Where to Find Unique Concept Art for Video and Mobile Games?

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High-quality concept art images are an important argument in the popularity of a particular game. The game can be interesting with a well-thought-out strategy and gameplay, but it is much inferior in the quality of graphics. This will be a serious obstacle for developers in attracting new gamers.

Why is Unique Concept Art So Important?

The age of modern gamers is very wide – from school children to people of retirement age. And the choice of online games is so great that it is not easy to imagine something new and unique. Therefore, developers of games for smartphones, video game consoles and computers spend a lot of money on graphics and drawing concept art characters, transport (say, spaceships), weapons.

Moreover, the unique elements inherent in a particular game are sold separately and bring considerable income to the owners of the game.

Those who have been in this business for a long time understand that video game concept art is an important part of success and profit.

Where to Find Unique Concept Art for Video and Mobile Games?
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Sources of Unique Concept Art

Many novice developers try to save money on graphics and concept art. They are looking for free images of spaceships, weapons, robots. But, in the end, this unique idea loses its face, as it ceases to be recognizable.

There are those who are willing to pay freelancers on exchanges. Here you can both get a high-quality product, and get to an unscrupulous person who will not meet your expectations and, as a result, you will lose both money and time.

The best option is to contact a professional Studio or a trusted professional with a high-quality portfolio and positive independent customer reviews. The risk is minimal, and financial investments are justified.

Spaceship concept art
Spaceship concept art

Cost of Concept Art

The question itself is not quite correct. The quality and complexity of the task, the number of objects and the amount of work, terms and additional conditions do not allow you to name a specific price. In General, the order from a freelancer will be estimated in the cost per hour of work. This is usually from $20 to $40 or more. Here it is important to specify limits and approximate terms. The reputation and feedback of such freelancers is important to the customer.

It is important to be able to correctly, in detail and clearly explain the task, so that there are no additional incidents and conflicts in the process of accepting work.

It also makes sense to negotiate a price for a single concept art (object) or, as is already quite popular, opt for a week of work, which is enough for 2D models. The cost of work per week varies from $1000 to $1800. These are, of course, average prices, which can be either lower or higher.


If you are going to enter the video game market (for gaming computers, consoles, or mobile devices), it is important to understand the value of high-quality graphics and concept art for your project. Therefore, you should take care of the quality and uniqueness of your product for gamers in advance to earn a good reputation initially. Yes, this is sometimes a big expense for novice developers, but … you chose this niche yourself!

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