Buying Android App Installs – Does It Really Work?

It’s not as easy to promote Your Android app in 2020 as it was 5 years ago. Competition and the total volume of products for devices running on Android is very high. However, demand generates supply.

How an App is Usually Promoted for Android

Making a Freemium app

This has been the finest method to get people to download premium apps. The complimentary apps get the user base, and the users end up buying add-ons or the complete version if they like it. Or you can just release a complimentary app with an ad and promote an include totally free with some innovative features in your premium version. You can likewise think about beginning your app free of charge for the first two weeks to increase the user base. You can later on charge for it. This marketing and promotion technique works the majority of the time and for many apps.

Promoting via Trusted Reviews

No one will understand of your app unless you promote it. Thus, marketing the Android app is as crucial as building one. The finest method to market your app from my experience is through content and reviews. There are a couple of review websites that offer paid evaluations. If your target is more particular to the Android market, you can attempt a few like or depending on your budget plan.

Do not Forget about Youtube

Make a number of YouTube videos demonstrating how the app can be helpful to individuals or captivate them. Attempt to make an useful video. Additionally, when you are going to drop a pitch email to any blog writers for a review of your app, make certain you send the link to the video. This will help a blog writer comprehend your item much better and will help them to write much better app evaluations.

Also, many of the time you will see your videos embedded along with an evaluation article, which will assist in creating more awareness.


This includes advertising platforms such as social media, thematic sites where you can give interviews, and presentation of promo codes.

If you have established a paid app, it’s constantly a sensible concept to keep a budget for marketing too. Develop a landing page for your app and put ad banner on popular Android specific niche blog sites. Though, if budget is a constraint, you can constantly proceed and take the path of Guest blogging and do a soft promotion of your app. For buying ads, you can straight get in touch with the bloggers and web designers.

How do I give my App a Good Start on Google Play?

The algorithm of the most popular platform for Android applications, Google Play, closely monitors the development of newly added applications to the system. And if the app can’t gain “momentum” for a long time, the chances that Google will show it in the top search results are very small.

Therefore, the purchase of active app installations is very popular and highly effective. You can buy android app installs for a fairly reasonable amount (from $0.15 per installation) to kick-up the reputation and rating of your product.

Get Android application downloads to increase your search ranks in Stores. You can enhance positions of your app and drive more organic traffic more affordable and with greater advantages than PPC user acquisition does. Collect keywords and release your first campaign. You will see first keyword positions growth in 2-3 days of your campaign’s work.

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How Does It Work?

Buying Android App Installs - Does It Really Work?

Best for understanding – this is an example of a campaign that is launched for successful promotion. For example, experts recommend this option for starting:

Depending on the kind of promo you choose – you need to purchase a specific number of installs. For the alternative with bundle ID sets up, a simple campaign of 1000-2000 installs each day for 3-4 days is the very best way. In the case of promotion by the keyword, the application should be promoted within 5-7 days with average 300-500 installs daily.


You can choose only “natural” methods of promoting your Android apps, but there is a great risk of remaining unknown to the potential audience. Many methods look quite expensive (for example, guest posts and reviews on top specialized websites). Therefore, it is necessary to proceed from your budget and the potential of your product. It is correct to use all legal and effective methods to achieve the maximum result in the desired time frame.

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