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Yachts and sportsmen

When you consider a high-end private yacht, you probably consider a celeb and sportsmen on it, because after all, high-end private yachts are for the rich and famous, and they are both. Luxury yachts come in different sizes and styles, but when you spend the type of money that a high-end expenses, you can pretty much guarantee, it is going to be elegant.

These luxurious cruising vessels are worth millions and are the epitome of delicious. A few of the most popular sportsmen own incredibly luxury yachts and travel the world on them, from the East to West, from South to North. Have a look at Michael Jordan’s, Tiger Woods’, and Beckham’s yachts.

Michael Jordan yacht – Mr. Terrible

Michael Jordan's Yacht

Mr. Terrible is one of the most luxurious private yachts that can be learnt there on the sea. In total, it determines 154 feet in length, which suffices by most ways of reckoning to make it count as a mega private yacht. For those who are curious, mega yachts are essentially personal luxury yachts measuring 24 meters or more, which is huge enough that they in fact require a professional crew on-board. Something that more or less limits them to a small group of serious customers, which in turn, indicates that each example is quite one of a kind with absolutely nothing else that is exactly like it.

Naturally, mega-yachts being mega-yachts, this means that there is more to it than simply its length. For example, among the factors for its construction is its usage on fishing trips, as shown by the facilities that can be found on-board. Furthermore, it is fascinating to note that Michael Jordan yacht Mr. Terrible really features a relatively powerful undersea camera, meaning that Jordan and his guests can utilize it to gaze down at what is taking place in the waters below them.

Tiger Woods – Privacy Yacht

Tiger Woods Privacy Yacht

The popular golf player who has also been in the news for his gone-public, extra-marital affairs, owns the Privacy, a $25 million very private yacht. It was a gift to his ex-wife for their wedding, however, after the divorce, his ex-wife no longer wanted the luxury yacht due to the cost of keeping it up. The 164-foot mega private yacht, Privacy has 5 bedrooms for amusing guests and has plenty of fantastic high-ends, such as a really big plasma screen TV that appears from an integrated cabinet and swivels to deal with other rooms. The socializing areas are all open and spacious, with great deals of natural light and the galley was geared up with a non-standard feature, a Miele Espresso maker.

David and Victoria Beckham

David Beckham Yacht

The Beckhams are each famous in their own right, however together, they have become an experience. Famous pro-soccer player, David Beckham, and his wife, have a number of kids together and they have rather the net worth in between the 2, too. It’s not truly surprising that the two have actually invested into a mega yacht. The name of the yacht is Seafair. This a great yacht with an unique body design, complete and robut and looks very exciting.

Last updated on September 16th, 2019

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