Best Steam Showers and Buying Guide

This impartial steam shower buying guide shows how to buy or construct the best steam shower, consisting of customized steam showers, modular units, and steam generators.

Steam showers have been popular at health clubs and health clubs for decades, thanks to their capability to help relax muscles, relieve aching joints, and stimulate worn out bodies.

Now steam shower makers are focusing on the home medspa market, using house owners a variety of products from complete steam shower units to equipment that can include steam capabilities to a traditional shower. These products use an excellent method to set up steam showers in domestic restrooms for the ultimate in comfort and luxury.

Due to the fact that steam showers are relatively brand-new to American homes, the majority of house owners don’t know much about what to search for when purchasing them. This steam shower buying guide will help you figure out your alternatives.

Steam Shower Basics

What is a steam shower? Essentially, it is a small, enclosed room with a vapor-tight door that is equipped with a steam shower generator.

The steam generator heats water to a boil then provides the resulting vapor into the enclosed space. The room’s walls, ceiling, and floor must be made of a product that is resistant to the hot, moist vapor.

A seat or bench offers you a place to relax while you enjoy bathing in the steam. In addition, nearly all steam showers are also routine showers with water controls and several shower heads.

Is a Steam Shower Right for You?

Steam Shower
Sliding Door Steam Shower Enclosure Unit Glass Color: Blue

Buying a steam shower isn’t like buying a washing machine. In addition to the cost of the equipment, anticipate to pay a contractor to install it. And be aware that, due to the fact that a steam shower puts an incredible quantity of wetness into the air, the shower enclosure–and the restroom–will need to be designed or modified to deal with the steam. Otherwise, you’re most likely to have an issue with mold and/or wetness damage.



Steam showers are not for everybody. Individuals with particular medical conditions–such as hypertension and diabetes–need to not use steam showers without speaking with a doctor first. Pregnant women and very young children must never ever take steam showers.

Considering Your Options

You can purchase a steam shower as a complete kit, prepared for installation. Or you can buy a steam shower generator and install it in a custom-made enclosure. Your primary step will be to decide in between a prefabricated, manufactured steam shower or a custom-built steam shower. In addition, if you plan to set up a customized steam shower, you’ll need to select the type of steam generator to buy.

Modular Steam Shower Units

The quickest and most convenient way to get a brand-new steam shower is to install a modular unit. Usually priced from $3,000 to $5,000, upraised all-in-one modular steam shower systems have important doors, molded seats, steam dispensers, multiple showerheads, and more. In one of these, you can enjoy either a steam bath or a regular shower– and some systems even have whirlpool bathtubs at the base.

Made from easy-to-clean acrylic, these waterproof enclosures are created to keep water vapor from leaving into the remainder of the bathroom where it might damage walls, wallpaper, and paint.

Basic models are sized and configured to fit the space of a traditional bathtub/shower system–as a result, changing an existing tub can be done without extreme reconstruction. Many are designed for easy setup and hookup to pipes.

Don’t anticipate a great deal of color options. Most modular systems come in white or off-white. Search for a design that has a textured floor to reduce the capacity for slipping.

Because modular units are made of acrylic, they don’t aesthetically incorporate as effortlessly in a bathroom as do custom-made steam showers that use for their enclosures the same tile, stone, or other products used in other places in the space.

Modular shower steam bath are sold online and at home sauna and jacuzzi shops. Be sure to have a look at the many different brands, due to the fact that each has its own unique features. Popular makes include Kohler, Whirlpool, Wasauna, Finnleo, Steamist, and LineaAqua. For instance, Wasauna’s acrylic steam showers are reinforced with fiberglass for greater durability.

If you purchase a modular steam shower online, make certain to verify dimensions. Either demand the location of a showroom you can go to or ask the producer to send you images before you buy. Also discuss any pipes and electrical requirements.

If you purchase a steam shower set from a local dealer, request for the name of a plumber or electrician with experience in adding these devices to bathrooms. This should conserve you money on the costs for setup.

It’s likewise a good idea to get a one- to 3- year service warranty with a steam shower unit. The last thing you require is a leaky system or one that cannot produce adequate steam. Without a service warranty, you might deal with pricey repairs and not get complete fulfillment.

Customized & Luxury Steam Showers

If you desire a steam shower that will blend magnificently into your restroom, possibly a custom-made steam shower is the better response.

What is a custom steam shower? Generally, it is any enclosed shower that is linked to a steam shower generator and created to manage water vapor. In most cases this suggests a shower that is totally tiled on the floor, walls, and ceiling, and that has a door that completely seals. It typically has some type of seat.

A customized steam shower is normally built from scratch during bathroom building or remodeling. Naturally, in a customized job, you can add any facilities you desire, from shower to drizzle towers.

Depending on the work included and the finishes and equipment you select, the cost of a custom-made shower steam bath can be significantly higher than that of a modular system. An easy shower conversion may be the least costly of all. For this type of steam shower, all you’ll need is to set up a shower door that seals, to tile any un-tiled surfaces exposed to the interior, and to install a steam generator and its controls.

One caveat: For water-resistance, tile ought to be set in a mortar bed, not stuck to waterproof drywall with adhesive (discuss this with a tile professional). Water vapor from a steam room can be harming to your home if not properly managed.

High-end Steam Shower Suites

A few of today’s steam showers– aptly called “shower suites”– are packed to the gills with features.

A luxury shower suite can cost from $20,000 to $30,000. A few of these are like water amusement park. Options include aromatherapy, aqua-pressure foot massagers, CD players, iPod hookups, hands-free telephones, fluorescent mood lighting, ceiling shower, multiple water jets, waterfalls, and body sprays.

They vary in size from small to immense and accommodate from two to 10 people.

How to Choose a Steam Shower Generator

The heart of a steam shower is a steam generator, which produces steam (water vapor). If you’re constructing a brand-new steam shower, you’ll need one of these.

The unit visualized at right links to your home’s pipes. It has a stainless-steel tank equipped with a thermostatically managed electric heating component, which, when turned on, boils the water, producing vapor. This vapor is then provided to the shower through an unique dispenser at the bottom of the wall. Because the vapor is super-heated, the nozzle is usually insulated and/or shielded to defend against burns.

The generator can be installed up to 25 feet away from the shower, so it can be concealed under the vanity, in a closet, in the attic, or under the floor. Controls enable users to set and monitor temperatures. Control board might install inside or outside the enclosure, or both.

Where two controls are used, the within one reveals the specific temperature level, features a temperature change, and has a shut-off. The outdoors control has a timer that’s used to instantly turn off the vapor after a specific time period.

Steamist SM-9 9 KW Residential Steam Generator
Steamist SM-9 9 KW Residential Steam Generator

Try to find a steam generator that runs silently and produces steam rapidly, uniformly, and effectively. Some start to produce steam in less than two minutes.
The generator needs to be sized correctly to produce sufficient steam for your shower enclosure.

Some steam generators automatically reduce output after reaching a pre-set temperature level, enabling a steady circulation of wet, hot air rather of short blasts of steam.

Figure that you’ll pay from $500 to $2,500 for a steam generator, depending on the size and features. A lot of home sauna and hot tub stores ought to have a design for presentation functions.


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