Best Headsets for VOIP Phones in 2024

Choosing a quality headset for VoIP is critical for business. The best headset will not only be part of a successful workflow and reduce employee stress, but also an indicator of your level of care for both customers and your staff.

Top Rated Headsets for VOIP Phones (Editor Choice)

Checklist for choosing the best VoIP headset

Headset format. Stereo headsets are suitable for large call centers, because the operator will hear less extraneous noise. Mono headset is a good choice for operators who need to communicate with colleagues during a call.

The microphone is noise-canceling and swivel mount. Customers won’t hear clicks and conversations in the background, and operators can easily adjust the microphone stem to suit themselves.

The ear cushions are made of leather or genuine leather. Operators’ ears may sweat inside them, but the surface of such ear cushions can be wiped with antiseptic. The headphones made of foam will not be hot, but they absorb moisture, rub the ears and can cause skin irritation.

Type of connection. Wired headsets are the best option. They are cheaper than wireless headsets and don’t lose signal during calls. Wireless ones are more expensive and even heavier because of the battery.

Best Overall: Leitner LH270

Leitner LH270

If you hear that the Leitner LH270 is the perfect headset for calls, don’t think of it as an exaggeration. This headset has been thought out in every detail so that the user only has to go about their business at ease and at their own pleasure.

Having bought a headset Leitner LH270 for VOIP calls you will never want to change it for another.

A great solution. Top Purchase.

Best Alternative: Sennheiser D 10 USB ML

Sennheiser D 10 USB ML

Behind the simple appearance of the Sennheiser D 10 USB ML lies a powerful professional headset for all kinds of calls and online conversations. One of the top options for VoIP phone conversations that you can find on the market.

In addition to high sound quality, excellent microphone and really long battery life and want to mention the function Sennheiser ActiveGard ®, which serves to protect your hearing from harsh sounds (known as acoustic shocks), which demonstrates the special care of the manufacturer for their customers.

Sennheiser D 10 USB ML is a very good alternative to the Leitner LH270 in the VoIP headset niche.

Wired or Wireless VoIP Headsets?

Wired headsets are the most reliable and proven technical solution. Such a solution is also the cheapest in price, as well as durable, if you use the headset carefully. Not only that, wired headsets do not require any special software settings.

Wired headsets are divided into analog, with a 3.5 mm jack and digital, which are connected to the computer system via USB port.

When using wireless headsets, the employee experiences real comfort and freedom of movement. Such headsets will allow the home user to be “not attached” to the computer and to the softphone, and to move around the apartment and do other things. Well, in the office, an employee equipped with a wireless VoIP headset can be truly mobile, for example, to approach another department for a consultation, while always being “in touch”.

What to choose from a variety of wireless VoIP headsets? Today, there are two types of wireless connection for headsets – DECT and Bluetooth. And you have to choose here based on the range of communication. If you plan to regularly move up to 100 meters around the territory of the company and at the same time want to stay “on the line,” you should prefer the DECT headsets.

Ergonomics and comfort of headsets for VoIP

And now, let’s define the ergonomics and convenience of different types of headsets. You should pay special attention to these factors when choosing equipment for the contact center or a large office.

If your job requires you to hear everything that’s going on around you, get a headset with a single earpiece.

If you work in a very noisy room, and you need to fully concentrate on the conversation with the subscriber, it is advisable to buy a headset with two headphones.

About the choice of headsets for the call center and office, we told you a lot. And what to pay attention to when choosing a headset for home use?

Well, firstly, the most budget-friendly option is possible here.

Secondly, the home user uses his headset not only for calls, but also to watch video tutorials, for example.

And thirdly, there is also the so-called line of “gamer” headsets. They come in open or semi-open type and are designed for team computer games. But there are other types of headsets for gamers. They are fully closed, with good noise cancellation, with Dolby technology, with large speakers and other “bells and whistles”. All this allows you to get realistic surround sound in the game, as well as good communication with other players.