What Is 3D Game Animation and How to Create It?

Animation plays a great role in movie and game development. It is significant because of a number of reasons: there is no good result without characters that act and move, it diversifies the overall atmosphere, and attracts attention of people in front of the screen.

Nowadays, there are a few ways to get such effects for your project. One of the most popular ones is to contact the game art outsource company so they provide you with the completed task. This article will tell you how artists can enliven the picture and why art studios can help you with that.

What Is 3D Animation?

3D car animation

To put it simply, 3D animation is the process of moving models or their parts to different positions in the three-dimensional workspace in the range of a certain frame rate. The sequence of pictures should be put correctly to make a smooth range of motion and make the process look natural. All of these features can be completed in different animation software, such as 3ds Max, Maya, Blender, etc.

Other Nuances

It is not enough to create a nicely animated picture with proper transitions. You need to have something to make the result from. Modeling is the essential part of the creation process. The character can look pretty normal if still. However, if the mesh is not created correctly, it will result in bad animation effects and often model glitches. That is why experience is the key.

Where Can It Be Used?

What Is 3D Animation?

There are multiple ways to use action clips:

  • Presentations. Often this type of graphics is used for presentations. Clients ask to create the best visualization of the product and show its pros and cons. Artists can make it real.
  • Advertisements. Similar to the previous option, the correct advertisement of the product can increase its chances to be noticed. Artists can make a short clip, which later can be used on the TV or on the Internet.
  • Games. The most common way to use animation is to use it in games. Developers can enliven characters, so players can manipulate and move them. Aside from characters, objects can also be modified. For instance, the wind can move the grass and trees, the sea can make the ships float depending on waves, etc.
  • Movies. This option has a lot in common with the previous one, but there are also some significant differences. The animation in movies is calculated and ready, so viewers cannot change the position of characters in objects, unlike in games.

How Long Does It Take To Learn Such Skills?

The studying process depends on a few factors, but anyone can become a master if they put in a decent number of hours. Create a plan and stick to it. The more hours you will spend studying, the faster it will be.

How Is Animation Created?

3d animation model of a train

We will divide the creation process into parts.

  • The first stage is to know what you need to do. The client or artist itself searches for reference images or creates the description from the head. Illustrators need to create concept art after that.
  • The concept art will help in modeling. Artists need to create more details in order to diversify their model.
  • Rigging is the next stage. The model needs to have a “skeleton”. It will help to manipulate parts of the body. Arms, body, legs, feet, and other parts should be connected to each other.
  • The next comes animation. Artists place objects in the required position and use software render to make a clip or automate the process.

Where Else Can You Get 3D Art and Animation?

Any 3D animation company offers their services in the above-mentioned areas. Among that, you can see that they offer from five to twenty different options on average. You can reach them if you need something to get done fast. There are teams working hard on each project, so you can get the best result in a short time.