Who Makes Kirkland Golf Putter

There are about a dozen manufacturers of Kirkland golf putters in the world. However, when answering the question “Who makes Kirkland golf clubs?” we can say the main founder of this brand – Costco.

According to Tim Farmer, Costco’s vice president, work on Kirkland putters began relatively recently. There were contacts with trusted golf club manufacturers in China to develop the “perfect” putter for golfers.

The KS1 putter is made in China according to world standards. In fact, the main advantage of the production of goods in China is the low cost.

Now there are 10 retailers who make Kirkland-branded golf clubs, all of which are stocked at Costco, which already sells them through its chain of stores (more than 50 in the U.S.).

Who Makes Kirkland Golf Putter

When you found out who makes Kirkland golf putters, you might want to buy one for a new experience on the golf green:

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