How to Change Your Kik Username


Your Kik username can’t be changed. But you can change your display name!

Display Name Change in Kik

Changing your name on your Kik enables you to maintain a particular amount of privacy on the service (or simply comprise fun names). Here’s a simple guide how to change your display name on Kik:

How to Change Your Kik Username
Tap the Kik icon on your phone to access your Kik account. On the main page, tap the “Settings” icon which appears like a little cog wheel. You can find it on the upper right corner of your screen beside the message bubble icon.
How to Change Your Kik Username
On the Settings page, tap “Your Account,” after which you will be able to see your Kik Username and your name.
How to Change Your Kik Username
Tap “Name” to change your display name. You will not have the ability to change your Kik username that is why you need to make cautious factor to consider what username to use when you develop a Kik account.
How to Change Your Kik Username
When you tap “Name,” a pop-up window will appear where you can go into the new screen name you desire. After typing, tap “Confirm.”.

Finally, go back to your account page to view if the new settings has succeeded.

If you are looking for how to change your Kik username, we should say to you: “Forget it”. Like many services, Kik will not allow you to change your unique identifier (username). We’ll have to live with that.

Can You Hide Your Kik Username?

Here’s some quick suggestions to assist you keep your account private:

Choose a username that’s hard to guess. A mix of letters, numbers and some unique characters is the very best.

Understand who you give your Kik to – the people you share your username or Kik Code with will be able to send messages to you on Kik.

Sharing your username or Kik Code somewhere like Twitter, Instagram or Facebook will make it noticeable to individuals you might not know – and they’ll have the ability to message you.

  • If you sign up with a public or private group on Kik your username can be seen by anyone within that group
  • Use our ‘Block’ and ‘New Chats’ functions to handle messages from contacts and new people.

You can learn more about the privacy features that are built-in to the Kik app below.


Unlike many other smartphone instant messengers, which are based upon a users’ phone number, Kik utilizes usernames to identify our users. Your distinct username is your identity on Kik.

If you have not registered your Kik account yet, choose a username that’s difficult to guess. The very best usernames include a mix of letters, numbers, and some special characters, and preferably shouldn’t be your first and last name.

By using a username rather of a phone number, you’re not sharing your personal details (like your contact number and e-mail address) by others on Kik. People that you select to share your username with (either directly or by using your phone contacts to discover pals – see below) will be able to contact you on Kik. If you’re in a group on Kik, anybody within that group will be able to see your username.

If you’re an active user of other social apps and websites, you may select to share your username or Kik Code on those sites to connect with your fans there. Keep in mind that posting your username or Kik Code someplace like Twitter, or Instagram, and so on, might make it openly offered. This implies that individuals you don’t understand will be able to send out messages to you.

Use Phone Contacts

The Kik app includes an optional function that you can turn on to assist find your good friends on Kik. The feature works by checking for accounts in Kik that match an e-mail address or contact number saved in your contacts (on your smart device). If we find a match, we’ll notify both you and your friend with a Kik message.

Selecting not to switch on the optional feature will mean that:

  • users who have your telephone number or email saved in their phone will still be able to find you
  • users who you pick to share your specific username with will be able to send out messages to you

Keep in mind: On older versions of Kik, and on Windows Phone, Symbian and BlackBerry gadgets, this feature is called Address Book Matching.

Blocking Users

Kik’s ‘Block’ feature allows you to block all contact with another user, without revealing to the other user that they’ve been obstructed.

Blocking somebody on your mobile phone or iPod means that messages from the obstructed user will be hidden from your Kik app. The obstructed user’s name will no longer appear in your list of contacts in Kik.

New Chats

The ‘New Chats’ feature on iOS and Android devices puts messages from people you haven’t talked to previously in a different section, and offers the choice to silence notifications for those messages. If you do not wish to see inbound messages from individuals you do not understand, you do not have to.

If you pick to open the chat in your ‘New Chats’ list, any content messages (like pictures, GIFs, etc.) will be blurred, and a read receipt won’t be sent out. This indicates that a beginner messaging you won’t understand you’ve seen the message unless you tap Chat to begin talking.

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Last updated on September 23rd, 2019

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  1. Akaji

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to change your Kik username. Your Username is your identity on Kik and as such the only way to change it would be to develop a new account with a various email address. This is not a feasible option for lots of considering that it would involve having to share your new Kik identity with your pals all over again. But you can change your screen name.

  2. Gordon Hayes

    There are two methods to change your actual username (consider it your login details, because no one else will see it) if you want. You can either erase your Kik account and develop a new one, or basic create a new one so you will have multiple accounts. This is just done by just going to your account settings tapping “reset”, or creating a new account with a various e-mail address, just as you did when you set up your first one.

    Since other users do not see your username, I can just suggest doing this if you want to create multiple Kik Messenger accounts. Numerous users will create “social” and “business” accounts to compartmentalize their contacts, and this is the only reason why I might see creating multiple accounts to be beneficial.