Want new ways to get results from campaigns? Here’s how marketing agencies can win with text messaging

Do you know the ONLY bad thing with businesses wanting to advertise online? Everyone’s doing it already.

Sure, many can still run successful campaigns online and generate massive sales. But it’s becoming harder and harder to get results. That’s the reason many successful marketers are offering to teach how you can do it for thousands of dollars.

And even then, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get the results you want. The competition and the ad spend is only becoming higher. That’s why marketing agencies are evolving and transforming how they approach marketing.

Instead of relying on the more popular modes of running campaigns, they’re using text messaging to improve their income. And to get started, they’re getting virtual phone numbers from companies like Telnum.net to connect with their clients more easily.

text messaging

If you want to see how text messaging will work for your marketing agency, keep reading.

Text messaging and its evolution

text messaging

Text messaging started as a cheap and more mobile way to connect with people. But not long after, it became more popular than calls because:

  • It’s cheaper than calling someone.
  • You get to receive the message even if you’re busy.
  • You get a record of the text for as long as you don’t delete it on your phone.

Then, big companies started using texts to connect with their customers. They used it to promote new products, offer discounts, offer customer support, and many more.

But today, it’s not just the big companies that can afford this kind of accessibility to their customers. Even smaller businesses, including marketing agencies, can leverage text messaging for their business.

Why use text messaging for marketing agencies?

The logical move when a medium gets saturated is to explore other options. This doesn’t necessarily mean abandoning the methods that you are currently using.

But as many have proven, text messaging works in getting your marketing agency more business. Here are the reasons why your agency should invest in text message marketing:

1. People still read texts

Remember how people used to get excited when they receive an email? Unfortunately, it’s not the same anymore. Most emails go unread because the receiver is overwhelmed with the number of emails received per day.

But people still read texts. In fact, more than 75% read it within three minutes of receiving them. This makes it easier for you to determine whether your messaging is working or if you have to revise it.

2. People normally don’t have multiple cellphone numbers

Did you know that you have to constantly work on building your email list? That’s because people can easily abandon their email addresses.

But cellphone numbers aren’t that easy to get rid of. So the odds that your message isn’t getting read are very slim.

3. You get higher quality leads

Because numbers aren’t that easy to change, getting someone to sign up for your text messaging list indicates a high level of trust.

And if your text list trusts you, they are more likely to respond positively to your messages.

4. Lower spending and better return on investment

And because of the first three reasons listed, you get a better return on investment. What you earn per dollar spent on SMS marketing is also much higher because you’re not changing your service pricing, only the method you’re delivering it.

Plus, the amount you spend isn’t as high because your ad spend isn’t based on the competition for a certain keyword or demographic. 

How can marketing agencies use text messaging?

There are many ways that marketing agencies can benefit from text message marketing:

1. Send your list exclusive gifts and deals

text messaging

Through text, your agency can reward clients by sending them virtual presents. This can be in the form of discounts, free checklists, or whatever it is that you think your list would love.

2. Offer it as an additional service

To widen your client base or to get more business from past clients, you can introduce text marketing as a low-cost addition to existing campaigns.

3. Improve customer relation efforts

You can use text messaging to send updates on their campaigns, remind them of scheduled consultation calls, and many more.

Clients will surely appreciate the five-star treatment and with excellent service, they’ll always go to you for their marketing needs.

4. Drive traffic to your site

Do you know how some businesses send weekly newsletters to get people to read stuff on their sites? You can also do that through text.

5. Use texts to announce contests and events

Writing a press release works, but why not also tell the people who are already interested in what you’re offering?

They’re more likely to participate in events and contests, so ensuring that they know what’s going on will work in your favor.

Winning customers is possible and much easier with text message marketing. With a better response rate from your list and the low cost per text, generating sales and improving your profit margins will always be a breeze.

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