What to do with arduino


The Arduino is the response to all that, and honestly anything that can be thought about enjoyable while discovering is a really innovative gadget in my viewpoint.

What to do with arduino: Easy level

ArduPhotographer: Why do not let Arduino to instantly activate your SLR based upon movement detection or simply from another location through web user interface?

Mobile phone managed Dice Roller http://www.annikken.com. Why not simply push a button on your mobile phone! Get an Annikken Andee, some servo, link some wires and lastly code in Arduino for a basic graphic interface and have a good time thinking the next number on the dice!

Arduino Tutorials – These tutorials will certainly bring you up to speed in the arduino syntax/API, and you will certainly likely get some task concepts. If you do, bear in mind to include them right here.

House Automation Server with Arduino + Ethernet guard

Produce an easy information logger, taping humidity and temperature level gradually. Inspect if your files are safe in your root cellar.

Find out the best ways to develop Dragonkeepers’ Screensaver.

Cell phone Garage Door Opener.

Find out the best ways to construct a Talking Clock.

Make an automatic night light which turns on when its dark

LED Stoplights

Show LCD

Arduino Controlled Air Conditioner.

Invasion alarm.


Line Follower Robot.

Make a capacitive switch utilizing capsense library which manages lights or some other gadgets.

RBS lights and switches: My rolling ball sculpture has turn on the track and my Arduino sets off lighting occasions from them.

Smart bug zapper: demonstrate how numerous bugs were zapped and average/cumulative zap time.

Photovore: a robotic that goes to the brightest source of light.

Automatic exhaust fan in the toilet that switches on and off with a methane sensing unit and relay

Poo and Pee detector, with a Diaper Shield, for usage on newborn newbies.

Red Desk Lamp dimmer


12V DC, Red LED strip light, for Astronomy lovers. Purpose is so that light does not negatively impact you night vision (It is an astronomy thing).

A binary clock.

Food Detector: By determining resistance. Pixelate.

Control a lamp with Arduino Ethernet and Nabto software application. Nabto demonstration.

Construct a disrobed Arduino http://ianlangelectronic.webeden.co.uk/#/sdam/4579775430.

Easy kaleidoscope, based upon a strip of addressable RGB leds. http://arduino-cool.blogspot.com/2014/06/kaleidoscope-with-arduino-and-rgb-led.html.

Produce color altering xmas decor which constantly reveals lovely color mixes. See http://luckyresistor.me/xmas-decoration/.

Tweet the temperature level through the wifi guard. http://www.willward1.com/arduino-wifi-tutorial/.

What Is Arduino (video)

An electronic thermostat for a fridge/freezer mix FridgeController.

An MPU-6050 IMU managed Big Trak/ Bee bot clone https://github.com/lawsonkeith/Bee-Bot program it to bring apples from the kitchen area if you attempt!

What to do with arduino: Intermediate level

NexArdu: Illumination Smart Control (based upon Nexa gadgets).

Electronic nose with 8 Taguchi gas sensing units and an Arduino Nano http://www.maskau.dk/projects/electronic-nose.

Sonic eye for the blind http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=280044.0 to aid them to browse with no-cane (less usage)– At the minimum, they are notified of the setting of environment beyond the reach o the walking cane.

Develop a Talking Clock with an LED screen, temperature level sensing unit and light sensing unit. Consists of an excellent video intro to Arduino and a tutorial with a parts list.

Compose a library.

End up being a master maker with your very own malt kiln.

Blinkenlight Experiments Implement great deals of various explores simply 20 LEDs. Great deals of concepts for simply a lot of LEDs. Problem varieties from beginner to advanced. Find out more applications for this setup.


Balance multirotor motor making use of arduino & acceleromter http://purposefulscience.blogspot.com.es/2014/04/balancing-multirotor-motors-with.html.

Customized Arduino Controller with character lcd screen and cordless serial interaction center.

Email notifier.

Arduino Ipod like-SMARTGPU2.

Tic Tac Toe.

Light organ (psychedelics lights) usinf FFT library with power phase TRIAC managed.

Make a speedometer for your car making use of a hall result sensing unit and a magnet.

LED Matrix Control.

MIDI Controller.

Drawing Bot.


Labyrinth Solver Robot.

Anti-tailgator: make use of range and speed sensing units to brighten a check in the back window of an automobile.

Auto-internals: check out OBDII information from your automobile and show the state of the sensing units, determine MPG (see opengauge mpguino, OBDuinoInterface too).

Ultimate computer system case fan controller: you got 6 analog inputs and 6 PWM outputs. That’s a great deal of fan control!

Fountain and/or lights that react “pleased to see you” by means of distance and/or movement sensing units.

Ham radio Morse code keyer/propagation beacon.

Ham Radio Transceiver.

Arduino VFO – a Direct Digital Synthesis Radio-Frequency generator on the Arduino platform.

Arduino VFO (2) – an old-school Colpitts Radio-Frequency Oscillator under Arduino control.

Arduino VFO (3) – a full-featured Radio Frequency Oscillator utilizing the brand-new Kanga-UK DDS Shield.

A little ball of separately addressable LEDs.

Fail Safe lock utilizing keypad, LCD, electrical deadbolt with optional distance sensing unit.

Colour following robotics: Two or more robotics that follow lines of a specific colour, so one follows blue the other follows Red and so on
kitchen area timer: usage in kitchen area.

House Wireless Internet Thermostat: Controllable from anywhere from an IPhone through 802.11 connection.

Radon Gas Detector: Interface Safety Siren Radon detector to Arduino Ethernet and post information to Pachube.

Web server that can switch on and off outputs by means of a web type – see haavardgj’s example right here(OUTDATED – does not put together in 22 without modifying).

Seismograph- Hang a pendulum. Put an LED on all-time low. Put a little “web cam” under that, searching for. (Choosing the right “electronic camera” crucial to success) Monitor and record which pixel in image is brightest. Hardest: Achieving high sufficient information catch rate. This was likewise raised in an online forum post.

Arduino + vineyard = Vinduino. Soil wetness measurement, not just for vineyards;–RRB-.

Make a house security system with sensing units for invasion detection and a GSM guard for notificaion. The job can be broadened making use of RFID reader, thermal printer, 433 Mhz mdoules, web connection and so on. Make a self-recharging UPS sytem which charges itself when connecteded into a source of power and works on the charged battery(s) when the source of power fails. This could be extremely helpful for your jobs.

Web regulated vehicle (Arduino + GSM Shield + Motor Shield) In: http://purposefulscience.blogspot.com.es/2013/07/internet-controlled-arduino-car.html.

Transform Color to Sound: Use A.C.I.D. (Arduino + TCS3200 color-to-frequency converter) to hear all the colors of the rainbow, or hook into the SPI header to feed color detection results in other elements.

Make a video game controller managed by your muscles.

Develop a segway like balacing robotic for under ₤ 50 https://github.com/lawsonkeith/budget-balance-bot/wiki and manage it utilizing your mobile phone.

Develop a gadget to safeguard particular locations (e.g. tables) from the feline. The gadget identifies movement and talks to the feline. See Cat Protector.

What to do with arduino: Advanced level

http://teleball.org – Arduino Retro Handheld Gaming Device: Includes all How-To steps.

http://amigojapan.github.com/Arduino-Retro-Computer-TV/ Arduino Retro Computer TELEVISION- How to develop a computer system utilizing 2

Arduinos, an SD card reader, a TELEVISION, and a PS2keyboard. This computer system can carry out BASIC programs. This resembles a C64 or Sinclair.

Arduino Home Automation System.

http://amigojapan.github.com/Arduino-Retro-Computer-with-SD-card-and-LCD-display-and-Keyboard-input-with-BASIC-interpreter/ Arduino

Retro Computer LCD- How to develop a computer system utilizing an Arduino, an SD card reader, an LCD screen and a PS2keyboard. This computer system can carry out BASIC programs. This resembles a TSR-80 and is portable.

Customize open source forecasts finished with other micro-controllers like PIC, AVR, Basic stamp, PICAXE and so on to deal with Arduino.

Make an IVRS phone system making use of a DTMF decoder, WAV or MP3 guard and a phone or a GSM guard.

Arduino theremin making use of ultrasonic sensing unit or capacitive plates.



Arduino Radio – a Software-Defined-Radio receiver on the Arduino Due.

Movement Tracking Turret.

Arduino SmartPhone Demo-SMARTGPU2.

Arduino Project Autopilot and Navigation waypoint * Autopilot and navigation waypoint.

Knowing Maze Solver Robot.

Iphone managed logging robotic http://rmautech.blogspot.com.

Energy efficiency/reporting: put present sensing units on each breaker in the A/C panel and report usage/stats.

Entire home environment control: Control HVAC and ceiling fans, watch for diffs in between upstairs/downstairs, ceiling/floor and outdoors temperatures.

Entire home (mega) light and heat control or living space status with possibility to turn on the heat over the web(uno/older).

UPS/power control system: Add power control and use reporting to a regular UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply).

Voice acknowledgment library – µSpeech library with docs.

Usage Arduino to gather and process position/weather/telemetry information and after that output information strings serially into an amateur radio transmitter making use of APRS (Automatic Packet Reporting System).

Ham radio repeater controller with DTMF control.

Arduino interaction: Create robotics with IR blasters and receivers that can “talk” to each other and inform one’s “voice” from another’s.
sudo make me a sandwich: A robotic that makes a basic sandwich when “sudo make me a sandwich” is gotten over serial.

Bluetooth remote regulated Arduino with WLAN web camera so you can produce an outstanding remote regulated vehicle.

Utilizing an Android phones Gyro to Control an RC Car over Bluetooth http://odisharkins.com/robotics/arduino-bluetooth-commuincations/.

Video Library: A library for making images/ pixels appear on a TELEVISION screen.

Visual calculator that charts serial inputs on a visual LCD.

Hands-free mobile screen to message other motorists, i.e., “Back Off!”.

Wifi managed RC-Car http://odisharkins.com/robotics/smasherbot/.

Packing A ATmeta324 With Arduino Boothloader And Make a Bare Bones Arduino.

Biking computer system.

LED Clock.

Remote regulated desktop rocket launcher.

How about a cordless RC automobile in a pal’s living-room in say Germany, run by a lady in New York (or San Francisco). Ought to be easy: woman utilizes keyboard to transfer directions through German good friend’s computer system. German Friend has a cordless transceiver that interacts to the RC automobile. How does she understand exactly what guidelines to send out? Easy method is Skype. Imaginative method are sensing units, even electronic cameras on RC automobile that comunicates back to her in NYC!

Wii Nunchuk Computer Mouse making use of Arduino and AutoIt [http://xapus.blogspot.com.es/2012/11/moviendo-el-raton-con-arduino-p.html []]

Develop an NTP integrated sidereal clock http://www.longavista.com.br/sideral.htm.

Arduino-based automatic control system for a small Ni/H blend reactor.

Brewmigo – An All Grain Home Brewery utilizing an Arduino Uno.

Automate your Chicken Coop http://arduino-coop.blogspot.com/.

Automatic trash can moving making use of combination in between UNO and Kinect for Windows http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=NqDTE6dHpJw.

Universal Remote for libraries.

Uno Controlled 2D Plotter.

Right here’s something I’ve wished to do for a very long time. It’s amusing, or more like absolutely zany. Envision, if you will, a pair of sunglasses. Ideally huge, round sunglasses. We make them with polarized lenses, bewaring to line up the polarization at the very same angle in both (repaired) lenses. Then we have another set of polarized lenses in front of the two taken care of lenses. Now picture we have a motor, and a drive belt or equipments, or a chain that will certainly turn the two front lenses. We install a photocell someplace on the earpieces such that it looks forward though the lenses. When the light through the lenses modifications, the photocell finds it, and the Arduino (ideally an extremely little one), drives the motor, allowing more light or less light. As the user turns his head, the lenses respond rapidly (and possibly a little audibly), to the awe on observers. I imagine them as rather “steampunkish” in look.

Photovoltaic panel range tracking monitoring system. Screen the voltage, present, and temperature level from each photovoltaic panel in each of numerous varieties. Each selection is installed on a post with linear actuators and light sensing units to move the selection to the sun. The system will certainly make use of low power bluetooth and WiFi to communicate and save information along with trigger virtual meters. Among the concerns to be resolved is the control of a number of Arduinos. Can Arduinos be daisy-chained? Will certainly software application collaborate the numerous micro-systems. The design is planned to be modular and expandable.

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