooVoo or other program uninstalled from your computer.

    The Perfect Uninstaller does 3 things in order to fully remove a program.

    1. It uninstalls the ooVoo that you desire.
    2. It scans your drivers and your windows registry to find any leftover files from the just uninstalled program.
    3. Once a file has actually been found, the Perfect Uninstaller will erase ooVoo Account, ooVoo History, and ooVoo log.

  4. Yellow Flora

    Here are instruction how to delete Oovoo from most popular OS

    Getting rid of ooVoo from PC can be a difficult task considering that it can leave lots of secret information that includes contacts, tape-recorded chats, sent out SMS and others. Additionally, it keeps all the mentioned information in a insecure, non-encrypted way which makes it possible be read by somebody with virulent function. If you want to eliminate ooVoo from your computer system but have no clue how to do this, you should not stress too much because you will be established with a strategy that helps you to eliminate ooVoo rapidly, securely and easily.

    To uninstall ooVoo if you are running Windows:

    1. Close ooVoo.
    2. Right-click the ooVoo icon in the system tray (at the bottom right of the screen), Choose Quit.
    3. Conserve your personal info (if required). Your contacts, purchases and account details are kept on our servers, but other individual files such as chat messages, voicemail and snapshots taken throughout video calls, are just minimized your computer system. To keep this personal info, you require to make a copy of it.
    4. Vista and 7: Click Start, type run and press Enter.
    5. XP: Click Start and then Run.
    6. Type %appdata% ooVoo and click OK.
    7. Copy the Pictures folder and the folder with your ooVoo name to another area, such as your desktop.
    8. Type appwiz.cpl and click OK.
    9. Select ooVoo from the list, right-click and select Remove or Uninstall.