What does VoLTE mean

What does VoLTE mean at the top of your phone display among other icons?

There are always some icons on the notification panel of your phone. Most of these icons are always displayed, so users already know what they mean. But, sometimes something new appears, for example, not so long ago the VoLTE icon started to appear on users’ phones. In this article, we will look at this case. Here you will learn what the VoLTE icon on the phone means and what to do when it appears.

What does the VoLTE icon on your phone mean

VoLTE (or Voice over LTE) is a technology of transmitting voice (calls) through the mobile networks of the fourth generation, that is through LTE. The need for this technology is because LTE networks are not originally designed for voice and are not supposed to make voice calls. Therefore, every time you call someone connected to LTE, your phone is forced to switch to 3G or even 2G networks.

What does VoLTE mean

Vo LTE technology was created to solve this problem. If this technology is supported by the mobile operator and the user’s phone, then when you make calls the data will be transferred through the LTE network, without switching to previous generations of networks. This brings a number of important improvements:

  • Fast and stable connectivity. Vo LTE technology eliminates the need to switch to 3G/2G, which has a positive impact on dial-up speed and connection stability.
  • Transmission of high quality sound. Vo LTE is not bound by the limitations of 3G/2G networks, so it allows for better sound quality when making voice calls.
  • Data transmission during calls. Vo LTE allows you to transfer other data over LTE during voice calls. This allows full use of the Internet, GPS navigation, and other online services during calls.

However, LTE calls are usually charged at the same rates as calls made over 3G/2G mobile networks. Therefore, support of this technology does not incur additional costs for the user.

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