WooCommerce: Pros and Cons


Sell on the Internet through your own website, has long been simple, convenient and profitable (if, of course, you know how and know what to sell). For the vast majority of network sellers who have their own online store, the synthesis of WordPress CMS and woocommerce plugin is the main and indisputable platform for the implementation of their business ideas.

WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin that adds e-commerce functionality to your WordPress site so you can have an online store. With just a couple of clicks, your WordPress website develops into a fully-functional e-commerce website.

WooCommerce History and Stats

WooCommerce is a plugin that incorporates easily with your existing WordPress site, turning your site into a fully functional WordPress e-commerce website with just a few clicks.

When the plugin was introduced in 2011, it quickly ended up being the primary service for users looking to launch their own stores online.

Automattic (the owners of WordPress.com), obtained the plugin and its parent company in 2015 — it was their greatest acquisition to that date, and it has continued to experience explosive growth in the years because.

It presently powers over 99% of WordPress e-commerce websites in the United States, Canada, and the UK.

With over 27,000,000 downloads, and millions of active installations, it’s certainly the driving force behind numerous e-commerce websites, according to WordPress.org.

How does WooCommerce Interact with WordPress?

WooCommerce was established specifically to work with WordPress – the most popular blogging/website software application worldwide.

WooCommerce maintains a number of the functions core to the standard WordPress experience, however includes eCommerce ability, configuration, and personalization. If you’ve used WordPress in the past, perhaps to begin a blogging or display your business, WooCommerce will look familiar.

How to Choose Right Theme for Your E-Commerce Website?

As we wrote above, you can activate the WooСommerce plugin on almost any WordPress template, but… how effective will it be in terms of sales? Of course, if you already have an audience that is used to your site (its appearance), changing it for 1-5 products will be controversial. But if you open a brand new online store, it is better to do it at the highest level, with the right theme.

WooCommerce: Pros and Cons
Example templates for WooCommerce from 8theme.com

One of the best ideas is buying the quality theme for WooCommerce from www.8theme.com company. Here offered a vast selection of QUALITY themes for WordPress which will satisfy even the most demanding webmasters.

8theme.com offers templates for almost any subjects: health, clothing stores, food and restaurants, all for business, landing pages and more.

All templates are adaptive for different devices, and the layout of sites allows you to load in the shortest time.

WooCommerce: Pros and Cons
More WooCommerce themes from 8theme.com

It is worth noting that prices for ready-made themes for WooCommerce are affordable enough to save on this. And, given the fact that the site has an active support forum, FAQ and documentation for the goods, the choice becomes obvious.

In my experience, let’s say that changing a free “temporary” WordPress template to a new one, when you have already placed various blocks, third-party codes and widgets is much more difficult than installing everything correctly from the beginning. Take our advice!

What is the Best Way to Make Money With Woocommerce?

The very best method to earn money with WooCommerce is by creating an online shop. Now the point is you do not have any product to sell so how you can make money?

The answer is easy: build a dropshipping store. Dropshipping is a supply chain management model in which retailers do not have to fret about managing their stock. They can easily promote the items of providers and earn good-looking commission on arbitrage.

The drop shippers work as intermediaries suppliers and customers. They move the order info to the providers while keeping a certain quantity as commission, who then dispatch the product from the storage facility to the clients.

Is WooCommerce Completely Free?

For those thinking about taking their article to the next level, WooCommerce pricing is complimentary for the plug-in and turns any WordPress site into an online store. WooCommerce costs absolutely nothing to set up on your WordPress site however has actually other associated costs depending upon your startup and continuous needs.

WooCommerce Pricing for Your eCommerce Basics

When your WordPress foundation remains in place, it’s time to add three components to allow ecommerce sales. These are:

  • WooCommerce plug-in: Free; WooCommerce includes product listings, consumer tracking and online purchasing to your WordPress site
  • Payment processing: Free to connect; fees charged per transaction; a payment processor lets your customers pay by charge card, PayPal or money transfer
  • Delivering services: Free to $25 monthly or more, plus shipment costs; combinations to delivering services let you compare carrier rates and print shipping labels

Here’s a more detailed look at each of these ecommerce must-have features and how they impact your total WooCommerce rates.

WooCommerce Plug-in

Rate Range: Free

WooCommerce loads a lot of functionality into its complimentary ecommerce plug-in. For lots of sellers, the fundamental selling features are all you require to offer physical products, downloadable items and even services. With the fundamental WooCommerce store plug-in you can:

  • Develop a complete store website or includes a shop area to a WordPress blog
  • Develop unrestricted product pages for products you offer
  • Track and display consumer evaluations for items
  • List product variations like size and color
  • Track stock for products and note out of stock products
  • List standard item prices, sales prices or list added costs to variations
  • Produce item categories and sort products into several categories
  • Handle items, orders and clients in your WordPress dashboard
  • Accept unrestricted orders from unlimited consumers
  • Gather and track sales taxes
  • Include shipping fees, allow free shipping or include real shipping charges to orders
  • Produce and track vouchers
  • Much more

If you need more than the basics, you can add WooCommerce extensions or third-party plug-ins. Some are complimentary and others add costs to your overall WooCommerce rates. We cover these alternatives in a later section.

Payment Processing

Rate Range: Free to connect, fees charged per transaction

WooCommerce does not handle payment processing for you. You must link a payment processing provider to accept payments through WooCommerce. Many payment companies integrate with WooCommerce utilizing a complimentary plug-in however all charge sellers costs on every transaction. Some payment processors charge regular monthly fees also. You require to consider these expenses in your general WooCommerce rates.

Last updated on September 16th, 2019

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