The Importance Of Having an Alternative to Paypal for a Freelancer

We are used to paying for web hosting services, buying and selling domains, and simply ordering gadgets from online stores via Paypal. Yes, for most users in the US and beyond, Paypal is the #1 choice. But today I will tell you about how I had to look for an alternative to this payment system to get payment from Azerbaijan (this is a country between Russia and Iran).

Why Is Paypal Losing Their Position?

As a market leader, Paypal is under the scrutiny of financial institutions that tighten their requirements from year to year. And we must adapt to these requirements. And such a giant as Paypal can afford to require additional OPTIONAL data from users so that they can continue to use the services of this payment system.

At the same time, young and ambitious projects around the world show more “soft” and most convenient conditions for adding to the list of their users. And it happens that Paypal becomes so inconvenient and “capricious” That using an alternative payment system is already a necessary solution.

Specific situation: my friend from Azerbaijan had to transfer a small amount (just over 100 dollars), but his MasterCard card was issued by the Russian payment system Yandex.Money. PayPal “refused” to accept it because it did not match the user’s citizenship. I had to look for other options.

Alternative To Paypal: International Online Payments

There are several dozen online payment systems that are able to solve the same functions as PayPal. Some will remain “stillborn”, some will occupy their own modest niche, but will not become world-famous brands. And some will become an integral part of the financial operations of tens of millions of people around the world.

Here we will not consider all PayPal Alternatives, but only those that helped us solve the problem of transferring Money from Azerbaijan to the United States.

Sad story with Skrill

Skrill upset me

Why we chose Skrill:

  • Very competitive costs and currency exchange rate when utilizing Skrill Money Transfer
  • Protect, quick and convenient transfers through Skrill Money Transfer
  • Very positive customer evaluations on Trustpilot

Known inconveniences of Skrill:

  • Presently offered in only a limited number of countries
  • You can only send out to a bank account or mobile wallet

The customer already had a Skrill account, so he asked me if I was ready to accept money in this payment system. I don’t use it much, but it shouldn’t have been a problem. He uploaded the money to this system and… couldn’t translate them for me. Correspondence with support did not help. All that happened was to return the transferred amount back to the card with the Skrill Commission deducted. Therefore, We marked Skrill sucks!


Payoneer - good alternative to Paypal
Payoneer – good alternative to Paypal

Yes, we had to wait a bit. My friend had to verify his Payoneer account so that we could complete the transaction. Everything was simple and convenient. He was able to upload money to his Payoneer account and then transfer it to my account. A simple and working option, as a worthy alternative to Paypal.

Here it should be noted that the Commission was a little more than in PayPal, but he did not tell me the exact amount.


If you are engaged in online business or transfer / receive money outside of the United States, there is a need to use additional payment systems, not limited to Paypal or Google Wallet.

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Reyus Mammadli (Tech Support Leader)

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