What is a 000 File?

How to Open, Edit, & Convert 000 Files

A file with the 000 file extension is most likely an Indexing Service Data file used to keep file areas so that the Windows operating system can carry out file searches.

Another kind of file that uses the 000 file extension is the Virtual CD ISO format. You’ll often see these alongside a VC4 file.

The Trend Micro anti-virus program use this extension too, for a format that shops patterns that help it recognize brand-new malware dangers.

A 000 file may rather be a DoubleSpace Compressed file. Microsoft DoubleSpace (later renamed DriveSpace) was a compression utility used in the old MS-DOS os. The 000 file extension is likewise utilized by a data format as part of the Windows CE setup.

Still, other applications may append the.000 extension to an apply for things like data backup or archive “part” files.

How to Open a 000 File

A 000 file that’s an Indexing Data file or a compressed file can not be opened straight but is instead used by Windows when necessary.

If the 000 file is of the Virtual CD ISO format, the file can be opened with the Virtual CD program by H+H Software, or with any other program that acknowledges the proprietary disc format like EZB Systems’ UltraISO or Smart Projects’ IsoBuster.

Windows CE Installation Data files are used by a program’s installer to explain which CAB files in a setup plan must be set up. There’s no legitimate factor to open these types of 000 files.

Although the Trend Micro software uses 000 files too, you can not manually open them with the program. They’re used by the software immediately when they’re placed in a particular folder in the program’s setup directory.

Any 000 files you find as part of a backup set or archive, specifically when along with other numbered extensions like 001, 002, …, are implied to be used together and combined, and possible uncompressed, with whatever backup software application or archiving utility created them.

If none of the above programs appear to deal with a 000 file you have, attempt opening the file in Notepad++ to see if there’s any readable text that might steer you in the instructions of the program that developed it. This could be an especially practical technique if the 000 file is simply one part of a split archive or backup.

How to Convert a 000 File

In spite of all the possible uses for a 000 file, there aren’t many engaging use cases to transform one to a different format. However, if you’re able to, it’s likely done through the exact same program that’s used to open the 000 file. This is generally accomplished through some sort of Save As or Export menu alternative.

If you understand that the 000 (or 001, 002, etc.) file you have might be part of a video or some other large file, then what you have is likely only a small part of that bigger file. You’ll need to get all those numbered extensions together, combine/uncompress them with whatever did the splitting/compressing, and then you’ll have access to whatever the file actually is.

More Help With 000 Files

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