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These are tentative numbers that depend on many other factors.

What is the ” Bottom Threshold” of income?

Each niche has its own direction, a segment of requests. The lower income threshold most often includes websites that use low-competitive queries that include words such as “free,” “at home,” “with your own hands,” “DIY,” etc. Here you can get a lot of traffic if you make it to the top, but advertisers will not fight for attention (i.e. ad conversions) of such visitors, because such visitors do not want to spend money.

What is the “Top Threshold” of income?

Highly competitive queries are well paid by advertisers. this is where the top auction takes place and clicks are expensive. Therefore, if your site was able to reach high positions for high-frequency, highly competitive queries (for example, if they include words like “how much is it”, “price”, “near me”, “inexpensive”, “for $XXX”, etc.), then you should expect expensive clicks and high income.

…and What about “Most Likely”?

In general, most sites manage to “capture” 70-90% of low-competitive queries and maybe a few expensive clicks. So, on average, you should expect that entering a particular niche you can expect to earn the income listed in this column.